Meet Villa Emerald Pavilion

Sitting to the far northeast of Providenciales in Turks and Caicos is the charming Villa Emerald Pavilion. Gazing out over Grace Bay and on the Leeward area, it is a newly built masterpieces of modern architecture and luxurious design. It is an opulent and much-coveted beachfront villa on Grace Bay and uses its setting to create a truly luxurious, private retreat. Rated among the finest villas in the Caribbean, Emerald Pavilion should be one of the premier villas to consider for the ultra luxe vacation.

With roughly 12,000 square feet of space and 8,000 square feet of interior space, it is like a private resort for up to twelve guests. A good choice among luxury rentals for a family retreat, it is staffed with a chef who prepares three meals each day, a butler and host to serve meals and drinks, and a comprehensive household staff that includes the housekeeping team as well as the grounds and pool teams.

Views and More Views of Providenciales and Turks and Caicos

The Emerald Pavilion has been situated just above the beach and designed with enormous, floor to ceiling windows and doors to ensure that guests savor the views at all times. Wake or head to bed while enjoying the delicious sea breezes, and dedicate all of your time on Providenciales (or in Turks and Caicos) to enjoying the amenities right on the villa’s private grounds.

Outside, there is an utterly stunning pool terrace. Designed to frame the sea views, it features a shallow plunge area where lounges rest in the cooling waters. At the deeper end of the pool is the pavilion designed as an alfresco lounge and gazebo. Flanking it on three sides is the white sand beach. With lounge areas and an array of palms, there are many shaded spots to enjoy. One side of the pool features a sunken lounge that steps up to the beach and the other offers an enormous outdoor banqueting area with alfresco kitchen.

Around the verandah area of the villa are additional lounging spaces furnished as comfortable interior spots, but with the open-to-the-air freshness that no indoor space can ever provide…not to mention the views.

The living area at Emerald Pavilion

Beauty and Art Inside

The interior of this Providenciales villa is an art and design lover’s dream. There is a great room that balances the austerity of an all-white palette against the visual appeal of sand-hued and natural wood and stone pieces. The lounge area includes raw lumber tables with contemporary white banquette sofas. An aged palm trunk is used in place of traditional beams, and lovely open stairs are framed in native coral stone and wood. The contemporary good looks and chic elegance of this space is mirrored throughout the rest of the villa.

The living room lounge opens into the airy dining room that itself opens to the terrace. The modern kitchen is just steps away and features an oversized island with breakfast bar, and a wonderful open-air view into the gardens at the rear of the property.

The media room is done in a darker palette of steel, sage, and cream. It offers great views during the day and puts the emphasis on premium entertainment options after dark, with oversized sofas and chairs making it a  joy to play a game, watch a movie or just gather together to lounge. Other shared spaces include a modern gym that opens to the herb gardens and additional terraces at the front of the house. There is also a 30’ dock with a lift for those who wish to rent or sail their own vessels to the site, and it is part of the canal close to the property. This makes it one of the best Turks and Caicos holiday rentals for water sports enthusiasts.

One of the bedrooms at Emerald Pavilion

Five Retreats to Savor

The five bedrooms of this Turks and Caicos hideaway are all designed as individual retreats. They range from upper and ground floor suites, with two astonishing master suites on the upper floor. The ground floor bedrooms include a dual single (convertible to king) suite with a private terrace access just off the pool. Delightful ocean views and a large private bath make it a perfect and private escape for two.

The other ground floor suite is a bunk room with a king bed, ideal for a family of four. With a large and private bath and a full array of entertainment options, as well as access to the gardens, it will be a perfect retreat at the end of the day.

The upper floor bedrooms are all king-sized, and two of the three are master suites. They feature sea views, with one looking at the Leeward Chanel between Providenciales and the rest of the Turks and Caicos chain of cays. Both are equipped with incredibly luxurious and private baths offering up indoor and outdoor showers, dual vanities and a massive plunge tub. Both have private terraces to enjoy at any hour. There is also the fifth upper-level bedroom with king bed, large and private bath and lovely views.

Beautiful beach views

Getting Out and About Beyond One of the Finest Turks and Caicos Holiday Rentals

For those eager to see what else is in the area around the beautiful and flawless Emerald Pavilion villa, there is one of the most recommended beaches on Providenciales, the Leeward Beach, as well as the Leeward Going Through, the northeastern most point on Providenciales. It is a perfect spot to bring a kayak or learn some paddle boarding as you make your way to Little Water Cay or into the lovely Mangrove Cay wetlands.

Leeward Beach, however, is a treasure as it is just as beautiful as the world-famous Grace Bay Beach that brings so many to Turks and Caicos but is usually far less busy. It is the perfect spot to spend time wandering and taking in the other gorgeous villas of the area. Don’t forget that Leeward is also in the area of the Rock Iguana Sanctuary, Blue Haven Marina (popular with skilled yachting enthusiasts), and naturally to take in the sunset each day. Snorkeling enthusiasts also enjoy Bight and Smith’s Reefs nearby.

Whether it is for a family vacation or luxury vacation with friends, the Emerald Pavilion easily rates as one of the best Turks and Caicos holiday rentals.

Whether it is for your little family of three or four or the entire gang, a family vacation can be the perfect way to make memories. However, choose the wrong destination for family retreats, and it may end up a nightmare. Fortunately, travel experts from all parts agree that “Antigua is an ideal island for a family holiday in the Caribbean.”

