Planning a family holiday is always a bit of a challenge. After all, there has to be something for everyone, and when that “everyone” includes children and teens, it can be extremely difficult to please everyone. Adults from all corners of the world dream of a holiday in Tuscany, and many with kids or extensive families decide to go elsewhere, wrongly believing there are not enough activities or things to do for a mixed group.

Fortunately, there are premium, luxury rentals that are sized specifically for families, located close to some of the most popular destinations, and offering such world-class amenities and services that they can easily become your only destination while on your family holiday in Tuscany.

Let’s look at some of these luxury rentals to understand just how and why they make the perfect base for your upcoming visit to this wonderful part of the world.

Villa Palazzetto

This seven-bedroom property is in the Lucca area, part of a medieval village, in Tuscany. A historic property, it dates to the 1800s and is surrounded by a large amount of private land. A major attraction for families is the immense pool area with its terrace and gardens. Stunning views of the ancient village and the rolling hills, along with all of this outdoor living space ensure the family enjoys plenty of down time. Just a short distance from such attractions as Pisa and Florence, it is an ideal and luxurious base for a family visiting this region.

Villa Leandra

Also in the historic and picturesque Lucca area, this ancient property dates all of the way to the 1300s, but is fully restored and offering such appealing luxuries as the immense swimming pool area, a private tennis court, golf area, and a private lake. There is a pool house equipped to serve as a private fitness suite with gym, sauna and even a bar.

Countless outdoor living spaces include al fresco dining areas, a gazebo, and manicured grounds. Indoors, the beauty of the décor and the spaciousness of the living rooms, dining room and the enormous gourmet kitchen ensure plenty of room for all. Seven bedrooms serve as private retreats.

Villa Maremmana

Less than half of an hour from the coast and its lovely beaches, this amazing seven-bedroom property is tucked into a private, 1,200 acre estate. With a classic, cypress-line drive leading to the picturesque house, it provides visitors with hiking trails, horseback riding opportunities, and a large pool with terrace. Outdoor living spaces are in abundance, and many will love the dining loggia and the pool house. Truly a world of your own, the villa is a delight indoors and out.

The interiors feature living rooms, a full office, several different fireplaces and an enormous kitchen. The home theater is a nice bonus and ideal for late movie viewings. The bedrooms are luxurious suites, some with stone tubs, and others with balconies gazing out at the views.

Villa Cipresso

This enormous, nine-bedroom dream is in the coveted Chianti region of Tuscany and dates to the 13th century. Fully restored, it is minutes from Siena but tucked into an enormous and private property surrounded by fields, vineyards and the rolling hills covered with cypress trees. Families will love the outdoor living spaces that include the enormous pool, terraces, gardens and al fresco dining areas.

Inside, the historic arches and low-key décor make this one of the most comfortable and stylish places imaginable. All ground floor rooms open to the terraces, and include the sunken lounge, enormous gourmet kitchen, TV room, and access to the enchanting tower.

Clearly, you can head to Tuscany with a family or mixed group of ages and interests when you have access to such premium villas as we’ve considered here.

Though it is not an enormous island in the Caribbean, Barbados has a surprising number of scenic lookouts, hills, promontories, bays, and points from which to enjoy breathtaking sights.

Naturally, the entire Caribbean region provides a world of beauty with its many shades of sea blue and green, its brilliant skies throughout each day, its impressive sunrises and sunsets, and its lush and verdant landscape. However, all of these things seem to be highlighted and emphasized when enjoyed from one of the many lovely spots of Barbados.

A short list of some of the popular scenic spots would include Bottom Bay, Farley Hill, Hastings Rocks, the Bathsheba area, Conset Bay, Grenade Hall Forest (the Signal Station is found here), Mount Hillaby, Skeetes Bay, the South Coast Boardwalk, and many more.

Taking a look at the map of Barbados, you would soon discover that a great many of the most popular scenic spots are found along the bottom of the island’s coastal area – though ranging on both the eastern and western shores. Spread out over quaint and charming towns and bays, the opportunities for natural and scenic views are almost limitless.

