Thinking about your next vacation? While millions of people are at sheltering in place during the current pandemic, and may even feel “stuck” at home with their families; doing some vacation planning is a good idea. After all, experts say that one of the best things to do right now for emotional health is to set goals and find things that give you a sense of hope for the future.

That means that, if you have free time to tackle the research, you might want to use it to begin building a list of places where cheap vacations for couples are an option.

Now, when we use the expression “cheap,” we mean more affordable and not low-quality. No one wants to take a holiday (after travel bans are finally lifted) only to find their accommodation has impeded views, few amenities, or poor service options. That is why we have done the work for you and identified some great options for cheap weekend getaways for couples, as well as longer but still cheap vacations for couples.

What to Expect

You might wonder about the wisdom of choosing from cheap vacations, and you may worry about what you can reasonably expect if you take our advice on the best vacation spots for couples on a budget. The good news is that you won’t find any unwelcome surprises if you take the advice that follows.

What we have done is look at regions that have wonderful weather, lots of unique options, and choices in accommodations that include many onsite luxuries and privileges. As an example, if you are curious about a location popular with couples such as Greece, you will find information about where to go, what you can do while you are there, and the ideal accommodations.

The Caribbean Calls

One of the most popular regions for romantic getaways on a budget and cheap trips for couples, the Caribbean is home to islands like stunning Barbados (where some of the most beautiful beaches in the world await). The Caribbean is also where you will find St Barts, Anguilla, the Dominican Republic, Turks & Caicos, and many other romantic islands.

Each of these locations has great choices in vacation ideas for couples, and while they are going to fall under the heading of affordable vacations for couples, they can also still be quite luxurious. This is because it is easier than ever to find private villas in the Caribbean region, and each island has an array of them serving as affordable romantic getaways just for two.

You can find plenty of beachfront properties that include private pools, small to large gardens, beautiful interiors, outdoor living spaces, and most are within easy reach of nearby towns. There you can enjoy shopping, dining, and sightseeing or explore the island’s natural sites which can often include hiking, biking, watersports, and more.

The Hawaiian Islands

Experts also point towards Hawaii as the ideal spot for cheap vacations for couples. It may be surprising to hear that a holiday in the faraway islands is affordable, but it is the absolute truth.

For years, the costs of couples’ vacations in the Hawaiian Islands have become more and more affordable. Today, it is home to an array of opulent and welcoming villas on islands like Kauai, Hawaii, Maui, and Oahu.

Just like the Caribbean islands all have a different and unique character, so too do the Hawaiian Islands. Yet, each features choices for weekend getaways for couples cheap in cost and high in luxury.

Kauai, as a prime example, has the only navigable river in the Hawaiian Islands, it has the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, and lots of charming towns to explore in order to do some shopping. It features great beaches and lots of land-based adventures in addition to water sports.

Offseason Fun

Another great way to identify cheap vacations for couples is to consider areas that are offseason. For example, you can frequently find premium villas and chalets in locations like Vail, Colorado. Though it is wildly popular during the snowy ski season, it is just as beautiful and worthy of a visit during the warmer weather. It can be the perfect time to do hiking and exploring, and at a lower rate than when the ski conditions are at their best.

Imagine time in a high-end villa with pool, outdoor living spaces, a hot tub, premium electronics, and beautiful décor…you can get that affordably during the offseason and savor a delightful couple’s retreat.

The same can be said of locations like Florida and the Outer Banks area of North Carolina, as well as the San Diego region in California.

Perhaps you are eager to explore the delights of Mexico? If so, that too is going to fall under the same category of affordable destination for couples in the months after travel bans end. Some of the most popular and favorably priced are going to be the perennial favorites like Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, but don’t overlook the beauty that awaits those who head to the stunning Riviera Maya.

There, you can pay a visit to Tulum, where Mayan pyramids sit right on the white sands and hover at the sea’s edge. Alternately, you can head to the popular Playa del Carmen area where shopping and dining are always a treat. In the entire region, you will find many adventures to enjoy. For instance, you can dive in cenotes and spend days on end at the beach. You can go hiking, horseback riding, or exploring in the jungles nearby. Such a setting could be an ideal escape after weeks of being at home.

Get Started Planning the Future…Today!

Domestic or international travel is going to be at some of its lowest and most affordable prices in the future. If you are at home now, it is a good time to look forward to brighter days ahead. You can do quite easily by planning a couple’s getaway to one of the areas mentioned above. Each of them will offer up an affordable destination with lots to see and do, and each will be a welcome retreat you will both treasure.

It may just barely be spring in most parts of the world, but some of us did not get our fill of the ski season. If you are someone daydreaming of the next time you’ll have a chance to slide into some skis and glide down the slopes, you might also want some cheap places to ski. After all, very few people think of a ski vacation as an affordable getaway.

Why Ski Holidays are Costly

A recent article in NY Magazine said that “Skiing has never been an inexpensive pursuit. But over the last two decades, the sticker price for skiing at the best…resorts has risen at a far faster pace than inflation.” The reason behind the surge in pricing is simple – supply and demand. There are not a lot of spots where excellent conditions prevail, and so avid skiers are willing to pay more to get a great experience.

Is this bad news for those who want to find cheap places to ski? In a word: no.

The reason for this is simple – affordable ski vacation packages are made available by even the most costly destinations. And this is even more so if you plan and pay ahead of time.

