If there is one bold statement that can be made about Ibiza, it would be that the island is famous for its nightlife, boat parties, and night beach clubs. While days in Ibiza are dedicated to beach-going, shopping, and water sports, nights are said to belong to the impressive club scene throughout the island. However, things are changing and there is now a daytime beach club that makes it possible for visitors to enjoy the “nightlife” round the clock.

Naturally, not all entertainment spots are alike, and though there are some that have been around for decades, there are also some that may not have the kind of vibe that suits everyone. Which are the best for those who enjoy an upscale venue? Which destinations are good for those who want world-class DJs, international clientele, and even celebrities now and then?

The five best Ibiza nightlife destinations in the town currently include:


Among the original spots in Ibiza, this one has won global recognition more than three times in its history. A true Ibiza nightlife spot, it doesn’t get into full swing until around midnight and it is home to Cream parties in which “clubbing royalty” usually makes an appearance. Located in the middle of the island, near San Rafael.


With its unique design, this Ibiza nightlife club has won awards and drawn some of the biggest names in clubs music. Set outside of Ibiza Town, it features interior and open spaces and draws tens of thousands per season. Its annual closing night party is one of the most popular, and many clubbing enthusiasts do not even consider the Ibiza party season started unless Space has officially opened its doors for the year.


A global name with spots in London and New York, this is the true VIP destination. It is one of the oldest party clubs on the island, opening in the 1960s, but it has kept itself on the cutting edge ever since. Some of the biggest names in music and DJs appear on its stages. Located very near the Ibiza Town Marina.


Home to DJ Tiesto (a world-famous DJ headliner), this Ibiza party club also has the world’s largest dance floor with room for up to 8,000 at one time. It is where lucky club-goers may rub elbows with stars like Madonna or P. Diddy, and where they can also bring their bathing suit and enjoy a dip in the enormous swimming pool on the premises, too. The building is also well known for its tall windows that allow guests to enjoy one of the best views in Ibiza, as well. Located in the middle of the Ibiza town island, near San Rafael.

Es Paradis

Formally known as Es Paradis Terrenal, it is another of the oldest clubs in Ibiza and housed in a distinctive pyramid structure. The interior is as distinctive with bold décor and a party atmosphere at all times. The club also hosts famous “water” parties, and it is not unusual for guests to arrive with waterproof garments or swimwear underneath club clothes. Located on the town waterfront in San Antonio.

And if you are hoping to partake of the daytime clubbing options, and boat parties – one of the best spots in Ibiza town is Ushuaia. Known as the “queen” of daytime clubbing on the Playa d’en Bossa strip, it is an open-air club that features some of the biggest names in the world of DJs and yet also features poolside lounging as part of the experience too. Known for its Sky Lounge, it is as scenic as any club might ever be. Located on the main Playa d’en Bossa strip.

If you are going to hit the Ibiza nightlife and clubs party scene, the clubs listed above is where the world’s A-listers appear too. You can easily find yourself sharing a party lounge, dance floor, or poolside drink near some of the biggest names in music and entertainment, plus you can enjoy a world class island experience only possible in Ibiza.

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US News and World Report rated Anguilla as the #1 place for Caribbean beaches. Based entirely on consumer feedback and opinion, this position demonstrates that anyone who has ever visited Anguilla knows that it beats out other locations because of its peace, beauty, and authenticity.

As the summary in US News and World Report indicated, “You’ll find something a little more authentic on Anguilla. There’s an embargo on cruise ships, casinos and high-rise hotels, but a surplus of clear, coral-filled waters, unmarked and unpaved roads, and low-key beachfront villa” (USNews, 2015). And, really, what more could you want?

However, you don’t want to spend time searching for the best beaches when you could just be lounging on them. Below are the top rated beaches that earned their ranking thanks to their quiet, open spaces, clear waters, and nearby amenities like beach shacks or restaurants, and proximity to villas or resorts.

