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Isle Blue features Corsica luxury villas and holiday rentals ranging from renovated farm houses to luxury estates.  The quintessential Mediterranean paradise, the French island of Corsica looks small "on paper," but it is larger than life in every way imaginable. From its friendly and proud inhabitants to its varied and unique scenery, visitors can spend a lifetime exploring, enjoying, and experiencing the beauty and diversity found in this one remarkable setting.

Isle Blue features several magnificent Corsican villas for your consideration.  From the contemporary designed villa to the secrete farmhouse in a private estate, each of our guests is appointed an authentic local concierge that will provide all the necessary connections and advice for the Corsica vacation you deserve.        

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"They took care of every detail and whenever we had a question they were very responsive. When you have a question of concern you want it addressed immediately and it was. Everyone was a pleasure to work with."
Jeffrey B.
Capri Manor