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The renowned, unique Jamaica spa treatments provide the ultimate, personalized spa experience to help you achieve complete wellness. Guests are offered the following services all performed with the skilled hands of our gifted and certified therapists who will lift your spirits and alleviate stress.

All Signature Treatments begin with the Spa Welcome Ritual - the celebration of nature. Hot water is infused with either lemongrass oil for its uplifting and energizing effect or lavender oil for its calming and relaxing properties. The steam is inhaled while gently misting the treatment room and then placed under the face cradle or in the room.  All therapies end with a Spa Departure Ritual - to cleanse and renew.

Massage Therapies

Deep-Tissue Massage $90/60 min

A light to medium pressure massage  - employing long, gliding strokes and kneading – relieves stress, tension and muscle aches and improves circulation and flexibility

Aroma Massage $90/60 min

This luxurious treatment combines a traditional Swedish massage with the therapeutic benefits of touch and smell. Your therapist will help you choose from a selection of aromatic oil blends to enhance your mood, awaken your senses and promote a healthy equilibrium of body and mind.

Indian Head Massage Treatment $65/60 min

Experience a relaxing body treatment that addresses your hair and scalp with our invigorating

Foot Refexology $75/60 min  $60/30 min

A method of inducing relaxation by manipulating reflex areas (in the foot), that correspond/connect to the individual parts of the body. Great for the tired feet.

Hot Stone Sports Massage $90/60 min

Designed for the sports enthusiasts, this deep tissue massage will relieve and prevent tension in muscles.  

Hot Stone $125

A unique way to use Mother earth to manipulate soft tissue and bring back balance to emotional, physical and spiritual being. A truly therapeutic wrap using seaweed to detoxify, re-mineralize and increase circulation. This treatment is especially beneficial for cellulite and water retention.


Body Wraps

Seaweed Wrap $100

A truly therapeutic wrap using seaweed to detoxify, re-mineralize and increase circulation. This treatment is especially beneficial for cellulite and water retention.

Salt Glow Hydrating Essential Oil Wrap  $95

A relaxing aromatic treatment using a special formulation of essential oils to assist in the elimination of impurities and toxins from the skin. A Relaxing and soothing way to relax your mind.


Body Scrubs

Salt Glow  $50

An invigorating salt exfoliation rich in minerals and aromatic oils, leaving the skin silky smooth, hydrated and mineralized. An ideal treatment before any massage, body treatment and before sun tanning.

Seaweed Body Peel $60 

This deep cleansing peel results in eliminating dead cells, superficial toxicity, and other impurities with its natural content of lithothamnuim calcerean polishing seaweed. It stimulates and oxygenates the skin leaving the surface vibrant and silky soft.


Deep Cleansing Facial $70

This facial treatment works deep- clean, relax, detoxify and soothe the facial muscle while hydrating the skin and improving the blood circulation. 


Make-up trial $70
Make-up $55


Half leg $45
Full leg $60
Bikini $35
Full leg and bikini $110
Underarm $30
Back $60
Brazilian $55
Stomach $30
Arm $50
Eyebrow $20
Chin/Upper lip $20

Please note: Provider are unable to perform waxing on clients who are using Retin-A, Acutane, Glycolic Acid, Renova, Steroids or Cortisone Cream. 


"Isle Blue is everything they say they are. They were a pleasure to deal with and were very responsive and informative. The pictures on their website are exactly what you end up getting and they provide full concierge service throughout your stay. My family and I had an amazing time and before we even returned home, we went to the Isle Blue website to check out their inventory for our next vacation. They really are just that good!"
Marc W.
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