General Info BVI's

The British Virgin Islands are known for its majestic natural beauty. From the turquoise waters and pristine beaches to the inspiring geologic collection of The Baths, the BVIs are the perfect setting for those seeking out picture perfect retreats. As you might imagine, the British Virgin Islands are ideal for a wide range of water sports. You can expect parrotfish to accompany your kayak as you paddle into a lagoon, join the exciting annual kiteboarding contest, surf the waves or windsurf in the year around trade winds. For a remarkable experience, swim with the dolphins at Prospect Reef in Tortola. Divers will love the amazing underwater visibility when exploring underwater caves, lava tunnels, canyons, boulders and grottoes found around the islands. If you love to fish, be sure to obtain a recreational fishing permit when hunting for marlin, wahoo, bonefish, tarpon or any other species.

There are 20 national parks in the British Virgin Islands, all safeguarded by the BVI National Parks Trust. The parks shelter an array of land and marine areas and include historical sites, tropical forests, bird sanctuaries, a popular shipwreck and an amazing geological formation. National parks are located on islands including Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Salt Island.

Calling Codes

· From the U.S. dial 1 (284)

· From the U.K. dial 001 (284)

Entry Requirements

All foreign citizens require a valid passport and return ticket. Some foreign citizens may require a VISA to travel to the BVIs.  Consult your government or airline agency for further information. 

Departure Tax & Customs Duties

There is a mandatory Departure Tax of $20.00 per person leaving by air, $15.00 (visitors) leaving by sea. All imports are subject to varying rates of duty. Imports entering The British Virgin Islands on a temporary basis will not be subject to duty.


U.S. Dollars are used in the British Virgin Islands and major credit cards and debit cards with MasterCard or Visa imprint are generally (but not always) accepted – we will be happy to verify with your preferred merchant or vendor.


The official language is English.

Dress Code

“Island Casual” is the order of the day – light, breathable fabrics, whimsical patterns, pastels... they are all fitting and proper for your island vacation. For elegant nights out, light cocktail dresses and tunics with slacks work for women, while men do well with button-down shirts and pressed slacks.   Stores and restaurants reserve the right to deny service to shirtless and shoeless patrons, so please bear this in mind!   Likewise, please avoid over exposure in public places.


For water conservation purposes, only a few of our BVI villas have laundry facilities for guest use – we do ask that you conserve water as much as possible by gathering full loads before running the washer. At some villas where there are no washer and dryer, the housekeeping staff may do your laundry for a fee - this service is not offered at all villas, so please inquire.  

Power Supply

Voltage in the BVI is 110v. Visitors can use American appliances without an adaptor.


BVI roads are paved for the most part, but to and from your villa, you may find patches that are bumpy or not well graded, eroded by rain or very steep up or down. It is for this reason that we recommend 4-wheel drive vehicle rentals.   We drive on the left in the BVIs, and while it may take some getting used to, we have yet to meet a guest who has not mastered it within the first day here. The best part is that just about every route is the “scenic route” so, take your time, and enjoy the ride!   Seat belts are required here, and no talking on cellular phones or devices without hands-free ear buds or Bluetooth head set.


There is no neighborhood garbage pickup in the British Virgin Islands. Please gather your trash securely and take it to your nearest dumpster in your travels every day or so to discourage insects and offensive odors at your villa. Housekeepers generally remove reasonable amounts of trash during their scheduled visits, but guests who generate unusually high volumes of trash during their stay or leave large amounts of garbage upon departure are subject to loss of a portion or all of the refundable damage deposit, depending upon the severity of the issue.

Water Supply

The BVIs are surrounded by beautiful blue waters that are crystal clear and filled with abundant flora and fauna. It is also very salty and not potable for drinking or other uses. Water that comes from your villa’s faucet is suitable for drinking, bathing, ice making and cooking. If you prefer or feel more comfortable based on your own experience, you may purchase bottled water for drinking, cooking or making ice. Your villa maintenance manager will make sure that there is plenty of water in your cistern to accommodate your bathing and cooking needs.


The weather in the BVIs is ideal. Typically, in the high season the temperatures range between 75’F - 85’F buffered by the cool trade winds.  The low season is slightly warmer but just as comfortable since the days often have a passing 10-15 minute sprinkle of rain during the mid-day.  The rainy season occurs from August until early November.



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