Did you know that such A-list celebrities as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, or Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson opted to enjoy their honeymoon in Punta Mita? Perhaps it is because of the area’s flawless weather, which is nearly identical to that of the Hawaiian Islands (they are both along the same latitude and enjoy the same endless sea breezes). Perhaps it is because so many other famous names frequently visit this area of Mexico. Stars such as Orlando Bloom, Demi Moore, and Vince Vaughn make frequent appearances in this low-key and scenically beautiful spot.

Of course it could be, as one magazine said, that Punta Mita represents the Mexico that fills many traveler’s visions and dreams. It is surrounded by sugary, white sand beaches, stunning turquoise waters, fantastic foods, and is part of the lush Riviera Nayarit. This means it is a place where water sports, world-class golf, and fantastic shopping and dining are in great abundance. Naturally, this can all add up to your ideal honeymoon.

Things to Do on Your Punta Mita Honeymoon

Noted for its many luxurious resorts and private villas, Punta Mita offers honeymooning couples a wonderfully private spot to savor their holiday. Whether in a beachfront villa with private pool, beach access, terraces, and luxurious interiors or a resort bungalow with many of the same amenities, couples can enjoy complete seclusion.

When you are ready to get out to see the sights, though, there are many wonderful activities to enjoy together. Among the first things to enjoy is a specialty cocktail unique to the area. The Smoky Colada, for example, is a unique take on the tropical classic and uses Mexican mezcal to add a heftier kick. Most top of the line bars and restaurants will have this unusual drink available, so be sure to toast your new life with one.

There is also the need to catch a sunset each evening, and some of the town’s best restaurants offer seaside dining that ensures you can savor the sight while enjoying a fantastic meal. One highly recommended spot is Aramara, tucked into the high end Four Seasons and offering beachfront, gourmet dining.

Whether you have booked a villa in a resort or private rental, you are likely to have access to many premium amenities and services. One of the finest is spa service, and you will want to consider some in home pampering for you and your mate. You can enjoy a massage or even some life balancing rituals and body treatments known as Huichol rituals. You can also book time in one of the amazing spas throughout the area.

Golf is not always a couple’s activity, but there are two Jack Nicklaus courses in Punta Mita, making it a wonderful opportunity for you to share some time on the greens. If you plan it right, you can enjoy this before or after one of the many four-star breakfast buffets at some of the best restaurants and resorts.

Shopping is a must, but you will want to visit one of the true bohemian surf areas, or boho surf villages, such as Sayulita (a half hour from Punta Mita) during a market day. This will let you get all of your people watching, souvenir shopping, and local dining accomplished, and you can even spend time watching the expert surfers. This is also a good spot to do some jewelry shopping in addition to finding local artisan goods to take home. If you want one of the best margaritas in the region, be sure to take a meal at Don Pedro’s where the fried shrimp tacos are a local favorite.

You must also make time for a trip to the Marietas Islands to do some swimming, snorkeling and whale watching. Of course, you can book horseback riding, plan a bonfire on your private beachfront or a catered dinner on the sands, a sunset cruise, and so much more. The good news is that so many of these activities are easily arranged, and if you have taken a villa, your concierge can be sure it is all organized before you arrive.

It is unfortunate that so many of the photographs potential visitors to Mykonos see are actually limited to sites in one small area of the island. Mykonos Town and Little Venice are amazingly picturesque, and if you were to look at 100 images of the island, a huge number of them would have been snapped there. However, as someone about to enjoy a luxurious villa stay somewhere on the island, you will want to get out and see a lot more of this photogenic destination. To help you capture some remarkable images, we are going to review a list of the best places to take your camera and yourself to really enhance a visit to Mykonos.

Mykonos Town

Yes, we did say that this is a heavily photographed spot, and for good reason. It is truly beautiful and a very popular place to snap some images is right along the waterfront that wraps the harbor. However, at almost any time of the day or night, the area is rather crowded, but you can dodge all of the clutter in your images by paying a visit to Mykonos Town and Little Venice around sunrise. Not only will it be empty, but the light will create amazing effects on the front of the lovely white houses, the waters and the stones.

Don’t forget to snap images of Agios Nikolaos and the Paraportiani while no one is in town.