The thing to know, however, is that any family retreats or holidays will have to emphasize outdoor activities. This is because the island is home to a stunning range of beautiful beaches, activities as fun and exciting as zipline tours in the tops of the native rainforests, jeep safaris that take travelers through tropical fruit farms, and all kinds of water sports and adventures. Must-see destinations include the natural beauty of Hell’s Gate National Park with its rock formations viewable only from the water, Pillars of Hercules with its natural limestone formations looking just like carved pillars, or the views from Shirley Heights.

Even the educational and historical activities are outdoor-based experiences. For example, parents and kids alike love to spend time at English Harbour, Nelson’s Dockyard, and Betty’s Hope. A day spent exploring these three spots alone is among the top family vacation ideas during a stay. A drive along Fig Tree Drive lets the family experience authentic villages and loads of scenery, and a visit to Devil’s Bridge is always unforgettable.

There is also the classic sport of cricket to enjoy, and families will head to a “Test Match” during a visit to try and figure out how it is played and even spend some time on the pitch themselves. Fun activities like visiting the island’s donkey sanctuary, the enchanting stingray city, and Redcliffe Quay (for world-class shopping), are also outdoors.

Dining is also a fun family treat during a family vacation in Antigua, and there are many kid-friendly spots that also manage to serve up island favorites that parents appreciate. Miracles of the Caribbean is low-key but also fine dining and serves the island’s specialty curried goat. There are spots along the water in great abundance Sweet-Ts, Cecilia’s, and Trappas are but a few to try with the family in tow.

However, it is also possible to find all that a family vacation requires in one of the many premium Antigua holiday rentals.

Antigua Holiday Rentals as One-Stop Vacation Destinations

If you look at the lists of things to enjoy during a family vacation to Antigua, you’d see the words “beach” and “beaches” on a rather non-stop basis. This is because the island has some of the finest in the entire Caribbean and dotting the shore and just minutes inland are many luxury rentals that are ideal spots for an unforgettable holiday with the family.

The Amenities

Authentic family retreats, they are usually designed with every amenity and offer an array of activities right on the premises. For example, some luxury vacation rentals include:

  • Private swimming pools with terraces
  • Terraces featuring hot tubs, gazebos, al fresco dining, lounging areas, and sun decks furnished with lounges, sunbeds and hammocks
  • Verandahs and covered terraces that open into large bedrooms and shared living spaces
  • Walk to the beach, and some with beach services
  • Gardens and yards, some with games and activities
  • High-end entertainment systems with home theaters, music, and Wi-Fi
  • Gourmet kitchens that are open to a great room or directly to the views so that no one misses a moment of the natural beauty
  • Options for such luxuries as private chefs or cooks, butlers or hosts, and housekeeping staff
  • Private concierges or house managers who will see to a group’s every need, including travel arrangements, seeing sights or attractions, and transport to and from the airport

It is important to remember that luxury vacation rentals become affordable villas if shared by a large family or a group and an exceptional price saver over resorts.  In fact, it is known that many standard vacation rentals or hotels end up costing more than these luxurious family retreats.

Villa Azura on the eastern coast of Antigua, offers a vivid illustration of the value a holiday rental on Antigua offers. Starting at $133 per person per night, guests enjoy a private villa on a beautiful waterfront lot with panoramic ocean and sunrise views while being a short hop to beaches and family friendly Sting Ray city.

Remember, too, that by opting for Antigua holiday rentals, it can translate to a tremendous savings on many things that normally increase the cost of a holiday. As an example of this, recall that a luxury family vacation in one of the many Antigua luxury villas would include the accommodation, airport transfers, the option to prepare two to three meals at home (rather than the expense of always dining out or in a hotel or resort’s facilities), options for activities on the premises or nearby (such as a beachfront rental with watersports).

Privacy, Freedom, and Tranquility

Because they are also designed as an ideal vacation destination, Antigua holiday rentals have the kind of privacy, freedom and tranquility that few other options afford. They also have parking right on the premises, so a rental vehicle can be arranged and day trips enjoyed at the family’s pace.

So, before declining the option of luxury villas in Antigua, it pays to consider looking at options close to some of the hottest or most beautiful beaches. There will be an array of luxury vacation rentals close to such spots as Pigeon Point Beach, Darkwood Beach, Ffyres Beach, Jolly Beach (a real local favorite), Long Bay, Valley Church Beach near Jolly Harbour, Galleon Beach, and Turners Beach, among scores of others. As an example, the well priced luxury villas of Tamarind Hills offers two to four bedroom villas on the waterfront and just a short walk to two great family friendly beaches.

Remember, too, that luxury villas can also appear right on the grounds of some of the best resorts on  Antigua, meaning that you enjoy all of the privacy of luxury vacation rentals along with resort privileges.

Plan an Unforgettable Family Getaway

So, if you have ever thought about villas and other similar vacation rentals when considering different family vacation ideas, remember that Antigua is home to far more than lovely little honeymoon villas and gorgeous resorts. It is dotted with large, spacious, and well-appointed family retreats that let you enjoy all that there is to do with families and groups while savoring the home-like amenities and delights of a private retreat.

The luxury travel experts at The Telegraph have determined that Barbados is a must for those seeking the ultimate family vacation. In a recent article on the island, they noted it “won the best Caribbean island for family holidays at the Telegraph Caribbean Travel Awards,” for that year because it is “the whole package, with family-friendly hotels, activities to suit all ages and a warm welcome almost everywhere for younger visitors.”

So, if seeking family vacation ideas for the upcoming winter season, Barbados holiday rentals are a brilliant option.

Why Choose Barbados Holiday Rental?