As of this writing, the world is amid a horrifying pandemic. It has left millions isolated at home or sheltering in place. While it is no time to take matters lightly, it can be an ideal time to look at your options for a vacation once the days of quarantine end. It is, in other words, the perfect moment to learn about the best cheap places to ski, the most affordable family ski vacations, and to take advantage of the excellent pricing available so far ahead of time.

Again, as that NY Magazine article noted, there is “a lot of value for a ski resort to get that advance commitment,” and so a skier who buys lift tickets and books a villa now (for next season) is apt to save a tremendous amount.

Where and When to Book Cheap Ski Vacations

So, where are you going to be able to find a family ski trip on a budget? The very best domestic and European destinations make ski vacation packages available, and many feature high-end chalets or luxury villas as part of the arrangement.

As an example, you might find cheap places to ski in world-famous sites like Chamonix, Courchevel, Megeve, Meribel, Val D’Isere and Verbier. None of these names is every associated with cheap ski resorts, but by booking now, you can find in-town chalets or villas within easy reach of the pistes and lifts.

Many will also have onsite amenities for any non-skiers in your group. This could be a fitness center, pool, home cinema, dining, spa services, and more.

And what about cheap places to ski in the U.S.? One of the most famous locations for domestic skiing is Colorado, and the area known as Vail actually also rates as one of the best cheap places to ski. As already noted, when you book early and make a commitment, you enjoy a lower advance rate. It also means that your booking is likely to include at least some or all of the costs of the lift tickets in the price of the housing.

Some of the best cheap ski lodges will allow you to enjoy things like resort-style privileges, spa services, and ski-in and ski-out accommodations.

Think about the Other Seasons

If you are unwilling to book a ski holiday without first witnessing the facilities and the site, why not consider a summertime or autumn visit? For example, you can spend a lot of time in the Vail, Colorado area or even head to Europe to the Alps and look at the restaurants, shops, towns, and facilities available at the different sites.

Doing so will let you get a taste of what to expect when the ski season kicks in. Will there be a lot of options for apres-ski activities? Will you have choices in villas or chalets close to the best lifts or pistes? What about the accommodations at different altitudes? Will they feature ski-in and ski-out options? Maybe your party has an equal number of non-skiers. What sort of amenities and activities will they be able to enjoy?

These are all very important questions to answer, and you can find out virtually now by looking at luxury rentals in some of the best ski locations or by booking a visit as soon as travel is once again available.

And if you are not eager to savor winter weather or even offseason fun in the best and most affordable ski areas, the beaches are always an option. For example, if you are hoping to savor the luxurious delights of a private villa, a visit to Turks & Caicos, St. Barts, or Barbados may be just for you.

In these gorgeous destinations, you can find any number of watersports that will allow you to feel as physically challenged as a day on the slopes, but without the need to gear up for cold weather. Perhaps you are already yearning for days outside in the sunshine and sea air? If so, you can also take the time now to figure out which of the Caribbean islands or parts of Mexico appeal to you the most and then map out your beach vacation.

A Holiday IS Ahead

One thing is for certain, we can all benefit from a bit of a holiday in the future. Take time now to plan for your dream vacation. Figure out the best ski destination or finest beach location for your goals. There are cheap ski vacations available, and especially to those who are ready to lock in their travel plans today.

While you may not be feeling in the mood for a holiday during the current crisis, chances are you will definitely want a getaway in the future. And although winter is barely finished, you can make next year’s ski dreams a reality by considering the locations above and making plans now.

Although we might all love the perseverance of couples whose wedding and honeymoon plans have been affected by the current pandemic, it might not feel so endearing when it is our own plans. For instance, most of us have seen reports of virtual weddings hosted on platforms like Zoom or watched the couple who couldn’t go on a cruise and so staged one in their living room.

These are great and creative ways to work around the misery of canceled events and plans. However, we have an even better idea – postponing and even rebooking your honeymoon to another time. With so many cheap honeymoon destinations, affordable honeymoon destinations, and options for exciting travel when bans are lifted, it makes even better sense.

Yes, you can still do your virtual events and tours, but why not also look at our cheap honeymoon ideas to get inspired for your actual getaway?

Top Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget

There is no certainty of when travel bans will lift, and world travel once again becomes a healthy and safe option. Experts, however, are pointing towards the summer season, especially July and August. That means that a wealth of inexpensive honeymoon destinations will be open to those eager to travel.

And while you might not think of spots like Greece, parts of Europe, Hawaii and other typically high-end locations as cheap honeymoon options, they may be far more affordable than ever. That means they too can appear in our list of cheap honeymoon destinations for the coming year!


One of the best reasons to think of Greece among the list of cheap honeymoon destinations is the fact that it is already home to many luxury rentals sized for two. It has long been a top honeymoon location and romantic getaway, and is actually also among the best honeymoon destinations on a budget.

However, as travel bans lift, the beautiful islands will once again be able to welcome travelers, and that makes it an ideal time to head to Corfu and Mykonos. With their unforgettable architectural styles, irresistible seaside towns, and excellent foodie cultures, plus the year-round good weather, they will be a perfect choice.

Choose from the one to three-bedroom villas found scattered around the hillsides and in more remote areas and easily reach the flawless beaches and gorgeous landscapes. With farm to table sites on most islands, you can also enjoy cycling experiences that take you from farm to farm or site to site, and enjoy local wine and specialty foods – making the ultimate romantic escape.