Old Port

The old port is the ultimate spot for fishing boat photography, and yet it is the same here as Mykonos Town in general – very busy during the day. Get in early to see the fishermen and sponge boats heading out, or wait to late in the afternoon when the cruise ships go and the fishing boats return. If you are lucky, you will find some fishermen sitting along the port walls at dawn as they try and catch octopus.

Super Paradise Beach

Popular and crowded, it sits at the bottom of a winding road. This offers you a wonderful way to capture an image of the beach and really make the most of the unusual assortment of sun chairs that seem to fill the sands. Try to do a sunrise or sunset visit if possible as the light of midday tends to washout the entire setting.

The Windmills

While in Little Venice, make a point of heading up the hill to the windmills. The one known as Boni’s (near the Agricultural Museum) is charming on its own, but it also provides you with an amazing perspective over the town and down into the harbor.

Lesser Known Beaches

While the famous beaches of Psarou, Paradise, and Super Paradise are nice to photograph as well as visit, those like Lia, Fokos, and Agios Sostis are so private and peaceful, not to mention surrounded by gorgeous scenery, they are worth a trip.

A Day in Delos

If you are looking for the ultimate photographic destination in or near Mykonos, but not just limited to the town itself, pay a visit to Delos. A neighboring island and UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has fantastic scenery and historic sites. It is a living museum, but also a remarkable spot as it was sacred to ancient Greeks and still retains a very mysterious air easily captured at sunrise or sunset (or any time) with your camera.

Ano Mera

The only other actual town on Mykonos, it is a short distance inland, features a charming square and a monastery and is an ideal spot for a more authentic set of images from the island.

The key to good images in Mykonos is to remember that so much of the architecture is painted a bold white, and this can be tricky to photograph in the midday sunlight. Instead, wait until early or late hours to get good shadows and more subdued lighting. Midday is ideal for hiking adventures where utterly unique images are possible and the trip from Ano Mear to the beach at Lia is one to try.

The name Tuscany evokes visions of a scenic region highlighted by gently rolling hills blooming with yellow sunflowers, ancient olive trees, charming villas and, of course, the lush greenery of vineyards. Exploring the region is a wine lover’s dream with famous world-class wineries dotting the countryside. A drive through Tuscany will bring you to towns like Montepulciano, Lucca, Siena, the bell tower town of San Gimignano, on to the leaning tower of Pisa and no doubt ending up in gorgeous Florence for unmatched art, a prominent history and exquisite shopping.

Driving through Tuscany

If you are fearless enough to rent a car and discover the wonders of Tuscany on your own, you will find that a leisurely drive through the Tuscan countryside is the best way to explore the area. Just beware of all the speedy Mario Andretti wannabes on the road. Venture off and avoid the main highways. Find a winding cypress lined road to find your way through olive groves and vineyards to guide you to tiny ancient towns with stone houses and cobblestone streets. Stay for lunch, or at least a coffee at a local café. You may stumble upon a festival or farmer’s market in your travels and meet some interesting people along the way.

A Land of Wineries

Italian wine from the Tuscany region is appreciated worldwide. Sample notable native vintages like Chianti, Burnello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and the dessert wine Vin Santo. You will also find Tuscan variations of foreign favorites like Cabernet, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Recently, high quality but “unofficial” wines dubbed “Super Tuscans” made their appearance. You can participate in a wine tour that combines sightseeing with a classic Tuscan lunch and personalized wine tastings, or you can just stop at a family-owned local vineyard at the side of the road to buy some local wine.

Hill Towns and Renaissance Centers

Exploring the hill towns of the Tuscan region will bring you back to another time. The classic walled town of San Gimignano, the town of the bell towers, is world famous for its 14 medieval towers that create a memorable skyline against the countryside. Pick up some Vernaccia di San Gimignano wine, produced from an ancient variety of Vernaccia grape. Montepulciano is another walled city that is known for its impressive square, a castle and, of course, its Vino Nobile wine. Lucca has a well-preserved city wall that allows you to walk around the historic center while admiring panoramic views. Siena, another classic medieval hill town, is known as the home of the Palio, a summer horse race that takes place in the Piazza del Campo. Pisa, famous for the leaning tower, also offers a river walk and the homes of Byron and Shelley.