Shoal Bay East

The most famous, it offers more than a mile of silky white sand and is close to some of the top bars and restaurants. There are resorts nearby and even a reef with world class snorkeling and diving. Of course, this means it can be a bit on the crowded side during high season, but even then the crowds are nothing close to standard beach crowds.

Rendezvous Bay

Often described as picture or postcard perfect, it is more than three miles long and has some of the safest and most appealing swimming. St. Martin is seen in the distance.

Maundays Bay

Calm waters ideal for snorkeling and swimming, this is where people from nearby resorts are most often found. Unfortunately, a lot of press about the beach has made it more and more popular.

Meads Bay

Pelican pass overhead often and the large and lazy waves of the crystal clear waters are a wonderful draw to snorkelers and swimmers alike. As one travel writer claims, “Mead’s Bay by itself would be enough to qualify any island as a top beach destination.” (CaribbeanTravelMag, 2015)

Upper Shoal Bay

If you are willing to walk a bit you will find the whitest sand in the entire Caribbean. Beginning with the villa area, you walk past the tourist areas and then find one of the finest snorkeling beaches around, and it is often empty.

Savannah Bay

If you want an isolated spot for the most romantic beach picnic in history, this is the beach for you. It is where Palm Grove Beach Bar & Grill is found, and from there you walk along an arc of beach for about a mile and reach the bay where you find sea grapes lining the beach and excellent snorkeling in the waters in front of you.

Cove Bay

Popular with the locals, it is a good spot for fishing and swimming, and many make the pilgrimage just to eat a plate Smokey’s at the Cove barbecue.

Lesser-Known Gems

While those above denote the best beaches in general, this is not the end of the list. After all, Anguilla does also have some of the most remarkable walking and hiking beaches, too.

Mimi’s, Little Harbour, and Sea Feathers – All found along the Southeast Coast past Savannah Bay. They are each at the end of rough roads, but they are each wildly beautiful, private and excellent for those who want isolation and the beach all to themselves.

Shoal Bay West – Not truly off limits for swimming, this is the perfect beachcomber’s beach. With white sands and lots of red foram shells to be found, it is a wonderful spot for strolling and enjoying the scenery.

Captain’s Bay and Windward Point Bay – In the northeast, they are perfect hiking an walking beaches with views of St. Martin and St. Barts in the distance.

There is an abundance of beaches on Anguilla, but this represents a good sampling of the best of the very best, and you should make a point of visiting several during a stay.

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Neveah on Long Bay beach

Kishti Estate on Meads Bay

Le Bleu on Little Harbour

Cerulean on Barnes Bay

Though it is small in size, Sardinia is large in culture, tradition, history, and native cuisine. In fact, it is the source of two impressively distinct food cultures: the foods of the sea that surrounds the island and the foods of the land. The latter is remarkable and reflects the rugged terrain and the unusual culture and history of this fascinating Italian destination.

Travelers are often encouraged to dine in the many restaurants and cafes as they make their way around the island or stay local near their Sardinia villa, but it is more enjoyable when you understand the relation of the physical Sardinian landscape to the culinary traditions. Then you can track down the finest foods and dishes to their points of origin and really “taste” Sardinia for yourself.

The Diversity of Sardinian Cuisine

Apart from the fact that Sardinia is host to scores of edible native species that include aromatic herbs and plants as well as animals, the landscape is also ideal for a wide array of cultivation. Grains, citrus, olives, rice, and vegetables of all kinds have been grown here for centuries, and are still produced today. Some varieties are actually “heirlooms” and descendants of native or long grown crops. Historically, as an example, Sardinia is the exclusive home of Grenache wine, made from ancient vines that still grow in the hills of the island.

Of course, native plants or heirloom varieties are regional, and it is important to keep in mind that Sardinia may be Italian, but its actual closest geographic neighbor is the French island of Corsica. The eastern shore is just a short distance from the Tyrrhenian Sea, and in the southern area the coast lines of Tunisia and Algeria are actually nearer to Sardinia than the island’s Italian “sister”, Sicily.
This geography has allowed a lot of influences to create a truly unique cuisine, one that is far more Mediterranean than almost any other.