The Beauty of Barbados without the Crowds

Clearly, that tells anyone interested in a visit to Barbados that they are likely to enjoy a good view or remarkable scenery from almost any area of the island. Unfortunately, some of the spots are extremely popular with travelers and can end up being very crowded – such as Bottom Bay, which is just lovely but typically very busy. This can make it a bit challenging to find a peaceful place to spend a day lounging in the sun and occasionally scanning the area to take in the otherworldly beauty that seems to fill each corner of Barbados.

Where to Stay on Barbados

While there are many hotels and resorts in some of the most scenic areas, these too don’t provide the kind of uninterrupted views and peace that most of us want when escaping to a tropical paradise. This is one of the primary reasons that so many savvy travelers have started to enjoy the use of private villas when booking a stay in Barbados.

Though a form of luxury travel, the private villas range from small and cozy to large and estate-like. The one thing they all share in common is their scenic surroundings. They are commonly built overlooking the most popular towns, bays, harbors, and beaches. Some will allow you private access to a beach or an easy trail to a nearby spot, many also their own swimming pools that are designed to give a view of the sea, sky, and surrounding landscape, even as you float in dreamy relaxation. They are specifically designed to enhance your overall experience of the setting.

Experience a Barbados Villa

When it comes to unprecedented views and complete privacy, there is no comparison between a small bungalow at an upscale resort and a private villa in Barbados. A large and airy terrace that leads to al fresco dining spaces, sundecks and lounges, a totally private and luxury home, and non-stop scenery to be enjoyed from your terrace, lounge area, or private tropical garden are but a few of the benefits of luxury villas in Barbados.

Though you most certainly want to make a point of exploring all that the island of Barbados has to reveal, you need to ensure that your accommodation also delivers scenery, too. Whether you head to Andromeda Botanic Gardens or a private tropical garden and path, a Foul Bay beach, or a private beach near Bathsheba, your visit to Barbados will be enriched by booking a villa that surrounds you with scenery, sights, sounds, and the trade winds of the island.

Don’t let the many articles and stories about Porto Cervo’s opulence or elite guests make you feel you won’t enjoy a visit. While it is accurate to say that it rates as one of the most luxury-loaded spots in all of Europe, it is also very accessible to more traditional travelers. Tucked into Sardinia’s gorgeous Costa Smeralda, it reigns supreme as a playground for the rich and famous, but is also able to draw in many more visitors thanks to a new visitor’s terminal in the town of Olbia. Allowing major European airlines to land, it has actually doubled visitation to the region.

This has allowed for an entirely new level of accommodations and traveler’s services to appear, making it an accessible spot for all. This does not mean that Porto Cervo, or the Costa Smeralda, are by any means crowded. It simply means that a far more laid-back atmosphere prevails and glamour has been toned down to a more appealing level.

What to Do in Porto Cervo

Most visitors to the region arrive with one thing in mind – the beaches. However, as the area does have that reputation for opulence, there are many fine restaurants, amazing shops, and plenty of non-beach things to see and do in Porto Cervo. Of course, we shouldn’t overlook any of the beaches in the region.

So, let’s begin with one that most describe as a hidden gem but well worth the effort of finding. This is the beach known as Spiaggia del Pevero. Three short kilometers south of Porto Cervo, it is ideal for families and couples, and it has many facilities that allow you to savor hours there, or just enjoy a quick drink at the bar. There is also the charming Cala Granu Beach nearby as well, and it is but one kilometer north of Porto Cervo. With facilities and good snorkeling, it also looks out over what many call the prettiest bay in the Porto Cervo area.

If you are interested in some more local sightseeing, most agree that the church of Stella Maris is a must see, and that a few hours at Paese, with its mega yachts is a lot of fun.

However, if you speak with anyone who is familiar with Porto Cervo, they always agree that simply walking through the new and old sections of the town is a wonderful experience.  Utterly picturesque, with its rows of pastel-hued houses and opulent buildings peering out over the water, it is also home to some of the most costly housing in all of Europe.