Magnificent Firenze

Be sure to leave enough time to discover the Renaissance city of Florence. The Piazza Della Signoria is in the heart of the historic center and offers an open air sculpture exhibit. Buy Italian gold jewelry from a shop on the Ponte Vecchio as you cross the Arno River, and purchase tickets for the popular Galleria deli Uffizi for a view of masterworks by Michelangelo, Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci. Do not miss Michelangelo’s David in the Galleria dell’ Academia. Boboli Garden is behind the Patti Palace, offering fountains, gardens and spectacular views. But the most popular attraction in Florence is the Duomo or cathedral, built in 1296 to hold 20,000 people.

Though famous for its music scene, Ibiza beach clubs and stunning nightlife, the island of Ibiza is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stunning scenery and historic sites, and fine dining with delicious food. Many travelers assume that some Ibiza restaurants best menu options will only include the regionally famous tapas, paella and other favorites of the Mediterranean diet. However, it also actually offers a wealth of other international cuisines when you dine at the best restaurants Ibiza has to offer. Spread out from Ibiza Town to Santa Eulalia and several other smaller towns, these fine dining experiences will surprise you and the menu will delight you at all times.

La Bodega

Let’s first get you to one of the best Spanish tapas restaurants in Ibiza. You will find a wine bar and “pick as you go” approach to fine dining, you will love the freshness of the ingredients and the laid back take on décor. Social and busy, you can sit outdoors and watch the bustle of Ibiza as you pop a delectable tapas and follow it with a sip of a flawlessly chosen wine. This Ibiza Town spot is at Carrer Bisbe Torres Mayans, not too far from Playa d’en Bossa

Sa Capella

Set into the thriving San Antonio area of Ibiza Town, this restaurant is one of the finest dining venues on the island. Housed in a renovated, 400-year-old church, and surrounded by more tranquil buildings it focuses on serving classic Ibizan and Mediterranean dishes but only those made with the freshest local ingredients. They are known for ox on a bed of salt and their signature suckling pig that you can find on the menu.


If the island had a famous restaurant, it would have to be this one. It is considered the best restaurant in Ibiza. As one reviewer noted, “for 15 years, tourists and locals alike have continued to make the rather arduous journey through the Ibizan hills to Bambuddha to soak in the mystical atmosphere and sample the distinctive fusion menu”. A large and sprawling place, it offers a veranda, dining area, and even outdoor options. Dishes include a popular tasting menu with Mediterranean options, a group menu and a range of Asian-inspired fusion options that include soups, salads, noodles and rice along with curry, sushi, meat, and fish.

Giri Café

In a true take on the Ibizan lifestyle, this Sant Joan de Labritja restaurant features organic gardens where visitors are welcome to stroll and even sunbathe in style. With a mission of environmentally conscious goals, the Ibiza restaurant focuses on locally and seasonally grown ingredients.

Es Boldado

Take yourself to one of the best places on the island when you dine at this Ibiza restaurant. Located in Cala D’Hort, and looking out over the famous Es Vedra, this restaurant focuses on the freshest catch of the day and is well known for its famous fish stew – bullit de peix – which is an island favorite. If their Mediterranean menu happens to also feature their Arroz a banda during your visit, you must sample this amazing dish on the menu.

La Casita

Set in a refurbished farmhouse in Santa Eulalia, this European-styled restaurant is a fusion of both Spanish and French cuisines with a touch of Austrian flair on the menu. Specialties of the house include beef bourguignon, Serrano ham, and chateaubriand. The setting is part of the unforgettable Mediterranean experience, including forest views from a terrace. Also considered one of the best restaurants in Ibiza.

Mar A Vila

Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks from this unique spot. It too is a fusion of international options integrated into the classic Ibizan fare. You will be able to enjoy tapas and pintxos or tasty coffee hour treats. It is so delicious that it earned notice in a fine dining Michelin write up on the island.

Runners up in a list of must-try spots include Kama Sushi, Sa Soca, Ca Na Ribes, Atzaro, BioLunch, Cicale, El Chiringuito and Plaza del Sol. Don’t limit yourself to these options though because Ibiza is quickly earning a reputation as a foodie paradise.

We understand the struggle – you have booked a holiday in a luxury villa in Antigua, and you know it is going to be challenging to pull yourself away from the supreme comfort, peace, privacy and amenities you can enjoy round the clock. However, you are also in Antigua! The island of 365 beaches, flawless wind and kite surfing conditions, a world-class sailing and snorkeling destination, and a truly verdant island with fascinating history, delicious foods, and adventures awaiting.