The passing of time has brought many foreign rulers into Sardinia as well, and you can actually taste them when you experience many of today’s most common dishes. You will notice influences of Spanish and Arabic cuisines, Roman dishes, and more.  And because the “poplo” of Sardinia are one of the two groups given distinct people status in Italy, it is important to also give regional consideration to the different foods and cuisines you find in each.

For example, there are eight provinces:

•    Cagliari
•    Carbonia-Iglesias
•    Medio Campidano
•    Nuoro
•    Ogliastra
•    Olbia Tempio
•    Oristano
•    Sassari

Each of the provinces has its own set of traditions that have risen from the heritage of the area, the influences of foreign invaders, and the geography. One author has this to say about the foods of the island and its regional individuality, “Factor in the exceptionally fertile farmlands, mountainous forests and the fine necklace of rich coastline, and Sardinia emerges as an island that might well be described as a rustic cook’s paradise.” (Delallo.com, 2015)

What this says is that a traveler to Sardinia will want to discover the “specialty” of the different region, and ensure they sample it when visiting. The most basic food vocabulary for the traveler will have to include bottarga, as well as the daily fish harvests in port areas. There is also the “carta di musica” which is Sardinia’s take on everyday bread. Culingiones and coucous dishes are the “pasta” staples, and gnocchi with saffron is a typical and popular dish to sample, too.

Salty and smoked foods are most certainly the norm, but creamy and sharp cheeses are also a favorite. Herb-infused foods and beverages appear often thanks to the island’s abundant supplies, and some of the most common vegetables are artichokes, eggplant and tomato. Wild boar, suckling pig, and lean cuts of lamb tend to round out the menus, too.

As you can see, whether you are self-catering or dining out every day, you have a tremendous range of flavors to savor and enjoy at all times and in all parts of glorious Sardinia.

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Image: Dmitriy Samorodinov / Shutterstock.com

Well known among frequent Caribbean travelers, St. Martin is the epitome of exotic beauty, excellent beaches, and even some of the very finest food and shopping opportunities throughout the region. Key among its “hot spots” is the Orient Bay area with its popular beach, amazing nightlife, and exciting array of activities that run from sunrise until well in the evening.

Travelers look to stay within easy reach of Orient and the nearby Grand Case because it is a central island region that truly has it all. Naturally, most want to take in the scenery and the amenities, but most want privacy, a bit of quiet, and even a chance to experience the tropical setting in a more natural way too. And this is what makes the ultra-modern and incredibly private Villa Emvie such an ideal spot from which to enjoy a stay in St. Martin.

A Wonderful Setting

Unlike so many vacation properties, the Villa Emvie provides visitors to St. Martin with unprecedented views of the verdant and rolling hills of Mont Vernon, the lovely sight of Green Cay as it heads out to sea along Orient Bay, and the always-soothing vision of the endless sea and sky heading to the horizon. From this hilltop perspective, a traveler is just moments from the fun and excitement of Orient or Grand Case, but also surrounded by the finest comforts that make the retreat a destination all on its own.

The Vibe of Orient and Charms of Grand Case

If you spend even a few hours in Orient, you discover that it has long shed any sense of being a “tourist” spot. Instead, it has a vibrant energy of its own. There is certainly the active energy of those enjoying the beach and water sports, it is the “Saint Tropez of the Caribbean” after all, but it is home to some of the island’s finest restaurants, shopping and “celebrity spotting”, too.

Grand Case is a short drive to the other side of the island, and is an award winning destination with its charming fishing village atmosphere, wonderful array of “lolos” (small and popular traditional restaurants), and sheltered bay.

With so many wonderful things to see and do within just minutes, Villa Emvie is an ideal choice for almost any traveler. However, the villa is far from typical or ordinary, and the design and style, luxury amenities, and impressive setting make it a rare opportunity.

A Stay in Bliss

To describe the Villa Emvie in St. Martin as a chic or contemporary property does not do it justice. The three-bedroom home is designed with true modernity and yet it is able to capture the surroundings, adding a persistent element of the St. Martin environment in each living space.