The village proper is at the southeastern end of the port and home to low-key bars, restaurants and local shops. The newer marina is where the more exclusive shops and boutiques are found. The nightlife, gourmet dining and exclusive hotels are here, though not all are tucked into Porto Cervo, as so much of the town now climbs up into the hills surrounding the harbor area.

Know the History

It really helps to know a small bit of history in order to appreciate the sights of Porto Cervo. While sitting at a café or restaurant enjoying your authentic Sardinian meal, note that many of the buildings date only to the 1960s or later. The end result of a vision of the Prince Aga Khan IV, the entire Porto Cervo setting was created in order to develop the area while retaining much of its original architectural style.

Today, even the new buildings have the same look as some of the oldest, original structures. This does not stand in contract with the new port’s many modern amenities and services. Enjoy a stroll through town; savor the squares, the narrow streets, the beautiful buildings, and all against the backdrop of the stunning Costa Smeralda.

Having transformed from magnificent ruin to fantastic retreat, the villa Tiberio is a remarkable find for those eager to enjoy the scenic beauty and unprecedented cultural opportunities found in the Umbrian and Tuscan regions. Set in Perugia and dating to the 1100s, it was once a Holy Roman fortress built by Emperor Frederico Barbarossa. Today, it is the ultimate luxury holiday destination, offering fully restored gardens and grounds, impressively designed interiors, and a wealth of upscale amenities.

A Castle of Your Own

As its name implies, villa Tiberio is exactly that – a true castle with stone turrets, commanding views of the Tiber Valley and Assisi in the distance, and interiors that have been restored while also remaining grand in scale and atmosphere. An eight-bedroom property, each suite features a large fireplace and décor that includes ancient tapestries, beautiful frescoes, and authentic furnishings.

Undergoing more than a decade of careful restoration, returning it from what was essentially a crumbling ruin, it is now majestic and grand. The skilled team of architect Domenico Minchili and designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard used a room-by-room approach to return this castle to its former glory.

Of course, to remain as authentic as possible, the owners and design team carried out a complete archaeological inspection to unearth the original layout and size of the building. In doing so, they discovered its amazing history and the stories that surround it. Set on an ancient Roman site dedicated to the goddess Tedite, it was initially a fortress castle, next a monastery, and then a church.

Actual schematics and design plans of the original structure were located and used to restore the building to its original beauty. Today, visitors can savor the turrets, Great Hall, courtyard and patio and the beautifully restored chapel with its 17th century Italian alter piece and authentic silver.

Modern Décor

Of course, while it is wonderful to experience these authentic interiors, the renovated areas also include stunning shared and private living spaces as well. The Great Hall, as mentioned, is like stepping into the past with its high timbered and tiled ceilings, enormous marble fireplace, gorgeous antique furnishings and stunning tapestries and art.

The turret is also a shared space, designed as the ideal retreat for couples or small groups, and furnished for a private meal. The dining room is impressive as well with heavily timbered ceilings, terrazzo floors, stone arches, gorgeous paintings and a banqueting table fit for royalty. However, the kitchen has a far more modern air, with many nods to the castle’s past. Stone walls and terrazzo floors are balanced by modern and premium appliances, an oversized island topped in stainless steel, and the very latest gadgets and kitchen gear. All of the electrical appliances are from Viking, ensuring the very finest in performance and design.

The eight bedrooms are each named suites with stunning proportions, amenities, and décor. The master suite features a sitting area before the fireplace and a large, four poster bed. The ensuite bath has a Roman soaking tub and stunning stone surround. The Florentine Suite also has a separate sitting room and large bed, and its bath features a lovely footed tub. The Russian Suite is rich and opulent with a four poster bed and Jacuzzi tub. The remaining suites are equally resplendent and all feature private baths with opulent fixtures.