What is it about Barbados holiday rentals that make them an ideal choice for a family vacation or larger family retreats? There are many factors at play, but the five top reasons include:

Paynes Bay Beach. Barbados Holiday Rentals
Paynes Bay Beach, Barbados.

1.  The Beaches

Ask anyone who has ever visited Barbados, and they are likely to say that the beaches make it a perfect choice for a family vacation. There are more than 80 pristine and public beaches on the island, and along the glorious Platinum (west) coast are the gentlest and safest of the lot. The top options for family vacation ideas include Alleynes Bay, Mullins Bay and Paynes Bay beaches. They are perfect introductory beaches with their gentle and warm waters. Nearby is Folkestone Marine Park that has perfect snorkeling just offshore and a playground where the island’s charming little green monkeys are seen periodically darting about the treetops.

Another of the perfect family vacation ideas for those heading to Barbados is to head to Crane Beach, which is along the southern coast of the island and which receives raves as one of the loveliest beaches in the world. The waters here are not as calm but are still safe and there are famous spots to grab picnics packed for beachgoers, with a particular island favorite being Cutters just a short distance from Crane Beach.

If enjoying a day at the beach during one of your upcoming family retreats, remember that beaches are public, but you may need to rent umbrellas and chairs. A family vacation at an island villa may come with all of the gear needed, but if not, the best beaches usually have options at main entries off parking stops.

Amazing the Harrison’s Caves in Barbados.

2.  The Caves

Not many people realize that a family vacation in Barbados might also be a nice way to discover caves that are hundreds of thousands of years old or caves that hold beautiful secrets of the sea. One of the most enjoyable family vacation ideas in Barbados is to head to the different caves.

First up should be Harrison’s Cave, which is a natural wonder in the heart of the island. Your entry includes the tram that takes you down below the ground to an island wonderland of stalagmites and stalactites. At the heart of is the Cascade pool and waterfall with amazingly clear waters.

At the northern tip of the island is another cave, Animal Flower Cave that is also hundreds of thousands of years old and a fantastic spot for exploring. It is a natural cavern illuminated by light pouring in from shafts above. It is covered in coral rocks and features tidal pools where you can see the creatures that give the cave its name, the colorful sea anemones that look like flowers when they open and show their beautifully colored tentacles.

Portrait of a young deer. Barbados Wildlife Reserve

3.  The Wildlife Reserve

Another ideal Barbados activity for family retreats is the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. It is an authentic “encounter” experience where kids of all ages can come face to face with the island’s wildest natives. Visitors can see iguanas in all sizes and colors, young to old tortoises, and the charming green monkeys. There is a daily feeding experience around 2pm, where the monkeys appear in great abundance.

There is also a hiking trail to an old Signal Station from the Reserve, and here visitors can enjoy amazing eastern coastal views and even pack a picnic.

While enjoying Barbados holiday rentals with kids, visitors can also have additional wildlife experiences that include swimming with the native sea turtles. They are in great abundance around the island, and many boats head out to spots just offshore where the turtles are found. Of course, those on family retreats may find that properties along the southern coast (with beachfront) may find that sea turtles are nearby and interested in scraps from local fish vendors. Oisten’s Friday Night Fish Fry is a good way to roll a tasty meal into a wildlife experience, too, as you can buy the fish pieces, feed the turtles and then head to the fish fry for a meal for yourself.

Ibiza Beautiful sunset in Cala Conta, Ibiza,near San Antonio. Best Photographic Spots Ibiza
Sunset Cruise, one of the most popular boat tours

4.  The Boating

A family vacation in Barbados is not complete until at least one experience on the water occurs. There are catamaran cruises, with some of the most enjoyable heading out of Bridgetown and along the western coast. There are also submarine rides, a “pirate” ship experience known as the Black Pearl Jolly Roger Cruise, and many families and groups enjoy booking a half or full day of sailing aboard the Cool Runnings catamaran that includes time snorkeling and swimming.

Though it is not, technically, boating, paddleboarding is a great experience during family retreats in Barbados because of the safety of the waters and the abundance of learning opportunities. Whether your villa has a beachfront with boards or you book time with a provider, it is an unforgettable option for kids of almost all ages.

Sunset at Villa Nirvana, Barbados

5.  The Accommodations

Barbados holiday rentals are another of the top five family vacation ideas for those heading to the region. As already noted, the island is famous for welcoming visitors of all ages, and especially kids. However, if it is to be a family retreat in the pristine and perfect conditions the island offers, villas can provide a one-stop holiday. Many offer beachfront locations, private pools and grounds, and some have full household staff that can handle the cooking and cleaning.

One fine example is villa Nirvana situated on the famed west coast of Barbados. Nirvana is an exemplary and contemporary styled 5 bedroom beachfront villa with private pool and panoramic sunset view and Caribbean sea views. With a sandy perch, guests will be pampered by the villa’s private chef.

When it is a true family holiday, Barbados is a perfect choice for your next getaway with the kids and even the whole family.

The villa and vacation rental industry has exploded in growth over the past decade as savvy travelers learn about the value and benefits of a private villa rental. Villas provide guests with unmatched privacy, space and freedom while saving considerable per capita costs over luxury hotels. As listing sites such as AirBNB and Homeaway have popularized vacation home rentals, the legacy villa rental companies such as Isle Blue provide luxury travelers with further enhanced values. Rather than the do it yourself sites that can be a roll of a dice with the added disservice of  additional booking fees, Isle Blue delivers a distinguished advantage with the following key benefits that save you time, money and resources:

  1. Vetted and carefully curated 4 and 5 star vacation rentals
  2. Expert guidance to match guests with the best fit villa for their needs
  3. 100% guarantee against fraud and misrepresentation
  4. Best price guarantees
  5. A concierge service to elevate your vacation experience

Upgrading your vacation to a luxury standard

How do traditional villas become luxury villas? While there are always the obvious upgrades (pools, plunge tubs, gourmet kitchens, amazing décor, and so on), it is also possible to turn even the simplest of vacation rentals into luxury vacation rentals by offering concierge service.