What to do? We are going to provide some tips for a one-day itinerary that lets you get a taste of the island. You can opt to extend specific parts of the itinerary into longer experiences, or even half-day excursions, allowing yourself to do bits at a time and still enjoy many hours by your pool, at your private beach, or just lounging in the hammock or lounger with that book you’ve been dying to read.

Getting Started

Antigua is roughly 14 miles long and around 11 miles wide, that makes it fairly accessible. The trade winds keep things cool, so no matter what time of year, you can do almost any physical activity comfortably. We suggest you pack your camera (and maybe even a spare memory card) and head out for the following spots:

Nelson’s Dockyard

A national park, and also a fully functional dockyard where gorgeous yachts and smaller ships anchor, it is a fully restored site. Dating to the 1700s, it features many structures from that era and gives you a wonderful perspective on the island, and its history. It is also a great spot for a bit of shopping and even a good place to linger over coffee and pastry at one of the nearby cafes. Many point towards Seabreeze, a local favorite at the Antigua Yacht Club Marina as it does excellent breakfasts.

Shirley’s Heights

Next on the list has to be the southernmost tip of the island. The famous “Lookout” is actually what remains of an old military complex and it is going to provide you with show-stopping views of the English Harbour area.  If you haven’t had a bite yet, there is a restaurant here with great lunches and local favorites.

Next, it is time to hit the road a bit and make your way towards “Old Road” and “Fig Tree Drive”.

Fig Tree Drive

This five-mile long stretch of Old Road will be a drive you won’t ever forget. After all, how often can you say you went through authentic rainforest, saw enormous old growth bananas and mangos and finished up by purchasing some local fruits or jams from locals at the end of it?

You can then head to All Saints Village for a treat at Tastee’s Ice Cream and make your way to a remarkable historic site.

Betty’s Hope

History lovers will definitely want to pay a visit to the remains of the first sugar plantation on the island. It is known as Betty’s Hope and it has just two of its original stone sugar mills remaining, as well as part of the stillhouse. Today, it is not yet renovated, but the government is working on making it an open air museum.

After this stop, you can head to the shore near Indian Town Point where the stunning Devil’s Bridge natural arch is located. If it is evening and you are ready for a meal, just south is the Bay of Nonsuch and the popular Bay at Nonsuch Resort with its highly rated restaurant. Harmony Hall in Brown’s Bay is nearby as well.

Though you will have covered roughly three-quarters of the island in this drive, it will allow you to do remarkable sightseeing, sample some local treats and see a range of natural and historic spots.

Take a walk on the wild side with an eco adventure on beautiful St. Martin. While many visitors are drawn to the island for its duty free shopping and exciting night life, there is another dimension to this tropical paradise. Warm island breezes, amazing beaches and the greenery of gentle hillsides invite you to experience the natural side of St. Martin with an exciting eco adventure.

Ziplines at Loterie Farm

Whether you are an experienced zip liner or just a beginner, you will find a zip line at your level at Loterie Farm on the Pic Paradis hillside. This memorable eco tourism adventure will have you zipping through the trees among the 1000 species of plants growing on the reserve, including mangoes, bananas, coconuts and papayas. At lunchtime you will be in for a treat at the Hidden Forest Café. Settle into your seat in the tree house atmosphere and prepare to delight in culinary specialties prepared with freshest ingredients gathered from the island of St. Martin. This acclaimed restaurant is known for creative presentation, and every dish is garnished creatively with colorful flowers, fruit and vegetables.

St Maarten Yacht Racing

If you have ever witnessed the famed Heineken Regatta around St. Martin or the Bucket Regatta around St. Barts, you may be inspired to join in and try your hand at yacht racing. Beginners and experienced sailors alike can race around St. Martin in the 12 Metre Challenge aboard the America’s Cup winner Stars and Stripes. Receive personalized instruction beforehand and choose your task aboard ship for the adventure of a lifetime as you compete against other sailing yachts in the regatta. Contact your concierge to test your sailing skills.

Tintamarre Eco Tour

Explore nearby Tintamarre, part of the St. Martin Marine Park that protects the natural beauty of the waters surrounding the island. Take a private sailing boat tour with a skipper for a day trip to Tintamarre, an island jewel where you will find pleasures you never expected. Bring along your snorkeling gear, snacks and plenty of water – there are no restaurants on this deserted island. Ask about the benefits of a mud bath with famous mineral-filled Tintamarre mud and you will probably hear about every benefit from exfoliant properties to an immune system boost. For the more adventurous, there is a Hobie Cat for two with a guide. If you are lucky, you will see a sea turtle, dolphin or even a whale.