Don’t overlook Sardinia in Italy, Mallorca or Ibiza in Spain, and the picturesque coastal areas like Amalfi in Italy, the island of Corsica or the Croatian coast, too.

Hawaii Awaits

And while Hawaii has never appeared on a list of cheap honeymoon destinations, it has never been more affordable to pay a visit. Even before the current health crisis halted travel, Hawaii had started to become one of the best affordable honeymoon destinations. With its remarkably good weather and unique climate on each of the major islands, it is a beach goer’s or outdoor enthusiast’s ideal location.

Whether you visit the enormous Big Island (Hawaii), head to the oldest in the chain (Kauai), or the tourism-friendly Oahu or Maui, you are going to have plenty of options for accommodations and activities. Consider a private villa near one of the many beach areas and you are sure to find good deals with loads of amenities and luxuries.

As an example, a Kaiholo superior suite gazes out at the “pali” along the coast and allows you to easily reach the waterfront. You get resort-like privileges and an enormous amount of private space (including a gourmet kitchen), making it among the best cheap honeymoon destinations, imaginable.

The Caribbean

Naturally, one of the most famous areas for affordable honeymoons and romantic retreats is the entire Caribbean region. Just as the Hawaiian chain features unique islands with their own culture, landscapes, and activities, so too do the many Caribbean islands.

This is what has made them among the top cheap honeymoon destinations for decades. Of course, their appeal goes well beyond ranking at the top of the lists of cheap places to go for a honeymoon. They are ideal for romantic getaways, solo journeys to tropical spots, or group and family holidays.

This has a lot to do with the fact the islands are home to an almost endless array of luxury villas – many that fall well into the affordable price range. A good way to determine which island is best suited to your honeymooning or travel needs is to consider what appeals most about a visit to the islands.

For example, beach lovers often head to Barbados for its flawless white sand beaches, friendly locals, and fantastic water sports. Others go to Turks and Caicos for the snorkeling and fishing, as well as the amazing scenery. Some opt for the cosmopolitan nature of St. Barts, with its French influences, amazing restaurants, casinos, and tropical setting.

Are these islands all under the affordable honeymoon heading? Absolutely! Not many travelers consider the amount they can save when they choose a private little villa for two. After all, most will have private swimming pools, indoor and outdoor settings, impressive amenities inside that includes a gourmet kitchen, home cinema, and opulent bedrooms and bathrooms.

Most are going to be in scenic locations, with beachfront options, garden settings, and some high in the hills above the major towns and villages, yet still packed with luxury amenities and services.

Imagine the delights of a honeymoon or romantic retreat in a private paradise you share with no one but yourselves. While there are benefits to premium resorts, when you are on a honeymoon, it is far more appealing to have the whole world to yourself. When you can do so, and at a reasonable daily rate in a wonderful site, it is difficult to resist.

If you have had to delay your wedding plans or honeymoon in the current crisis, now is a good time to explore options for affordable getaways like those above.

The Caribbean destination known as Turks and Caicos is a British Overseas Territory and features the large Caicos Islands and smaller Turks Islands. The more famous Caicos islands feature Providenciales, North Caicos, Middle Caicos, and East Caicos, as well as small South Caicos (among other islands). There are also the Turks Islands that include Grand Turk.

Clearly, there will always be a lot going on over so many different spaces, and if you are planning a holiday to the Caribbean in the coming year, you’ll want to figure out the many Turks and Caicos events coinciding with your visit.

What is Happening in Turks and Caicos This Year?

It would be impossible to list every single one of the many Turks and Caicos events worthy of experiencing in the coming season, but we can offer you a summary of some of the most popular events that locals and travelers attend.

Winter & Spring

Maskanoo is the day after Christmas and celebrates the island heritage and history. It honors the island’s West African background and features a costume ball, fireworks, food, music, and loads of fun.

A few days later, Junkanoo occurs and coincides with New Year’s Eve celebrations. It includes lots of costumes and dancing until dawn. It is an event that dates to the 1500s when slaves had their annual day off after Christmas and is still marked with lots of West African themed activities and events.

BRT weekend in 2019 and 2020 were more popular than ever. This is a four-day Caribbean music festival held every January and which is described as the ultimate day party. It features multiple locations, entertainers from around the world, and at least six separate events that focus on food, drink, and amazing music in the beauty of Turks & Caicos.

There are lots of Caribbean events from February 2019 and 2020 that you would want to consider attending, and those in Turks and Caicos in February include an annual chocolate lover’s event. One of the main at the Palms, offering lots of delicious sweets. There is an annual sailboat race in February of each year, known as the Valentine’s Day Cup. This coincides with the island’s Model Sailboat Races that run the same day.

Turks and Caicos in March may see the first signs of spring, and with them is the Wine Cellar Fishing and Golf Tournament. This is an annual event on Providenciales’ Grace Bay and it has prizes of more than $100k to the winners.


The Turks and Caicos events speed up as the temperatures rise and the weather improves. For example, one of the most popular of the many annual Turks and Caicos events is the Annual Kite Flying contest that happens on the Monday after Easter. It also takes place on Providenciales but is hosted on Governor’s Beach.

The South Caicos Regatta was a 2019 event attended by many and is due to be just as popular in the coming years. It is a party and boat race that recognizes a 1966 visit by Queen Elizabeth to the islands and began the year after she made that historic stop. It is a race around the islands and runs for four days, including lots of events, food, and music.