The exteriors have been refurbished and restored, with beautiful gardens surrounding the two terraces ideal for al fresco meals. It is also possible to host up to 100 guests on the premises. With its beautiful arched porticos, lovely pool area just a short stroll from the castle, rooftop barbecue, and abundance of stunning interiors and exteriors, it is the perfect way to experience Umbria and Tuscany while living like a royal.

If you ask anyone who has spent any time on the Greek island of Corfu, most will agree that you don’t visit it, enjoy a holiday or just spend time there. Instead, most will say that you experience it. This is because it is among the most picturesque of places with its charming whitewashed villages, ancient Venetian and Greek sites, irresistible little harbors, natural wonders and some of the friendliest locals you might ever encounter.

Though many arrive on this island off the northern coast of Greece to spend time along the sugary white beaches and in the perfect and safe waters, just as many head here to explore the amazing array of destinations and experiences that await. From delicious local foods to impossibly green landscapes,  to its pristine stretches of coastline and untamed, half-wild olive groves, it is an unforgettable place to holiday.

The interior of the island is undeveloped, making many travelers feel as if they have arrived on an entirely different island. With scenic roads and a nearly total lack of tourist developments, it allows you to encounter a truly authentic island setting.

Old Town

Most travelers make a point of spending at least a day, or more in the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Corfu Town or Old Town. It is unbeatable for those who enjoy leisurely strolls through impressive scenery. This town is dotted with an unusual number of museums, and the must see destinations among them include the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Asian Art. (Note: If you wish to experience an entire village that is often compared to a living museum, head to Palea Perithia, which remains entirely original to the ancient Venetian era).

The Agio Spyridonas Church is a must as well as the Fortezza, and the New Fort too. When in Old Town, be sure you explore the famous Liston Promenade to head into a few of the coffee shops. Head into the center of town for the best shopping and dining.

Must See Sights

Beaches are a huge lure, and some of the most pristine and appealing include Barbati beach, Paleokastitsa beach and Pelekas beach. Apart from time spent in Old Town, and days at the beach, you will also want to be sure you make time for sights such as the Waterfall of Nymphs, a natural wonder with many mythical tales connected to it. Be sure to pay a visit to Panagia Antivouniotissa to gaze at the Byzantine Art, and marvel at the impressive architecture. The Achilion Palace at Mon Repos is also a must see as it is utterly enchanting and home to world-famous statues and stunning architecture.

More active visitors must do a bit of walking or trekking while on the island, and the Corfu Trail covers the entire length of the island. It allows you to pick and choose some points to enter or exit, and one of the most popular stops is the oldest village, known as Perithia.

While inland, you will want to visit Lefkimmi, the second largest town and one in which many begin to truly feel they are experiencing the island. Quiet streets, few tourism spots, and neighborhoods full of white washed homes idyllically accented by colorful citrus plants, hens and flowering vines make it the ideal spot for your camera!

You might also want to book a car and drive to head up Mount Pantokrator, the tallest point on the island. It offers unprecedented views and is another location for photographers to savor. The Korission Lagoon is also a photogenic destination near the town of Kavos and close to Issos beach. It is full of water birds and some of the finest scenery. Last, but certainly not least, any experience of Corfu has to include a visit to Paleokastritsa, and its ruined castle Angelokastro.

It should come as no surprise that the Caribbean island of St. Martin (also spelled St. Maarten) is a culinary capital throughout the region. After all, it is home to more than 300 restaurants and is an island jointly held between France and the Netherlands. Both countries are famous for their unique cuisines, but the island is also a place where the influences of Creole, Spanish and other island cuisines are easily detected.

Only 21 square miles, it features those few hundred restaurants and offers up everything from beach shack specialties and high end boulangeries to five-star resort eateries and local favorites providing a blend of the multicultural traditions of the island. Yet, if you are planning a holiday to St. Martin and you wish to enjoy the most iconic flavors, you’ll want to be sure to sample some of the traditional produce, the preferred techniques (such as outdoor cooking), and the friendly settings that make this a true “foodie” destination.