You might believe that the use of the words nightlife and Mustique in the same sentence is nonsensical or even an oxymoron. After all, most visit this small and private island, which has coast on both the Atlantic and Caribbean, to escape the typical island destination buzz. With a limited number of ultra-private villas, one small guesthouse and one small hotel, it would seem to be a place that went to bed shortly after sunset. For the most part, it does, but there is a definite nightlife to be enjoyed here.

Unlike the bumping thud of a disco or the all-night parties of other areas, the nightlife of Mustique is found in some truly remarkable places. For most, it has to begin at sunset, and while you can easily head to any of the beaches that face the Caribbean, or savor it from the comfort of your villa, there are also some rather nice places to visit in order to take in the scenery with a perfectly blended cocktail or fine vintage in your hand.

Interestingly enough, several of these spots are also perfect for a bit of socializing with island locals or fellow travelers, and they can then allow you to enjoy a formal or casual meal too.

Basil’s Bar

By far, one of the most famous spots on Mustique is the legendary Basil’s Bar. Sitting atop stilts that are actually in the Caribbean, this laid-back spot is perfect as a way to begin your evening. Enjoy a glass of Basil’s famous rum punch or savor a glass of wine, beer or other drink as you watch the sun sink into the sea. The bar is noted for its seafood, and you might elect to enjoy at least one dinner here, savoring the party atmosphere.

Popular with world travelers, celebrities and locals, it is open until 10 PM and has some sort of party each night. This features music by a house band or a DJ, and there is often happy dancing until closing. Of course, you could always head to an eastern shore beach to wait for, what is sure to be an unforgettable, sunrise over the Atlantic, then head to Basil’s as it opens at 8 AM, offering great breakfasts, particularly banana pancakes.

Cotton House Great Room

This beautifully designed bar is also a frequent destination for the island’s full-time residents. In the beautiful West Indian inspired décor, you can choose from the extensive wine list or savor one of the specialty cocktails. Whether you opt to visit for a sunset drink or an after dinner cocktail, you are sure to find plenty of friendly people to meet and strike up conversations.

Patrick’s Bar at Firefly

Another spot popular with the famous, it offers wonderful Caribbean views at all times (again, a good spot for sunset). It features a huge wine list and the bar’s cheerful bartenders are famous for their Mustique Martinie Club cocktails. While you can opt to dine here, it is also a great place to simply mix and mingle with other visitors and island residents.

Movie Night

During the season, there is a fantastic nightlife opportunity that also happens to be a remarkably family-friendly one – outdoor movie night. On the Cotton House lawns, visitors park their “mules” and enjoy a classic “drive-in” experience. Kids can wear their pajamas and be ready for bed upon their return home and there are snacks and drinks perfectly suited to a wonderful night out at the movies.

In addition to these nightlife options, your villa can also become a place where you may comfortably and easily entertain friends or new acquaintances. Your household staff includes a chef and you might want to plan a wonderful evening dining in, making new friends or enjoying time with old ones in a truly exclusive and private paradise.

Without a doubt, St Jean is the most popular and requested area on St Barts. Featuring boutiques, beautiful beaches and famed beachside restaurants such as Nikki Beach or La Plage, the central location of St Jean is coveted dearly by St Barts visitors.   Picturesque and similar to something from a postcard, the area is known for dazzling white sands, flawless turquoise seas, and waters that are exactly what you imagined when planning your island holiday.

If this appeals to you, and yet you also want a private retreat from which to take in the scenery or head to the waters of the St. Jean area, we suggest the following, truly breathtaking villas:


Villa Isia

The villa Isia is a two-bedroom property that savors the delicious breezes coming in from the bay and offers you uninterrupted views of the bay, the sea and even the beaches below.  Large and contemporary, it features a stunning, wooden pool deck with infinity-edge pool, and sleek design. A classically styled property, it is an ideal escape for a couple, small family or set of friends.


Villa Alaia

The villa Alaia is a three-bedroom delight that is equal parts garden property and hilltop hideaway. Remarkably private, it offers a wonderful array of outdoor living spaces that enhance the tropical setting. With a pool terrace, furnished verandah, spacious interiors, and some of the most inspired décor, it is a dream-like setting.