Ask luxury travel experts, and they will usually point out that one of the key benefits or advantages of vacationing in luxury villas or private villas is the presence of a concierge or concierge service.

As one such expert said, “services available with a villa can be as inclusive as you would like. Maid service, personal chef, butler and a concierge can all be at your beck and call while at the same time offering discretion for those times when you don’t want to be disturbed. The choice is yours, but certainly the service you receive can be much more personalized than that of a large hotel,” or even opulent resort.

The differences then, between luxury villas and plain or basic villas, begin with the type of personalized services that some luxury vacation rentals offer. Let’s take time, though, to really itemize what it means to enjoy the personal attention of a concierge service available through some of the best luxury villas companies.

Benefits of a Concierge Service

A concierge is a caretaker or an assistant tasked with helping guests in many ways, and while many of us think of them as ultra-polite people with lots of local knowledge they also provide visitors to luxury vacation rentals with:

A good concierge knows their stuff, always there, ready to assist

1.  Convenience

They eliminate workload and stress by handling logistics and offering exclusive connections or services. Whether that means helping with the entire arrival process (from leaving an airport to getting to the luxury villa) to getting you back to the airport on time for your departure home. For example, St Martin Blue offers a complimentary airport pickup with a private van and driver along with free delivery of their St Martin rental car to your villa.  With this service, guests are whisked away from the airport and warmly welcomed to their villas as others are stuck in long waiting lines or shuttle buses.

2.  Comprehensive  Support

The peace of mind that guests of luxury villas enjoy knowing that their concierge is always there, ready to assist, is invaluable. No matter how comfortable and familiar or foreign and new the surroundings, a concierge service lets villa guests know they are not left alone or supported by nothing more than their own resources.

3.  Expertise

A good concierge knows their stuff, and guests of luxury villas have very specific needs for information, knowledge, advice, and guidance. The concierges at luxury villa rentals can point travelers to all of the “best” things to see, do, and experience. Whether it is a unique place to enjoy a hike or walk or the ideal spot to buy that special souvenir.

Selectiv soft focus on Wine glass on dining table in restaurant.
Restaurant recommendations at each destination

4.  Foodie Treasure

A concierge is the foodie’s best friend because they can often point them towards the very best (even if lesser-known) eateries and restaurants. Have a craving for a specific cuisine? Desire a sampling of a regional favorite? Want a table at a four-star or even Michelin-starred spot? The concierge of a luxury villa will be happy to provide restaurant recommendations.

5.  Provisioning Champs

Not only will luxury villas have a concierge knowledgeable in the region as well as all things to do with food favorites, but they can often organize the provisioning a pantry or kitchen, getting gourmet meals delivered or even working with a guest to hire the ideal chef or chef services. There is no better way to arrive at your villa knowing it’s fully stocked and a welcome dinner awaits.

6.  Pampering Professionals

Luxury villa rentals sometimes incorporate spa treatment rooms, and whether a villa is designed in this way or not, a concierge can often schedule the well deserved manicure, pedicure, massage, facial or other at-home spa service. They can add yet another dimension of comfort to luxury villas with a single call.

7.  Personal Service

As noted, one of the chief benefits that luxury travelers enjoy in a concierge service is that they receive personalized attention and care. They are able to build a personal relationship with the concierge and can view them as a friendly, local guide and expert. This is one way always to ensure that stays in luxury villa rentals are accompanied by the kind of guidance, support, and service that visitors feel they deserve.

Spa and wellness services at your villa
Arranged spa services at your villa

8.  Problem Solver

Many travelers, even those in luxury villas, often feel challenged when confronted by specific challenges or issues. If they have nothing but their own resources to rely on, they may even panic if there are problems with travel, documentation, and so on. A concierge is extremely capable and usually handles whatever issues might arise. Whether it is something simple, like a bit of confusion or problems in travel planning, to something severe, a concierge keeps a cool head and gets the issue addressed.

9.  Focused on Customer Satisfaction

A good concierge views guests in luxury villas as guests, rarely as “customers” or “clients”. This ensures they are treated with the utmost respect and hospitality. Their goal is to ensure that all travelers have the highest levels of satisfaction with their entire experience. That is the overarching motto of most professional concierges, and guests of luxury rental villas are often astonished at the courtesy and care they receive.

10.  Optimize Travel Plans

A concierge rarely waits for guests to luxury villas to arrive before looking after their needs. Often, they get in touch to ensure that arrivals are seamlessly organized and require no effort on the part of a guest. They make sure that guests have valid passports for the entire duration of the stay, discuss the travel documents required, and may even ensure that all essential contact information is in place before departure. They can get tickets and make reservations before and after you arrive, and they look after everything from ground transport to provisions. They also, as noted, ensure that departure is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Being able to book a stay in one of the many premium luxury rentals of the world is fortunate, but having access to private concierges while enjoying a stay really puts the proverbial icing in what is certainly an already perfect cake. When next booking one of the premier luxury villa rentals, be sure that a concierge is part of the arrangement and enjoy the most relaxing holiday ever.

How should I furnish my vacation home?