Race for the Conch is another annual event that is held in Grace Bay and is called one of the world’s most beautiful swimming events because of the scenery and the waters.


There are many Turks and Caicos events in the fall, too, including the famous fish fry in Turks and Caicos. This happens throughout October and occurs every Thursday in the Bight Children’s Park. It offers everything from tasty food and drink to arts and crafts.

If you are into food, though, it is the Caribbean Food and Wine Festival each November that is an essential activity to attend. It occurs over three days and includes a food fair, lots of gourmet meals in local restaurants, and much more.

November also sees the annual Conch Festival in downtown Turks and Caicos in the heart of Providenciales. It includes lots of restaurant specials and events all focused on conch dishes. There is a Turks and Caicos Unity Festival in November, also in Providenciales.

Choosing Turks and Caicos

With so many fun, unique and even culturally fascinating activities occurring in Turks and Caicos, or St Turks and Caicos (as some call it), it makes it a perfect choice for your upcoming travel plans.

And it is not just the amazing events that make it a good choice for a holiday, there are also the many luxury rentals available to serve as the ultimate accommodation. They can be found on Providenciales, but also on the other islands, and could provide you with a home away from home while enjoying some of the annual events listed here.

In fact, some are ideal for observing activities like the regattas and boat races or attending the downtown Turks and Caicos events.

With premium amenities that include private pools, alfresco living and dining spaces, and even some with beachfront locations, they are destinations in their own right.

Not sure if you want to limit your exploration of the Caribbean to a single destination? You can easily book a villa for one of the events above, and find equally enjoyable villas and accommodations on other islands. For example, you might want to pay a visit to Barbados and its Platinum Coast area for some amazing days at the beach. You could opt for the charms of cosmopolitan St. Barts with its French-influenced culture and cuisine, shopping, and quaint towns.

The Caribbean is a wonderful spot for your next holiday, and while you can limit yourself to Turks and Caicos and its events, you can also do some island hopping and see how different and appealing every island can be. Make this the year you do some explorations in the region, attend a few of the Turks and Caicos events, and find out why so many people plan their travels around this region and its many festivals and celebrations.

Turks and Caicos is one of those savvy traveler’s secrets, and though it is a favorite destination of the rich and famous, it is also a frequent spot for everyday people to enjoy a remarkable holiday. Reading that may make many wonder just what to do in Turks and Caicos and why it is such a favorite of those who enjoy the Caribbean.

There are a lot of reasons for this… about as many reasons as there are things to do in Turks and Caicos! Let’s take some time to consider what is there to do in Turks and Caicos and why it is such a beloved destination.

The Beaches

If you ask the seasoned traveler what to do in Turks and Caicos, most would point to the nearest beach. Not only do the eight main islands of Turks and Caicos have great beaches, but they can lay claim to the “most beautiful beach in the world.” The Grace Bay Beach on the island of Provo is frequently chosen by travel experts from around the world as one of the most beautiful and best on the planet.

Don’t think that it is only Grace Bay Beach that rates as one of the best things to do in Turks and Caicos, though, because it has a handful of other notable and recognized spots. Sapodilla Bay Beach, Cedar Point Beach, Pine Cay Beach, North Bay Beach, Governor’s Beach, Half Moon Bay, Long Bay Beach and scores of other beaches around the islands rank as some of the nicest of the top things to do in Turks and Caicos.

And while exploring the beaches and enjoying the swimming in the crystal clear waters around you is enough for most, there are also the water sports.

Top  Water Sports Destination

When wondering what to do in Turks and Caicos, it is impossible to overlook the popularity of water sports in the area. In fact, it is thought of as the kiteboarding capital of the world because of its perfect conditions. Fairly shallow bays that experience lots of consistent trade winds from November through the spring months make it perfect for novices, but there are also fairly challenging conditions in other parts of the island.

This is such a common activity that there are several schools offering days of training and which equip you with all that is needed to hone your skills over the course of your stay.

Turks and Caicos activities on the water also include paddle boarding, sailing, fishing, and more. There are also underwater activities that include the area’s award-winning diving and snorkeling sites.

Experts novices and novices alike flock to the area since one of the major Turks and Caicos attractions is its barrier reef. Home to the world’s third-largest barrier reef, Turks and Caicos also sits atop two undersea mountain plateaus. The reefs and their steep walls climb from over ten thousand feet below and many swim right to the edge of the abyss that drops thousands of feet at once.

Land-Based Activities

If you are wondering what to do in Turks and Caicos on dry land, you will never run out of options. This is because the islands feature so many fun things to see and do…and taste!

For the nature lovers wondering what to do in Turks and Caicos, the Chalk Sound National Park awaits. You can do sightseeing on land or water, and it is a popular spot for bird watchers to catch sight of rare and beautiful birds. Northwest Point National Park is another of the best Turks and Caicos things to do, and especially if you are an avid beachcomber or bird watcher. You can spot some of the rarest birds in the islands, and watch the ocean waves break over the barrier reef offshore.

The Hole is among the must-do in Turks and Caicos activities. It is a natural limestone sinkhole in the Long Bay Hills area of Provo. It is a remarkable site and is connected to the ocean and marine ponds of Juba Sound. A geological fascination, it is also quite beautiful at any time.