Villa Reef Point

If you want more of the oceanfront feel, the three-bedroom villa Reef Point is a good option. With one of the largest pools on the island, you will feel as if you are already at the shore, though your views of the beach just below are truly stunning. The enormous verandah stretches along the length of the arch-shaped pool and the décor blends natural materials with simple lines to make every space soothing and seamless. Visitors are often stunned by the features that include a small pond, open air living room, and Zen-like settings throughout.


Villa You

Bringing you a bit lower in the hills, and a bit more distant from the waterfront, the villa You ranks easily as one of the chicest of all of the island’s three-bedroom properties. Sleek and contemporary, it is surrounded by gardens and outdoor living spaces on both levels. A pool deck, private verandahs off each of the peerless bedrooms, remarkably opulent baths, and a unique palette of rich blue, grey and saffron create a stunning setting at all times.


Villa Sexy

High above the bay, the four-bedroom villa Sexy offers stunning views from every angle. Using an appealing, multi-structure design, it provides a remarkable array of outdoor living spaces that include a stepped terrace, infinity edge pool, verandah, barbecue niche, and more. Mature gardens maintain optimal privacy, and the incredibly sleek lines of both the main villa and bungalow will never cease to inspire you.


Villa Wings

The villa Wings is another four-bedroom stunner tucked into a private, gated property and offering uninterrupted views of the bay and the waters beyond. You will understand the name of the villa with your first sight of this architectural masterpiece. Almost a sculpture on its own, the villa features some of the most unique lines imaginable, and each frames a flawless space or view. From the two pool terraces to the shared living spaces, it is unforgettable.


Villa Wine Note

High above the bay, with staggering views is the five-bedroom villa Wine Note. Expansive and spacious, it is a place of sky and air, yet you are anchored flawlessly by the graceful lines and spaces of this property. An enormous pool terrace, airy interiors, oversized glass doors, and furnishings perfectly chosen to capture the sense of light ensure you feel both inspired and relaxed in every space.


Villa BOM

Lastly, the unbelievably luxurious villa BOM is far more like a private resort than any villa imaginable. Sitting on the sands of St. Jean beach, it offers enormous private grounds and gardens, a bevy of Asian-inspired structures and spaces that include a pool pavilion, dining gazebo, and bedroom cottages. The ultra-luxurious property is a fabulous place for a holiday or even destination event.

Luxurious and beautiful, these villas are some of the true stunners for you to enjoy during a visit to St. Barts.

Many couples planning their nuptials look forward to choosing a honeymoon destination. That is, until they actually have to make that choice. There are so many wonderful spots where a couple can sneak away and enjoy days of relaxation, romance and fun. Yet, not all destinations are alike, and if you are one of the lucky couples considering just where to go for your honeymoon, consider Cabo.

The Basics

With roughly 350 days of sunshine each year, Cabo has natural appeal to holidaymakers. It is not just a sunny place, though, and it has only recently developed as one of the premier destinations for celebrities as “A List” as Jennifer Aniston, the Kardashian clan, and George Clooney. Even in its earliest years, Cabo attracted the smart set with celebrities like Bing Crosby and John Wayne making the journey.

Why? Its location at the far southern tip of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico makes it a picturesque region of the country. It is located exactly where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, and where scenery is the norm. Not just any scenery – breathtaking scenery. Gorgeous beaches, unique rock formations, and mountains in the distance, create a place where almost any accommodation will provide amazing views.

The Honeymooner’s Appeal

So, why should you consider a honeymoon in this popular holiday destination? The scenery is one of the main reasons, but for sheer romance value it is hard to beat the appeal of this area.

It has picture postcard perfect beaches, but it doesn’t have the best snorkeling or even many swimmable beaches. Divers will appreciate Los Cabos Bay and the Sea of Cortez, but most visitors do the bulk of their swimming in the stunning pools that are so common throughout the area.

This means beaches tend to be less crowded. You can find many spots to savor a sunset each evening, or you can enjoy one of the many charming cruises that take in such sights as the famous El Arco and Lover’s Beach at sunset.

And while Cabo is known for its many premier resorts and hotels, it is also a true hotspot for stunning, private villas. With one, two and three bedroom properties in abundance, you can easily find the most idyllic and private escape for two. Perhaps you want a luxurious beachfront villa or maybe you would rather be in the hills of exclusive Pedregal and enjoy amazing views down into the marina and out to sea?