To be sure your visit introduces you to dishes and drinks, products and produce that are part of the island’s reputation as a culinary capital, let’s consider a few of the favorites or “must sample” classics.

Le Planteur

This is planter’s punch, and you’ll find a huge array of recipes that are unique to the restaurant, bar or maker. A blend of white or old rum, orange juice, guava juice, pineapple juice, sugar cane syrup, bitters and spices, it is a real sensation. Sample a few of the different recipes and be sure you find your favorite.


This is a St. Martin classic and is the island’s most traditional liqueur. It is made of aged rum, wild guava berries and brown sugar. You will find that most islanders enjoy it during Christmas holidays, but they are more than willing to introduce you to it when you visit – even if it is the middle of summer.

Spare Ribs

This is another island classic and great debates will occur between whose recipe is superior. Typically involving pork ribs and a “secret” marinade, it will be a dish enjoyed fresh from the grill. You can find it at many beach shacks but also in high end restaurants where “haute” ingredients and techniques are in use.


Served as fritters, and a familiar appetizer, most islanders (including top ranked chefs) have their own way of making it. Most use the island’s abundant salted codfish as the main ingredient and a variety of vegetables and herbs that are added before frying. Again, you must make a point of sampling several recipes and finding your favorite.

Beef Patties

These are served at almost any time and anywhere. You will find them at afternoon tea as well as the appetizer menus of top restaurants. They are small pastry pies filled with meat and a variety of spices. They are baked and served warm, and often disappear quickly.

Pigeon Peas Soup

Unusual and found mostly in the Caribbean, it involves the use of unique little dried peas known as pigeon peas and then a variety of vegetables, herbs and even a ham hock may be added. A lovely dish in the local restaurants, it is another must sample flavor.

Sweet Potato Pudding

This is a very popular dessert available at almost any restaurant or café. It is rich and full of flavor and often features a nice amount of the island’s delicious rum along with typical Caribbean spices.

Whether you are in a luxury villa with a private chef or you are handling your own cooking, there are just too many wonderful flavors and restaurants awaiting. You must be sure to head out to a few of the local favorites and fine dining establishments to really savor the aromas and flavors of the Caribbean’s culinary capital.

If you’ve been contemplating visiting beautiful Costa Rica, then don’t waste any more time – just go to this wonderful place where you can experience warm beaches, wonderful places to relax, and the adventure of a lifetime.

First, you should enjoy a hearty breakfast, and then set out on your adventure. You’ll visit acres of pristine jungle, unspoiled by man, when you visit the town of Quepos. You’ll be able to explore this wilderness, and then come back to your lodge, having seen much wildlife in its natural habitat.

Savegre River Rafting

You’ll want to get up early, and have a good breakfast before touring the Savegre River. You’ll start this Costa Rica eco adventure at a small village, El Silencio, and then you’ll tour the river, sailing up the mountain. On your journey, you’ll see many animals and plants. You’ll experience the Savegre River in depth, and experience the natural wonder of the Savegre River in depth.

Rafiki Safari Lodge

This Costa Rica eco adventure takes you up through mountainous territory to the Rafiki Safari Lodge, where you can stop and enjoy the amenities of the resort before heading off to the summit.

Ballena Resort & Spa

Here, you’ll find great dining, glorious scenery and luxurious amenities. Make it your home base, and then head off to visit Marino Ballena National Park as the next stop on your Costa Rica eco adventure. You’ll love the drive, with the lovely coastal scenery, and once you reach your destination, you’ll be able to walk the countryside or swim at the hotel.

Stay Over at the Cristal Ballena

This resort and spa is the ultimate place for you to overnight. If you’re lucky, you might see humpback whales jumping up out of the surf. Then, if you want to stay for another night, you might board a boat where you can go out and see dolphins playing in the surf! This could be the best Costa Rica eco adventure ever! Then, go back to your hotel for a relaxing evening at poolside, or before continuing your journey.

An Overnight

Once you’re done, you can relax overnight at the Cristal Ballena Resort and Spa. And when you wake up, head out to Peurto Jiminez or Golfito. Both are very picturesque, and close to the Panamanian border.