West Harbour Bluff (also called Pirate’s Cove) is another essential spot with sea cliffs, caves, and a charming beach. A remote spot, it is a photographer’s dream for its many different features, including 200-year-old inscriptions by shipwrecked sailors.

History buffs have the fascinating Cheshire Hall Plantation to explore. Though it is in ruins, the 1700s era plantation is one of the highest-rated historical sites in all of the islands. It sits on a hilltop above downtown Providenciales and includes everything from the remains of a great house to the cotton processing facilities and an original canon.

The National Museum and Heritage Site is also ideal for those who like a bit of education with their sightseeing. And if you are eager to see what the sailors and travelers to the islands had to say during the early 1700s, the famous Sapodilla Hill is a fascinating and fun day trip on Providenciales.


Of course, another of the top answers for those considering Turks and Caicos and what to do, there is the fine and regional dining to enjoy. Conch is one of the most popular foods, and you can find beachfront shacks offering it prepared in many amazing ways. It can make for an unforgettable memory of the islands and you’ll want to try at least one. There are also the many fine dining options, with more springing up all of the time.

The Islands Await

Now that you know there is so much to see and do on a trip to Turks and Caicos, you will want to start making plans to pay a visit. If you are eager to see more than one part of the region, you may also want to consider your options for stays on Barbados and St. Barts, both with world-famous beaches, and lots to see and do for solo travelers, couples, and groups or families ready for adventure.

The winter has finally wrapped up its mantle of snow and ice and headed off to await its next chance to return. Loads of people are eager to get out and travel and explore fun places to go now that the cold has ended in most areas. Unfortunately, there are many travel bans in place and most families, solo travelers, and couples find themselves restricted in just where they can go and even what they can do.

The good news is that we are here to offer a lot of useful advice as to the fun places to travel once the restrictions are lifted. For most, it will mean summer travel planning, and so we’ve compiled a list of fun places to go this summer, as well as some tips about autumn travel to other popular locations.

The Best Places to Go on Vacation This Summer

Summer means a few things – beaches, barbecues, and lots of time outdoors. That is true no matter where you choose to visit. However, if you want one of the fun places to choose as your vacation spots, we would have to point you towards Florida.

A vacation hub all year long, it is ideally suited to summer for its many beaches (on both coasts), its endless list of attractions and destinations, and its luxury villas that allow you to enjoy optimal privacy, room, and comfort.

As one of the authentically fun places to go, Florida offers you towns and cities like Orlando with its amusement parks, beaches, and activities.

Perhaps you are eager to take things to a far more tropical level? If so, the Caribbean is among the best of the fun places to go this summer.

The Caribbean in Summer

What would make a tropical destination like the Caribbean one of the places to go for fun this summer? After all, many people only think of the islands as fun vacation spots during the winter months, and use the destinations as escapes from cold and snowy weather.

Why go in the summer months? For one thing, it is when the weather is also at its finest in many parts of the Caribbean. You enjoy lots of natural wildflowers popping into life, the days are longer and the weather promises excellent conditions. Glorious sunrises and sunsets, perfect beach weather…what more can you want?

With the Caribbean, you can anticipate access to luxury rentals, too. It is the option for accommodations such as this that make it one of the best vacation places for the coming summer.

After all, when thinking about fun places to go on vacation, many picture the amenities available at their accommodation. This will usually include a beach or a pool. With a Caribbean vacation, though, you are likely to enjoy both. Many of the best villas come with private pool terraces, al fresco dining areas, and sun decks, and even private gardens and direct beach access.

This is a blending of the best of both worlds, and yet the Caribbean is also one of the fun places to vacation because each of the islands has its own array of must-see attractions and activities. From an endless list of watersports that includes snorkeling and diving to boating to the many world-class shopping and dining experiences, summer festivals and celebrations, and natural sites, the Caribbean ranks as one of the truly fun places to go as a single traveler, part of a couple, or family group.

Barbados, Jamaica, St Barts, or the many other islands are all perfect choices for your upcoming summer or early autumn getaway.

The Mountains Are Fun Vacation Spots, Too

And if you like to plan ahead or if you enjoy areas in their “off-season,” you might want to consider the mountains as a fun place to go this summer. Which mountains? We would point towards Colorado with its gorgeous weather and show-stopping scenery as a flawless domestic location.

The area around Vail (a trendy ski area) is still thriving long after the snows have melted. You can savor their gourmet dining scene, do loads of shopping, and head out on the trails for hiking, cycling, and other adventures. You can enjoy a lot of different day trips in this region and take in exquisite mountain scenery and gentle walks (with picnic) along the way.

Here too, you can take advantage of luxury villas that let you have outdoor living spaces, including some with hot tubs on private decks, premium interiors, and a lot of services.

If you are thinking that you might like to go abroad and head into the mountains of a faraway destination, there are the ski areas of Europe that are fully destinations in the summer months, too. Verbier and Val D’Isere, for example, have premium chalets with all of the services and amenities, but without the crowds. Enjoy Alpine summer weather and scenery in privacy and comfort.

Of course, if you are a great traveler, the mountains and landscape of New Zealand could make for an unusual summer destination. While Europe and America might enjoy summer’s bounty, it would be an autumnal or winter season in New Zealand. This could make for dramatic hiking conditions and lots of outdoor fun, and those same luxury villas are still an option.