There is no arguing that the design and comfort level of your vacation home is directly proportional to your guest’s happiness and satisfaction. For savvy villa owners, the key metric in determining achievement for your property are guest reviews. Whether we are talking a place for honeymoon villas, a family vacation, or luxury villas, the choice in furniture and décor is crucial to the overall success of your vacation rental.

While location and amenities are a huge part of the equation, if the guests feel uncomfortable when they would prefer to be lounging and relaxing, they won’t return. They won’t recommend the space, either, and so we have an array of top tips on how to furnish a family vacation rental or luxury villa rental.

Rule #1 – Skip the Fragile, the Antique, or the Easily Broken

Nothing says, “don’t enjoy your stay!” more than rooms packed with precious objects, delicate seating, and costly goods. So, make your fundamental rule in the furniture and décor decision-making process: Buy Sturdy…ONLY Sturdy.

As we have said in the past, no glass tables or furniture as they are always the proverbial “ticking time bombs” that can shatter, break at the worst moment, and cause all kinds of injuries. Rentals, whether luxury villas or family retreats see every type of personality. Some guests may be careless and cause damage to an item, but it might be the next visitor who suffers the consequences. Skip any risks by skipping the old, fragile, or easily broken décor and furniture.

Also, as tempting as it might be if you have outdoor spaces or a beach theme, it is best to avoid things like wicker pieces. They too are fragile, tend to snag garments or even cause scratching injuries, and just don’t withstand the use of luxury villas or family vacation rentals.

Go Neutral

It is tough to forgo lots of color if that is your preference, but remember that most family vacation rentals or luxury villas are meant to provide a balanced, spa-inspired feeling. You won’t achieve this if the spaces are boldly colored full of over-stimulating hues and energy. You should start with base colors that are low-key and just add pops of color and pattern in small amounts. Think pillows, small framed art, throws, and so on.

And while luxury villas and family vacation rentals are often in beachfront, ocean or even tropical regions, it is best to limit your use of dark overbearing wood furniture the busier and tropically-inspired patterns on linens, curtains, and more. They can be hectic and overstimulating.

Where your choice of furnishings are concerned, also try to skip the dark overbearing wood furniture as it can add a very clunky and heavy feel to even a bright and airy room. Speaking of elegance…

Villa Nuit Blanche on St Martin
Cozy, yet elegant interiors at villa Nuit Blanche on St Martin

Go Elegant

Subscribe to a few regional interior design and architectural magazines or websites, and monitor the latest design and décor trends. Then, use what you learn to refresh the interior décor of the luxury villas or family vacation rentals in an elegant and “clean” style that reflects trends. Currently, geometric symmetry, simple and classic lines, and uncluttered spaces are wildly popular. Use them to inspire an overall theme, and stick to it.

And speaking of themes…

Focus on Continuity

When furnishing and decorating vacation rentals or luxury villas, one thing will win over your guests quickly, and that is continuity in design and décor. If the entry has a very distinct style, that is what you must use throughout the rest of the home. If there are color schemes in a few rooms, ensure they are adhered to throughout.

This does not mean the entire vacation rental has to be a series of rooms in one hue. They can complement and flow but never clash. If you are working with pale sage in one room, it has to flow into coordinating or complementary colors as you move to another room. The same has to apply to the furnishings and the décor. Don’t use a retro style in the kitchen and a Colonial style in the living room.

And also pay attention to the continuity of the overall quality. It is jarring to move from a modern and updated living room to an out of date kitchen. Be sure you are keeping spaces as in sync with one another as possible.

Offer Comfort

Whether it is in the form of bedding, the type of sofas chosen, the style of the dining room chairs, or the lounges outside on the terrace, vacation rentals and luxury villas MUST have comfortable elements everywhere. You want guests to feel embraced and welcomed in every corner and that means every piece has to be comfortable enough for hours of use.

Villa AWA on Turks and Caicos
Comfortable and spacious living area in villa AWA, Turks and Caicos

Uncluttered and Spacious

While your theme in luxury villas or luxury rentals might veer towards kitschy or quirky, never clutter the spaces. This includes visual space as well as actual living or floor space. No matter how large a room or area, make it welcoming and functional, but open and uncluttered. Limit the number of decorative items, choose furnishings that are roomy enough to work in smaller numbers (for example, oversized banquette sofas instead of a classic living room set), and so on.

Think Big

In line with the uncluttered and spacious is the idea of going large whenever you can. This includes things like dining tables, kitchen islands, tubs, appliances…whenever the scale of a room allows you to invest in a bigger piece, try to use that opportunity. It pays off by keeping the spaces functional and uncluttered while also delivering a larger amount of comfort. Larger scale furnishings in luxury villas or family vacation rentals also encourage socializing and gathering.


One area of luxury villa furnishing that many overlook is the walls and the best advice here is to keep it as simple as possible. If you are going to use wall art, go big and bold (if that is in line with the theme) or skip it and use paneling and moldings to convey the theme, or mirrors to add light. Remember that soothing colors and upscale finishes can enhance the elegance factor and convey your theme just as easily as wall art or some sort of hangings. Remember too that anything on the walls will need dusting, cleaning and care, and also runs the risk of being knocked down accidentally.

Villa Footprints on Barbados
Outdoors at villa Footprints on Barbados

Look to the Outdoors

Finally, if you have any outdoor living spaces, it is wise to invest in the finest outdoor living furniture, accessories, and décor. We love Restoration Hardware for its inspiring and massive assortment of outdoor furnishings, décor, games, accessories, and more.