You’ll approach the port, and then get on a boat that will take you out for a tour. You’ll visit rain forests, and see jaguars. You’ll also see mangrove trees, and have a chance to snorkel the bright waters. Once you reach the port, you’ll be taken to a conservation area where you’ll see the green jungle and the blue ocean.

Upon your return, you’ll enjoy a dinner replete with ethnic foods. Then, rest and await another day of adventure. There is so much more waiting for you, so you’ll want to get a good night’s rest and awaken the next day to experience more of what Costa Rica has to offer.

Out Again!

Next, you’ll want to head out once more on your Costa Rica eco adventure. You’ll venture out into the wild, and see mountains and coastline, hills and valleys. You’ll see all that is wonderful, and all that must be seen.

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most beautiful vacation spots. Once you experience everything that it has to offer, you’ll certainly want to come back again, to revisit places you have come to love, or to explore even more of the verdant countryside.

The Sandy Lane area of Barbados is home to some of the most impressive villas on the island. Here are four Sandy Lane villas that are well worth your consideration.

Villa Casablanca

With its estate-like features, expansive grounds, tennis courts and a stunning view of the Sandy Lane Golf Course, this villa is the perfect choice for large families or groups of travelers. It features seven bedrooms and a full household staff including a butler, laundress, cook and housekeepers, so you know that your every need will be met.

At Villa Casablanca, you’ll enjoy fresh air and outstanding scenery. Wander the grounds, relax on the pool terrace or take a refreshing dip. You’ll also enjoy dining al fresco in the gazebo or the intimate dining room. Perhaps you’ll prepare a meal yourself in the gourmet kitchen. The villa also features a media room with a library, a formal dining area, and a great room with arched entries. The overall feel is exotic, and yet there is a sense of lightness as well.

Villa Tradewinds

Villa Tradewinds is a newer, five-bedroom property, and you’ll find it very open and airy. On the ground floor, the large pool is the focal point, and it’s framed by a dining pavilion on one side and a pagoda at the end. You’ll enjoy relaxing in the sun or dining in the pavilion. The terrace leads back into the villa’s formal living area, which is stylishly decorated in pale tones.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of a large gourmet kitchen, but don’t feel that you have to cook. There’s a chef on staff who will be more than happy to prepare anything you fancy. Staff also includes a butler and housekeeper, so you can be certain you’ll be well looked after.

Community tennis courts are available, and you’ll also have access to a private beach.

Villa High Cane

This five-bedroom villa consists of a main house and guest cottage and is very private. The villa features a huge saltwater pool with a fountain and a stone wall at one end. You’ll be able to relax on large sunbeds or one of the oversized chairs or sofas, and enjoy a meal in the picturesque dining gazebo.

Inside, you’ll find Old World charm, luxurious furnishings, and some opulent touches like the indoor koi pond in the dining area. A cook is on staff, but if you like, you can prepare a meal in the gourmet kitchen.

Villa Windward

Villa Windward is a five-bedroom villa that is very private and peaceful. It’s the ideal base from which to enjoy a Barbados holiday, as it’s close to many excellent restaurants and shopping areas. You’ll also have access to the gold course, tennis courts and spa services.

The villa has a large pool, home theater, fitness room and many other amenities. The grounds are stunning, and since the villa is located on the west coast, you can count on stunning sunsets.

The villa is staffed with a cook, housekeeper and laundress, so you can devote yourself entirely to relaxing and enjoying your tropical getaway. You’ll surely want to spend time on the long verandah that features rattan furniture in calming hues of blue and white. The interior of the villa is decorated in much the same style but is a bit more formal.With its private location and stunning surroundings, Villa Windward is ideal for groups or families seeking a place to unwind and enjoy sunny days.

Any of these Sandy Lane villas will provide you with everything you imagined a tropical vacation could be.

St. Barts is home to some of the most stunning tropical villas you could imagine. Here, we’ll take a look at 5 of the most beautiful new villas on St. Barts.