The famous Dr. Seuss once wrote about all the places we can go, and though it seems as if travel is far off in the distance, it really is just around the corner. There will be ideal times to book flights and make plans to visit all of the fun places to go and explore. Use this time now to consider a few of the suggestions above, and even others, and start organizing a visit to someplace new and nearby or far away and mysterious.

There are so many spots that will be open to visit again, and now is a perfect time to consider booking a villa or chalet and identifying the fun places to visit while in a new or familiar location.

Chances are, many of us are planning or thinking about a large gathering or event in the coming summer months. In fact, some who might never have done so are ensuring they organize something this year after so many holidays and big events missed because of the pandemic. From high school or college graduations canceled to regular holidays like Easter unable to be celebrated, there is going to be a surge in demand for spaces and event homes for rent in the near future.

And while few of us are ready to prepare for celebrating, it is essential we remember that brighter days are ahead. This makes it a good time to spend a few relaxing hours exploring the places to rent for events, including event homes for rent.

The Ultimate Group or Family Gathering

Have you ever wanted to rent a beach house for a party? Maybe you have wondered if you could rent a home for an event in a tropical or faraway location? The good news is that there are some truly impressive event homes, and this includes luxury rentals in faraway destinations like New Zealand and Fiji, the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and more.

Start with the Essentials

As you consider event homes for rent, the first factor to consider is the overall size of the space required. There are enormous, estate-sized event homes for rent. They will feature individual bedroom suites with private baths, full-sized and gourmet kitchens, a long list of indoor and outdoor spaces (usually including pools, hot tubs, fire pits, terraces and balconies, rooftop decks, and more). Some are close to the ocean and may open to private beaches or provide you with immense, private gardens.

So, it is essential you take the time in advance of seeking out house rentals for events to itemize your actual needs. Start with the number of bedrooms. Then consider the amenities. A reasonable expectation of amenities for any party event house would include:

  • High-end entertainment systems and electronics
  • Wi-Fi throughout
  • Gourmet kitchen
  • Barbecue and al fresco dining spaces
  • Private parking
  • Potential for household staff (some luxury houses for events include chefs as well as other extra help)
  • Outdoor lounge spaces
  • Activities as far-ranging as swimming pools, waterfront (with water sports equipment), spa services, exercise rooms, home cinemas, game rooms, and more

The Location

Once you have considered the size and activities or amenities you need from your vacation rentals for events, it is time to contemplate the location. While a search for “event home rentals near me” is likely to yield good options for your “nearest and dearest,” when you want something special, you need to consider a farther distance.

Naturally, you may be concerned that not all of your friends and family members would be able to make it a considerable distance. For example, not everyone can fly to Fiji. However, it may be quite likely that a domestic location like Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, or California would be fairly easy to schedule.

Each of these locations offers VRBO events spaces and properties and many are in prime locations. For example, a family gathering near the Outer Banks area of North Carolina would allow amazing beach activities, days spent in the sun and warm weather, and some pretty amazing food.

The family that heads to California might enjoy the attractions of San Diego, while the group in Florida can hit all of the parks of Orlando. Yet, these same groups might just enjoy booking a large spot for their event or gathering and planning a single day trip.

The Tropics

And while a destination event in a location like Hawaii is a great idea, and there are many excellent event properties in islands like Hawaii, Kauai, and Maui, there are islands and tropical spots even closer.

For example, travelers can book events in Puerto Vallarta and parts of the Riviera Maya, or they can head to the eternally popular Caribbean region.

In fact, the Caribbean has long been popular for destination events and larger gatherings. Because of this, it is entirely possible to find estates and even former, historic plantations available for special events. This can allow you to accommodate a huge number of visitors at one site or book neighboring villas and bungalows.

Which islands have such options? Almost any of the famous Caribbean islands will have spaces ideally sized for events. Barbados has its Platinum Coast that is home to excellent towns where shopping, dining, entertainment, and nightlife prevail. They are also tucked right along the white sands, and you can easily find any number of premium options in an event home rental.

The unique and lovely Turks & Caicos is not as widely known by the world’s travelers but is also replete with luxurious events spaces. Here too, you are close to the sea and the biggest towns, such as Providenciales. Yet, you can find waterfront homes large enough for events in sheltered bays, along the southern coastal areas and on all of the major islands.

And if you want a bit of European flair along with your tropical destination event, it is tough to match the options found on St Barts. With its French cultural influences, you get an abundance of choices. Be in the hills above charming Gustavia or in one of the many beach areas around the entire coast. You will almost trip over the number of gourmet restaurants but may find that your event can occur entirely in the luxurious privacy of the villa or property booked.

Event planning has been put on pause during the pandemic, but it will begin again quite quickly. Now is a good time and opportunity to consider all of the options for your destination event or family/group gathering. Will it be to a domestic location where you spend time outdoors exploring the mountains of Colorado or the beaches of North Carolina? Will it be on an island in the Caribbean region? Perhaps it will be in a faraway location where everyone can savor an entirely unique experience.

Whatever your choice, the good news is that there are many homes open for rental and events, and this will ensure a truly memorable gathering.

Right now, many of us are getting frustrated because we cannot easily or even safely visit our families and friends. While we know that these pressures will eventually relent, it can be extremely frustrating and unnerving. Add to that the desire to gather for different holidays and events, and the frustration or disappointment grow. The good news is that you have options for alleviating the negative feelings and it starts with a look at the family reunion rentals available.

