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The sun-kissed Costa Brava on Spain’s Mediterranean coastline is a mélange of glorious beaches, cultural and culinary delights as well as the fabulous if somewhat eccentric art found in the seaside city of Barcelona. Experience the slow-paced way of life punctuated with a mañana por la mañana mentality while being immersed in one of the world’s most beautiful locales.

Isle Blue is a luxury specialist for the Catalonia region with a fabulous offering of luxury apartments at the renowned seaside W hotel to grand villa estates in Costa Brava. With our outstanding reputation and highly personalized service, guests of Isle Blue are treated to a dream vacation that is refined yet easy to plan. Your villa specialist will help you pick the perfect accommodation while your personal concierge will assist with all your planning.

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"We love this villa. It's got everything you could want. You feel so at home.The view is spectacular. We are very pleased with your services online and once you are on the island. As for restaurants, Bonito and Le Tamarin are still our favorites for the food and the ambiance."
Linda G.
Isia (LIS)