Villa Castle Rock

This five-bedroom villa is located in the Camaruche area, high in the hills and built on multiple levels. It’s private, expansive and estate-like with an array of living spaces both indoors and out.

In terms of décor, the Villa Castle Rock could best be described as a modern castle, with its natural materials, turret-like structures, huge doors and high wooden ceilings. All the living spaces face the water, and the main level has a huge kitchen that opens onto the pool terrace.

At the end of the pool area, there’s a large entertainment room. The villa also features a bar area, spa room, fitness center, and several patios and terraces.

Villa Cacao

Villa Cacao is located in the Toiny hills and offers a spectacular view of the sea. It’s a four-bedroom villa that is remarkably spacious and has a range of both indoor and outdoor living spaces.

The décor is contemporary, with a bit of traditional island flair. The infinity-edge pool faces the sea, and there are charming gardens and terraces. The sun deck is fully furnished, and glass doors are a very pleasing feature. The great room has high ceilings, and a wonderfully light, airy feeling. There is also an oversized living room, modern kitchen and breakfast bar. You can dine indoors, or in one of many outdoor dining areas.

Families and discerning groups will appreciate the large bedrooms, all of which have entertainment systems. The master suite also has a kitchenette and private terrace.

Villa Bikini

Villa Bikini overlooks Lorient Bay. It features three bedrooms and panoramic views. The grounds are beautifully landscaped, with a good deal of lush growth that works to ensure your privacy.

The style is contemporary with a nod to classic island décor as well. The front of the villa features the pool and gardens. You can relax in the sun, or in the shade of the palm trees or pergola. There is a dining pavilion as well, and each of these features opens onto the elegant interior, which houses a gourmet kitchen and formal dining area. There’s also a huge lounge with a pale décor augmented with pops of color. The entertainment system is perfect for enjoying music or a movie.

Villa Bikini is charming, and has numerous amenities, making it the perfect tropical getaway location for a family or close friends.

Villa Axel Rocks

Villa Axel Rocks is located in the Gustavia area. It’s a four-bedroom villa nestled amongst a landscape of rolling hills and sea views.

One of the focal points of the villa is the huge terrace, which faces the sea. The infinity pool is a perfect place to relax, or you can lounge on the terrace’s sun beds. There’s also a sunken bar, which is a truly unique feature.

The emphasis at Villa Axel Rocks is very much on outdoor living, but the inside of the villa is stunning as well. There’s a large living room with an entertainment system, a gourmet kitchen with a breakfast bar, a contemporary dining area, and even a wine cellar.

All the bedrooms feature sea views and entertainment systems, so guests can relax in privacy if they so desire.

Villa Lao

Villa Lao is situated in the Corossol area, and close to Gustavia. This is a three-bedroom villa, ideal for small families or groups, located on a hill with a view of the sea. It features a water garden, shady palms, private terraces, and more.

The pool terrace stretches the entire length of the villa and features a lounging pavilion, infinity pool, outdoor shower and furnished sun deck. The décor is pale and creamy, to be compatible with the natural lightness of the location, and it’s a theme that continues to the interior of the villa.

Inside, the focal point is the great room which faces the sea. There’s also a lounge that opens onto a water garden in the rear, a gourmet kitchen, breakfast bar, and media room.

This villa is just minutes from Gustavia and the ideal base from which to enjoy your Caribbean getaway.

If you’re contemplating a getaway to a lovely climate with outstanding scenery, then consider Turks and Caicos. It’s home to numerous outstanding villas. Here are five of the best luxury villas on Turks and Caicos.

Villa Hawksbill

Villa Hawksbill is a vast estate located in a gated compound and boasting eight bedrooms. It’s situated on the Grace Bay Beach, which is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. At Villa Hawksbill, you can enjoy spectacular sunrises and sunsets, take in the scenery, and bask daily in the warm trade winds.