Adventure Awaits

Experts say that one of the best ways to reduce the strain of the current situation is to look at all of the areas of our lives over which we have control. For example, we have control of the cleanliness of our surroundings, we control what we eat, and we can control how we think about the future. It is wise, those experts say, to make plans for future fun and happiness. One of the simplest is to look into options for family reunion rentals and make plans for a gathering this summer or fall.

So, what sort of family reunion vacation rentals would suffice? It has to begin with a few key questions about the family or the group, including:

1. What sort of activities have to be close to the large family reunion rentals?

Is it best to gather the group near a beach? Maybe it will be family reunion home rentals suited to skiing, cycling, or some other outdoor activities? Perhaps the family reunion house has to be in a big city surrounded by arts, shopping, and dining?

The goal is to itemize what everyone who stays in the family reunion rentals will want to do with their downtime and leisure hours.

2. How much travel will everyone be willing or able to do?

Will everyone be able to fly a longer distance? For example, if you find large homes for family reunions in Turks and Caicos or St. Barts, will the family or group be able to attend? Perhaps you might look for family reunion rentals along the North Carolina coastal area known as the Outer Banks if that is easier.

Also figure the amount of time that travel requires. As an example, you might find luxury villas for rent in Barbados, and you know that this is among the best and most perfect family reunion beach rentals. However, calculate how many days of travel will be needed. If it is meant to be a four-day weekend, travel time can take up a full day. Just be sure to expand on the amount of time you take or book family reunion rentals to accommodate that sort of requirement.

3. How much space is needed?

One of the best facets of family reunion house rentals is that they are often available in homes appropriately sized and designed for larger groups. Rather than sharing a few, limited bathrooms, large vacation home rentals for family reunions will often have ensuite bedrooms.

And on top of that, many of the finest homes will have four or more bedrooms to enable large groups and families to all rest comfortably, in privacy, and yet remain surrounded by shared living spaces – indoors and out.

That too has to be factored into the considerations. What sort of indoor and outdoor spaces and amenities are available? After all, a huge family reunion is a time when people want to sit together and catch up or share lots of stories. However, there is also a need for lots of physical space and activities.

A good choice in family reunion house rentals would have to include terraces and patios, activities like swimming or outdoor games, indoor entertainment such as a media room or home theater, and even a fitness room.

4. What amenities are necessary?

It is also important to take into consideration the need for traditional gathering spaces, i.e. a large dining room and a fully appointed kitchen. A series of hotel rooms may be convenient, but it is not conducive to a reunion. A home with a large, fully-furnished kitchen and several expansive dining areas is a wonderful way to savor time as a family.

Rather than sitting in a restaurant or other similar setting, or trying to enjoy time together through coordinated meetings at different spots, a family reunion rental house is a much better idea.

Where to Go?

So, now that you know why a family reunion rental is a good choice, it is a good time to figure out some of the best destinations. We suggest:


The iconic, Sunshine State, it is home to lots of luxury villas set right along the waterfront areas or close to the major tourism hubs. Pay a visit to a spot like SeaWorld or a Disney area, or just soak up the sun and fun at a large and luxurious family reunion rental.


San Diego is an ideal choice for family reunions because of its many amusement parks and attractions, year-round good weather, and an endless list of things to see and do. Day trips to popular regions are easily done, and lots of luxury villas with private pools or beach access make for a perfect choice for a family gathering.

Don’t forget that California is also home to national parks that could serve as excellent spots for explorations as a family or group.


As already mentioned, large and affordably priced villas are in abundance in some areas of the world, and the Caribbean is among them. Whether it is Antigua, Barbados, the Caymans Islands, Punta Cana, Nevis, Turks & Caicos or another of the lush islands, your family reunion can be held in a truly tropical paradise.

Ski Vacations

Have you thought about a visit to one of Europe’s amazing ski destinations? Switzerland and France are home to amazing sites like Verbier, Courchevel, Val D’Isere, and Megeve. Off-season rentals are a lot of fun and provide endless activities. Ski season rentals are even better and can also serve as perfect family reunion sites.

Are you ready to book a holiday that brings your family together again? If so, use our suggestions to begin exploring options today.

Although winter has only recently ended and those first few days of good weather are being enjoyed in many areas of the country, lots of people are also considering cheap beach vacations, or affordable beach vacations. While the pandemic has forced most of us to stay at home, it hasn’t brought our desire to soak up the sun and the surf to an end, and that makes it an ideal time to scout out the best affordable beach vacations and waterfront destinations for the coming summer.

When we say cheap beach vacations, we might automatically think that this limits the options to domestic spots like Florida, North Carolina or California. While these are excellent sites for finding inexpensive beach vacations, they are not the only options. There are choices for cheap beach vacations in Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico, and parts of Europe. So, let’s take a quick look at some of these inexpensive beachfront rentals and figure out which are a good fit for your vacation goals.

Before we do, however, let’s take a minute to calculate just how these sites can be affordable.

What Makes the Best Affordable Beach Vacations?

When thinking of affordable beach vacations, many will automatically think of a resort or some sort of packaged vacation that includes everything from food to accommodations. That is a classic approach to a cheap holiday, but there are also villa rentals that bring many of the same benefits.