Don’t let these tips discourage you from enjoying the opportunity to decorate luxury villas or family vacation rentals you currently own. Just keep your choices in line with the experts, and you’ll enjoy lower maintenance, more repeat visitors, and lots of positive feedback from guests.

Honeymoons are meant to meet the dreams and wishes of both people in the newlywedded couple. Yet, it can often become a matter of differing tastes and preferences. One wants to head to Europe and explore the varied cultures found there. The other might want to kick back at a beach and sip cocktails. One wants hiking and the other hours of massage and luxurious soaks in a spa tub.

The good news is that the location of a honeymoon doesn’t have to become the topic of a first fight because St. Martin is a perfect choice. With its distinctly European flavors that come from its dual-citizenship (it has one side that is part of France and the other that is part of Holland), it features all kinds of cultural venues, eateries, and experiences.

Yet, St Martin is also a place of wonderful beaches and luxury spas, a few casinos, lots of outdoor activities, and the ideal place for finding something for everyone.

It is also home to some truly beautiful honeymoon villas, and we have rounded up five of the finest for honeymooners.

Our Top 5 St Martin Honeymoon Villas

Pool at villa Bamboo, St Martin. Caribbean Honeymoon Villas


Set in the coveted Terres Basses area of the island, it sits atop a hill and offers gorgeous views, lots of privacy and the ultimate in an island escape.

Roomy (it is sized for four), it emphasizes outdoor living and offers up a wonderful array of open-air and covered spaces from which a honeymooning couple can catch the sea breezes, sunlight, star-filled night skies, and views of romantic swaying palms. A large stone terrace wraps three sides of the elongated, infinity-edge pool that gazes out towards sea views and lush gardens.

The terrace features a lovely sunny stone deck furnished with a bank of lounges. At one end is an alfresco living room tucked beneath the cool shade of the verandah, and the great room also opens directly to this wonderful space. It also opens to a rear garden, and its bright white palette and gracious interior design encourage only the most relaxing and casual hours of fun, frolic, and memory-making.

Nid D’Amour

Set on the French side of the island, in the Baie Rouge region, this “Love Nest” (that is how the name of the villa translates) is the epitome of opulence and luxury. It looks out over the famous beach and offers amazing views at all hours of the day or night.

Spaciously sized for up to four guests, it offers a honeymooning couple a remarkable array of onsite amenities. The infinity-edge pool features a hot tub and stunning design that actually frames the view. The waterfall adds a bit of fun, and the many open-air and terrace living spaces let a couple enjoy the non-stop scenery from almost anywhere.

Inside, a great room furnished in a low-key style allows those views to be savored even if working in the kitchen. And the master suite opens to its own terrace space, allowing sunrise viewings from the comfort of a cozy king bed in this most romantic of honeymoon villas.

Nuit Blanche

This large, three-bedroom gem is tucked into its own private landscape in the popular and coveted Terres Basses area. Part of the French side of the island, it is framed by private and lush gardens. Although Long Bay Beach and Plum Bay Beach, two of the most beautiful beaches on the island, are only 2 minutes away by car, honeymooners will be loathed to leave the beauty and comforts of this gorgeous honeymoon villa.

The oversized pool is framed by authentic, full-sized sunbeds, and features spacious sun decks with oversized lounges. Nearby, a gazebo features a private bar and outdoor dining, while the villa’s beautifully designed and furnished living spaces ensure an array of comforts at any hour.

Whether lounging on the banquette beneath the portico, enjoying a movie on the oversized sofa in the lounge or making a delicious bite for the pair of you in the gourmet kitchen, it is sure to prove an authentic delight.

The enormous master suite features an ultra-romantic four-poster bed with sliders to the terrace and amazing garden views.


Cupecoy on St. Martin is noted as a luxury destination, and this three-bedroom villa is part of that area’s exclusive Shore Pointe area. Stunning in its design, it features an elegant tear-drop shaped pool that gazes out over the beach and sea beyond. It is modern and classic all at once with its white columns and arches but emphasizes modernity in its décor.

The pool area has a full sun bed and lounge area, and an enormous hammock bed is sized just for two and framed by private gardens for the ultimate escape. A two-story home, it offers upper and lower level verandahs, beautiful alfresco dining areas, and a master suite that features a private deck, enormous bath, and amazing sea views.

La Vie en Bleu

Perhaps you both dream of a romantic, beachfront, tropical retreat for your ideal honeymoon. If so, this two-bedroom gem directly above the sands of the famous Baie Rouge is just the thing. Visitors will marvel at the stunning sea and beach views and the private access to the sands below.

However, the oversized pool terrace with its spacious sun deck and cool, shaded verandah may be far more appealing to a honeymooning couple. The private hot tub incorporates a charming water feature that leads directly to the pool. The verandah gazes out on it all and includes a large and airy living room, a full dining suite, and oversized glass doors that open directly to the kitchen.

There is a beautifully furnished great room that leads to another terrace area opening directly to the sands and including another dining area.

The enormous master suite opens to the verandah and offers a luxuriously appointed bath and stunning sea and pool views.

No one has to give up their dream vision of the perfect retreat with these five exception St Martin villas that offer the ultimate setting for an unforgettable start to a new life together.

Looking for the perfect honeymoon spot? We have you covered.  Here is our take on honeymoon ideas and finding the best honeymoon places.

Best Honeymoon Destinations

With more than 20 island nations, the Caribbean region is a popular destination for travelers of all kinds, especially honeymooners. With its year-round good weather and its lovely views, it makes for the perfect spot to plan a “first adventure” as a married couple. Beaches, swaying palms, star-filled night skies, romantic sunrise and sunset views, delicious food…it all adds up to an idyllic choice for a honeymoon or romantic retreat. Best of all, the weather is ideal in the Caribbean during the prime wedding months of May, June and July with temperatures in the high 80s with gentle breezes and evenings in the mid 70s.