Most villas are equipped with plunge pools or larger infinity-edge pools, as well as Jacuzzis. Most have stunning balconies and terraces, luxurious interiors and even options to hire a chef or private masseuse to ensure your honeymoon is the ultimate escape. Most have concierge services that can ensure your every need is met.

And when you are ready to emerge from days of newlywed bliss, the town of Cabo San Lucas (one half of the Los Cabos area, with the other being historic and charming San Jose del Cabo) awaits. Amazing restaurants, fantastic nightlife, a charming and busy marina, plenty of low-key or over the top bars and clubs and lots of shopping make it a perfect spot to wander, people watch, sightsee and enjoy.

Out and About in Cabo

If you envision a more active honeymoon, Cabo is still the right choice. It has some truly stunning golf courses, an array of spas and sports facilities, a marina, and then there is that other half of Los Cabos already mentioned – San Jose del Cabo. Perfect for daylong sightseeing to its many historic and scenic destinations, it is a wonderful place to burn off a bit of energy.

Cabo is the perfect honeymoon destination offering guaranteed sunsets, ideal weather, and the option for a truly luxurious and private space in which to begin your new life together.

More and more often travelers are hearing about Turks and Caicos, and often because a big-name celebrity has been spotted there. It is not a surprise, it was the rich and famous who first started to encourage development of the island in the 1960s, and since that time it has become a world-class destination for celebs, sailors, royalty and the elite. Of course, a lot of others head here, and enjoy the hundreds of beaches, the gorgeous weather, and the tasty local specialties.

So, whether you are paying a visit on a yacht, staying in one of the gorgeous villas, or booked at a resort, you need to get out and enjoy the many dining options of Turks and Caicos.

The Local Fish Fry

If you ask anyone who has spent any amount of time on the island what a “must have” dining experience is during a stay, it is around 99% likely that you will hear the words “fish fry”.

This is an every Thursday happening on the island and also an ideal way to meet locals, other travelers, and taste unforgettably delicious dishes. You will hardly be able to resist if you are anywhere near Provo because the delectable aroma of the fish is going to travel far and wide. Vendors come from all areas of the island and converge on Bight Park.

Whether they are whipping up batches of conch salad, steaming lobsters or frying fish, the fragrances are impossible to ignore. The meal includes more than just fish, and you will be able to sample grilled corn, macaroni and cheese (usually with an island twist, such as lobster mac and cheese), crab and rice, and a blend of any fresh vegetables to make a diversity of salads.

The most highly recommended vendors include Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl, Cactus Bar & Grill, Doreen’s Place, Froggie’s on da Beach, Hole in the Wall, Kay Jo’s, Middle Caicos Cafe, Miss Moonies, Native Cuisine, Sailing Paradise, Smokey’s on da Bay, Three Queens, Uncle Dough’s Salad Bar, and Upstairs Bar & Grill. Each will put their own twist on this meal and you’ll definitely want to go there when hungry.

The Restaurants

In addition to the fish fry, the island has some pretty fantastic restaurants. Some of the most frequently recommended are a blend of excellent cuisine and flawless locations. Infinity is an oceanfront find on Grace Bay beach and is considered a top of the line establishment. You can dine on the terrace overlooking the beach or head inside where the Caribbean décor is utterly charming. Their food is a wonderful Caribbean fusion that looks at the best local ingredients. We recommend their lobster tasting menu as it is truly imaginative and delicious. Don’t forget their pineapple cheesecake too.

Coyaba is also a bit hit and equal parts location and food. It is a garden restaurant that has a constantly changing menu adapting to the freshest local foods. They have a huge wine cellar and offer one of the island’s only seven course tasting menus. Their specialty is Jerk Wellington Chicken and they make fantastic tropical fruit meringue.

If you want to savor a local favorite, Coco Bistro is the place to visit. Tucked into a palm grove in Provo, it offers traditional dishes that are so delicious, the restaurant actually published a successful cookbook. They use herbs grown in their own gardens and their house specialty is the roast lamb, which is presented in an innovative goat cheese potato dish and garnished with beet root and a local beer and onion sauce.

Clearly, the island of Turks and Caicos is a gourmand’s adventure, and we encourage you to get out and taste everything from the fish fry and beach shack offerings to the finer establishments’ best dishes.