Like many villas, the Villa Emvie has a large and expansive terrace that features a stunning, infinity edge pool that pulls the gaze to the gorgeous scenery. Adjacent to this are several covered terraces including a large and air gazebo with lounge area, a shaded and comfortable al fresco dining spot, and several private terraces.

The interior spaces are impressive, with sleek lines, contemporary lighting schemes, and extremely modern art and furnishings. Though featuring an urban edginess, there is no absence of comfort throughout. A great room features the indoor lounge, massive gourmet kitchen, and entertainment area. A secluded Jacuzzi is encircled in a stone-walled courtyard, offering complete privacy.

Three large bedrooms feature spacious living areas, modern electronics, and Zen-like en suite baths that offer the utmost in privacy and relaxation. Every room has inspiring views, and excellent décor.

The Villa Emvie in St. Martin is a gem, and offers the very best in upscale living and Caribbean comfort.

You may already know about St. Barts and its “red roofed capital” of Gustavia. If not, and you are preparing for a visit to this elite Caribbean destination, make sure to set aside plenty of time for this lovely and appealing town. Though it is the capital, it has nothing of the city vibe about it. Instead, Gustavia retains its harbor town charm, and yet it is also a spot known for thriving nightlife, frequent visits from large cruise ships, and some of the most amazing luxury shops in the entire Caribbean.

The Shopping

Travel and Leisure Magazine says that if there is one thing that is an absolute “must” while in Gustavia, it is shopping, “For designer digs in gingerbread-cute Gustavia,” (TravelandLeisure.com, 2015). The most recognizable names in the fashion industry appear in the shop windows here, including Hermes, Cartier, Bulgari, Vuitton and more.

However, there are also some “native” names that have made a huge impression in the world beyond the Caribbean too. The famous Calypso boutiques known today throughout the world for offering one of a kind “bohemian” styles as well as for selling many designer pieces were actually started here and can be found all over Gustavia. You also want to scout around for wide-brimmed hats made by local artisans, as these are often some of travelers’ most treasured “souvenirs”.

The town is not large, and the shopping district is not spread out over a large area. The largest assortment is condensed into the Rue Du Couturier (which is the Quai de la Republique) along with the Rue General de Gaulle and the La Savanne Commercial Center nearby.

The primary jewelry district is in the Le Carre de Or neighborhood and the Rue de la Republique, too. Within this area you will find some of the finest watchmakers as well as jewelers, and even some custom design options, too.

In addition to the districts mentioned, there are many small side streets (many with the appearance of narrow alleys) that contain amazingly great finds. From exclusive boutiques to artisan galleries, these are remarkable fun and very rewarding places to explore.

Nearby the Shops

Because shopping is a popular pastime in Gustavia, there are many galleries and restaurants in the same areas. Don’t overlook you opportunity to sample some delicious pastries and to just sit back and do plenty of people watching.

If you prefer a more active experience, you will want to be sure to pay a visit to the impressive Fort Gustav, which was constructed during the “Swedish” period on the island, but which offers some of the best views of the town.

You can also take an easy and casual stroll to Gustavia’s main beach, Shell Beach, and enjoy a bit of time exploring one of the most unique beaches in the world. It has earned its name because it is covered with millions upon millions of shells. While this alone gives it plenty of appeal, some of the most beautiful sunsets can be enjoyed here, as well, though savvy travelers know that cocktails in the nearby bars make this experience an even more comfortable and enjoyable one.


If Gustavia is known for daytime shopping, it is equally famous for nighttime activities. The town is famous for its many hotspots, some of which are frequented by the “glitterati” that pay seasonal visits to St. Barts. Bumping into Gwen Stefani, Derek Jeter, or Mick Jagger is not all that unusual! Try Le Select, the Yacht Club, and Do Brazil are three places frequently mentioned in magazines and websites when discussing celebrities in St. Barts.

While you could stay in a villa throughout an entire vacation in St. Barts and never venture farther than your pool, a day or two in Gustavia is well worth the effort and sure to please.