Our Recommended Honeymoon Destinations:
1. St Barts
2. Turks & Caicos
3. St Martin
4. Barbados
5. Antigua

Best Honeymoon Places

After selecting a destination, the choice of accommodation is exceptionally important.  Do you want a secluded spot or be a part of an active resort? Finding that perfect spot can be difficult. The good news is private villas have become the fastest growing and in demand niche for honeymoons.  Villas provide the space, luxury and privacy that creates an ideal setting for a romantic getaway and celebrate your new life together.  Best of all, villas offer a concierge service so arranging a couples massage, a private chef or maybe a private charter to Anguilla to beach hop some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Where are the best spots for honeymoons in the Caribbean? Below are five different island destinations along with the ideal honeymoon villa, and each is a private honeymoon villa full of luxuries, beautiful views, privacy and a great location.

Pool view at Villa Bari on Turks and Caicos

1.  Bari on Turks and Caicos

Located right on Taylor Bay Beach, it is an ultra-romantic getaway for two. A one-bedroom villa with iconic modern style, it features two floors of opulently designed interiors as well as a surprising array of amenities.

Start each day with a walk on the beach just a handful of steps from the terrace, or opt to take a swim in your luxurious private pool. With its elegant garden surround, sun deck and remarkable beach views, it will become a favorite spot to lounge. Sitting in the sun or beneath the shade of the verandah, it is the ultimate outdoor living space.

Step through the bank of enormous glass doors to the great room, and bask in beautifully designed interiors. The living room opens into the modern kitchen, and here you can enjoy the views as you make even a complex meal or simple snack.

Head upstairs to the elegant master bedroom suite where you can lounge on your private terrace, or savor those same sea views from the comfort of your enormous king bed. Just steps away is the massive soaking tub, also offering those amazing sea and beach views and guaranteeing an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Radwood Beach House on Barbados

2.  Radwood Beach House on Barbados

Barbados has become a tremendously popular destination in the Caribbean and this charming beach house is part of Fitts Village, which is situated in the St. James area of the island. Though sized for six, this amazing property can serve as your own island retreat.

Staffed with a chef and household team, it features an abundance of luxuries that include the oversized plunge pool on the deck, an alfresco dining and living area, an upper-level terrace overlooking the beach, a large sun deck, and more.

The lush interiors use native stone and wood and a classic island style of décor to create the most relaxed setting possible. Whether making a night of it on the terrace, watching a movie in the lounge, or savoring delicious chef-made meals in the gorgeous eat-in kitchen, it is sure to delight.

The king-sized master suite is an ultra-romantic hideaway for two. It features an upper level, covered verandah with beautiful modern décor, a massive ensuite bath, and non-stop scenery. It is like a private retreat that you will both adore from the moment you arrive.

Villa Nita on Barbados

3.  Nita on St Barts

Those who love style and architecture will love this amazing three-bedroom gem that sits above Lorient Bay on the island of St. Barts. A coveted area of the island, this honeymoon villa manages to capture the views with its flawless layout and design.

The enormous wooden deck features al fresco lounging while also gazing out towards the lovely bay just below. There is an oversized, infinity-edge pool that also frames the views and is part of the picturesque deck. Boldly colored furnishings add to the fun and bright red upholstery works well with bursts of sea green, sky blue and cream inside and out.

Featuring a classic great room design, the main living area incorporates a large lounge and TV area, as well as a formal living and dining space. The modern and well-appointed kitchen guarantees many house of fun preparing island ingredients.

The master bedroom is a welcome hideaway with a beautifully designed layout that frames the views through the oversized doors. Using a Zen-like influence, it is a wonderfully relaxing space ideal for a honeymoon.

Villa Bamboo with its beautiful pool on St Martin

4.  Bamboo on St Martin

Set in the exclusive Terres Bases region of the island, this two-bedroom honeymoon villa is done in classic style sits atop a hill and offers gorgeous views, lots of privacy and the ultimate in an island escape.

Roomy (it is sized for four), it emphasizes outdoor living and offers up a wonderful array of open-air and covered spaces from which a honeymooning couple can catch the sea breezes, sunlight, star-filled night skies, and views of romantic swaying palms. A large stone terrace wraps three sides of the elongated, infinity-edge pool that gazes out towards sea views and lush gardens.

The terrace features a lovely sunny stone deck furnished with a bank of lounges. At one end is an alfresco living room tucked beneath the cool shade of the verandah, and the great room also opens directly to this wonderful space. It also opens to a rear garden, and its bright white palette and gracious interior design encourage only the most relaxing and casual hours of fun, frolic, and memory-making.

The master suite is an enchanted space with a private deck, large bath and views from three sides.

Sea view at Villa Searay B3 on Antigua

5. Searay B3 on Antigua

Sitting along the highly sought after western coast of Antigua, this three-bedroom villa is a waterfront gem with a short scenic walk to two incredible beaches: Ffryes Beach and Darkwood Beach.  Though close to Jolly Harbour Marina, as well as English Harbour, honeymooners may never want to leave the grounds thanks to the many premium amenities.

An infinity-edge plunge pool and two-tiered sun deck with sunbeds and lounges, and a wonderful modern style that emphasizes slate grey and white make this a contemporary space, but one that welcomes visitors at every turn. The main living level features a great room with banks of glass doors and windows, and a smart and stylish modern kitchen.