Being an estate, you know that Villa Hawksbill will offer all the amenities you expect. This remarkable villa features a huge great room with dark wood ceilings, massive sofas and a dining table that will accommodate numerous guests. If you prefer, you can also gather in the open-air kitchen or relax in the game room.

Villa Hawksbill is fully staffed, with a cook, housekeeper and butler who will look after all your needs. Your only job is to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

The eight bedrooms are spaced well apart to ensure the privacy of all guests. The master suite features terrace access, an ensuite bath, and even an outdoor shower. Two suites also have private balconies.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, special occasion, or just a family gathering, you’ll find much to appreciate at Villa Hawksbill. If you’re planning a large gathering, you can go up to ten bedrooms by renting the adjacent Villa Beach House.

Villa Turtle House

Turks and Caicos is renowned for luxury accommodations and Villa Turtle House is simply one of the best. It’s huge, with seven bedrooms and many outstanding amenities. You’ll have access to swimming pools, tennis courts, and a complete staff consisting of a butler, chef and housekeeper.

As to the grounds, Turtle House is situated on a private cove, so you’re just steps away from a beautiful white sand beach. The gardens and lawns are immaculate, and you’ll appreciate the wrap-around pool terrace that features such gems as hammock areas, porticoes, sunbeds and comfortable furniture for lounging.

Indoors, you’ll enjoy a well-appointed, professional-level kitchen with all the most up-to-date features, including pizza ovens.  With a cook on staff, you don’t have to prepare meals, but you can if it pleases you. There’s also a game room, fitness room and theater.

You could conceivably spend your entire vacation never leaving Villa Turtle House.

Villa Tip of the Tail

Villa Tip of the Tail is situated along a large peninsula at the end of a private drive. It’s close to Grace Bay, and mere minutes from Provo’s shops and restaurants, so if you want to leave this grand villa in search of further adventure, you can.

The villa is located on more than an acre and features 500 feet of private waterfront. The gardens are well manicured, and there is much attention given to outdoor living areas. Take a walk along your private boardwalk, bask on your private beach, or lounge at poolside. The infinity pool features sun decks and a lounge pavilion, while providing immediate access to the great room on the upper level.

The great room offers an inspiring view of the sea and opens onto the dining suite, which also faces the sea. The kitchen is equipped with everything you’ll need to create a gourmet meal, after which you might spend some time in the bar and game room, which also open onto the terrace.

If a night outdoors around an open fire pleases you, there’s a gas fireplace on the terrace. Then, you can retire to your luxurious bedroom suite and get a good night’s rest pursuant to the next day of your Turks and Caicos getaway.

Villa Beach Enclave

Beach Enclave is located at North Shore Beach and offers the ultimate in privacy with 4-5 bedrooms and luxurious outdoor and indoor living areas. Beach Enclave is part of a gated community including several beachfront villas. That doesn’t mean you’ll lack for privacy, though, as each villa has its own private beach path, pool terrace, lounge and dining areas.

Your every need will be attended to by a butler and cook, so you know that every consideration will be given to ensure that your getaway is effortless. Everything you need will be taken care of.

The four bedroom villas are single-level, and the five bedroom villas are two-storied. Each villa features three master bedrooms with terrace access, king beds, ensuite baths and outdoor showers. Every bedroom faces the ocean, so it can be the first thing you see in the morning and the last at night.

Villa Stark

Villa Stark is located in Provo and is a sprawling, 10-bedroom facility. In fact, it’s one of the biggest, most luxurious estates available, with a vast stretch of private beach and stunning architectural details.

In addition to the main villa, you’ll also enjoy a yoga pavilion and a beach house. All the buildings offer ocean views and private balconies. Some also feature access to gardens and pools.

Your villa will be fully staffed with a butler, housekeeping team, groundskeepers and a chef. Property managers and concierges are also on site.

The interiors of the villas are minimalist and yet decorated in such a way as to emphasize the natural beauty of the setting. You’ll appreciate the natural wood and the color palette based on the white and blue of the Turks and Caicos sky.

Villa Stark is perfect for large groups, or a destination event.