The master suite is on the top floor with an enormous private deck, king bed, and stunning soaking tub for the most ultra-romantic retreat.

The Caribbean has loads of promise for honeymooners, and the villas recommended here are some of the choices to use when planning a honeymoon, romantic anniversary, or quick tropical getaway for two.

Whether or not you are physically close to your luxury rentals, owning one should be looked at as a form of doing business. Yes, you are in the hospitality trade and so there is a lot less of the “business” mindset in your interactions with renters, but you are certainly running a business.

Because of that, it is imperative that you keep a lot of different factors in mind as you go about the business of making luxury villas or family retreats available for travelers. There are all of the obvious tips, like having a good system in place for listing the vacation rentals and opting for a premium rental agency to handle a lot of the heavier lifting.

However, it is up to you to make that family vacation destination or your luxury vacation rentals stand out from the crowd. Below are ten ways you can make your vacation rentals sparkle and attract a lot of attention:

Modern interior at villa AWA, Turks and Caicos

1.  Design Updates

Subscribe to a few regional interior design and architectural magazines or websites, and monitor the latest design and décor trends. Additionally, search villas in St Barts and Turks and Caicos that tend to be trendsetters in design.  Then, use what you learn to refresh the interior décor of the luxury villas or family vacation rentals every five years or so.

This keeps your space as modern and appealing as possible and shows you care about the quality of a renter’s experience. Fresh paint colors, attractive décor, comfortable and appealing furnishings, great appliances…it is all part of the design update process, and it pays off.

2.  Look Next Door

What are the other family vacation rentals or luxury villas renting for in the area? What about comparable properties a bit farther afield? Making sure your rental rates are competitive goes a long way in maximizing your returns and annual revenue. Going just a bit less, while offering just a bit more is a winning formula.

3.  Maintain to the Highest Degree

While you are sure to have a top-notch cleaning team (or even handle it yourself), that is not the same as maintenance. Whether it is that wonky tap in the kitchen, the cracked tile in the foyer, the screaming hinge at the garden gate…a good maintenance routine eliminates those issues that prevent the vacation rentals from being their very best.

Selecting the best property manager in your area is the best investment in terms of revenue and your overall mental health.  Do not balk if property managers have higher commission structures, you usually get what you pay for. Some of the property managers with the highest commission rates deliver the most annual revenue for clients over the long term. The manager and maintenance team will address any issues and concerns rapidly to ensure the guests feel well attended too.

Family Room at villa Emeraude, St Martin

4.  Lean In

Listen to what your guests say in any feedback channels – whether good or bad. Guests always have a fresh perspective and anything they share can be a learning experience that helps you improve the quality of family retreats and luxury villas.

5. Skip the Antiques and Fragile Furniture

While design and décor trends are something we highly advocate you follow and use, skip the fragile, easily broken, and costly furnishings. No glass tables or furniture as they are always the proverbial “ticking time bombs” that can shatter and cause all kinds of injuries.

Rentals, whether luxury villas or family retreats see every type of personality. Some guests may be careless and cause damage to a glass table or glass furnishing, but it might be the next visitor who suffers the consequences. Skip any risks by skipping the old, fragile, or easily broken décor and furniture.

6. Best Beds

Exceptionally comfortable beds cost you a lot more, but they pay off in positive feedback and happy guests. Luxury villas and family retreats need only king beds or twins (since two twins make a king! Opt for the pillow top beds, skip any down or feather mattresses, and purchase the premium options for the best ROI. They will also tend to last longer!

Contemporary kitchen in villa Emerald Pavilion, Turks and Caicos

7.  Upgrade the Kitchen

If your family retreats or luxury villas are described as having a gourmet kitchen, make sure there are those essentials – premium pots and pans, a good toaster oven, a modern microwave, a Nespresso or other gourmet coffee system, an oversized refrigerator, and so on. Discard the outdated, worn-out, or simply unattractive and clunky kitchen gear.

8.  Family-Friendly

When vacation rentals are identified as family retreats or even luxury villas, they benefit immensely by also being authentically kid-friendly. Families are the most important demographic for vacation home rentals, so ensure there are amenities and options that will keep kids happy (think entertainment systems, lawn or outdoor games, and so on)

9.  Media Upgrades

In line with family-friendly amenities, also have tech-friendly equipment and options. For example, offering high-speed Wi-Fi is an essential. It enables everyone to use their devices to stream, surf, and enjoy the usual activities. Also, be sure that your family retreats or luxury villas have free access to services like Netflix, video streaming options, and other similar services. Make sure On-Demand video services are included as essential upsells.

Don’t skimp on the electronics, as they are the conduit through which your guests enjoy the media services. Splurge on the premium, oversized TVs or even make a home theater. Install great sound systems and consider the different smart home features. They can actually help cut costs on utilities by alerting you (or property management) to all kinds of settings and system use.

10.  Upgrade the Listing

And while you are looking for the best tips for family or luxury vacation rentals, consider your listing. Investing in professional photography is a must, especially when you realize that you have under one second to grab the attention of a viewer. Work with an experienced professional to get a good exterior shot to serve as the first image. Also, consider enhancing the listing with a virtual tour (i.e., video tour) and a floor plan as well as an overhead (drone) shot that shows the property from every angle.

You can enjoy a much higher ROI in luxury villas and family vacation rentals by using the tips and tricks we’ve supplied here. Think about the visual impact of the listing, competitively price the rental, and pack it with beautiful décor, comfortable furnishings and lots of amenities, and you will see great results.