A luxury villa is a home away from home in a premium destination. It is a common option in beachfront areas, and it can actually save money by allowing you to have access to everyday amenities. For instance, think of the money to be saved by having use of a full-sized, often gourmet, kitchen. The quality of your food and meals will be the highest, and yet the costs within your control.

These luxury villas also typically have onsite, private amenities like pools and patios, game rooms or home theaters, outdoor gathering spaces and barbecues, and direct access to the waterfront. Add this up and you see substantial savings as well as the benefit of togetherness and privacy with family and friends.

You can find them in domestic as well as far away locations, with many tucked right along the sands of the best beaches! Affordable and economical, they can also be quite luxurious and unforgettable.

Cheap Beach Vacations in the USA

When you want to uncover the cheapest place to rent a beach house, you may be surprised to learn that it is often in the most popular beach destinations. As we already noted, in the United States, many people want to visit the warmer ocean waters and find that Florida and California have great choices.

Orlando, Florida is a vacationer’s paradise, and while it is home to an almost endless number of things to do, including the Disney parks, it is also ideal for beach vacations. There are many cheap beaches in Florida where you can spend days lounging on the sands and soaking up the sun before returning to your private villa or rental.

In San Diego, California, millions of people pay visits for the flawless weather the city enjoys almost every day of the year. It is the source of many cheap beach vacations, as well, and makes a perfect family destination for its array of parks, including the famed San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld sites.

Another idyllic spot visited by millions is the Outer Banks area of North Carolina. With its many lighthouses, walking trails, wild horses, and beautiful beaches, it is a popular destination. You might not think you can enjoy cheap beach vacations in a destination with so much competition, but there are many affordable and yet still luxurious rentals available.

Cheap Beach Destinations Afar

We noted that you can also find cheap beach vacation locations in some of the most coveted destinations outside of the continental United States. Hawaii, for example, was once viewed as the ultimate luxury destination. Today, however, its affordability is assured and travelers can opt for waterfront properties and affordable beach holidays in some of the most coveted areas of the tropical islands.

Whether you want to visit mysterious Kauai or the ever-changiing Big Island of Hawaii, you will be delighted at the affordability of such an adventure.

If you are willing to hop a flight, your options for cheap beach vacations multiply quickly. For example, a relatively easy flight to Mexico can bring travelers to the affordable delights at Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Punta Mita or even the stunning Riviera Maya.

Flying overseas can allow travelers to find affordable beachfront vacations in truly enchanting spots like Corsica, the Cote D’Azur in France, the different Greek Islands, Sardinia, Marbella, and so many more. Even enchanting cities like Barcelona have luxury villas close to the city’s beaches, enabling travelers to roll their affordable holiday into two types of trips- a city exploration and a beach getaway.

Of course, if you want one of the most affordable and accessible spots for a cheap beach vacation, it is to the Caribbean region you must turn your gaze. The Caribbean is one of the top spots for cheap beach vacations. Almost all of the islands feature an array of luxury rentals, with most sitting on the beaches or just a short distance from them. This is true of the stunning Platinum Coast of Barbados, the seemingly endless number of beach areas on St Barts, or the delightful assortment of waterfront areas that wrap around the different islands of Turks & Caicos.

A beach holiday is a must-have experience at least once every few years. With more affordable options, you can enjoy them annually. The choices listed here can allow you to even consider more than a single beach vacation each year, and allow you to find your favorite sort of sandy destination. Is it the golden sands of the Outer Banks? Maybe the white sands of Barbados? Perhaps it is even the far away and remarkably exotic scenery of French Polynesia? Only you can figure that out, and this year is a good time to start.

There are good vacation spots and then there are the best vacation spots. Unfortunately, you can ask ten different people what their ideal vacation spots would feature, and you’ll usually get ten different answers. Some people love lots of adventures during a holiday, some want to dig deep into the local food or cultural scene, and some just want to bask in the weather (whether that means a sunny and tropical period, a glorious springtime, or even the ideal winter ski conditions).

And yet, there are vacation destinations that rank as some of the best on a regular basis. This is usually because they have the proverbial “something for everyone.” As a prime example, one of the most common places selected for lists of the best vacation spots is Paris, France. Why? It is all about food, but it has tons of historic sites and scenery. It has activities like Euro Disney nearby, and it also has an endless number of shops in which to browse for luxury goods or unique finds. You can visit the different markets, stroll through the many parks, and see things that almost everyone in the world recognizes, like the Eiffel Tower.

It can be a good spot to visit for a long weekend or a few weeks at a time and can be a fantastic starting point or endpoint on a holiday to another of the best vacation spots – Provence. You might even think of it as a good spot to visit before a ski holiday in the French destinations like Chamonix, Courchevel, Megeve, Meribel or Val D’Isere.

The same can be said of another European city that ranks at the top of many lists of the best places to vacation – Rome, Italy. After all, this city is wildly historic and scenic. It is home to truly amazing cuisine and culture, and while you can shop ‘til you drop, there is also Vatican City nearby. It is the perfect destination to incorporate when visiting some of Italy’s best vacation spots, including Tuscany, the island of Sardinia, the Amalfi Coast, or the Umbria area with their many luxury rentals.

The Best Places to Travel in the World in 2020

Of course, as the years pass, the top vacation places change. For example, currently, one of the most coveted places to go on vacation is New Zealand. While some credit the different films based on the J.R.R. Tolkien novels for this, it is important to remember that many areas of this island nation are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and that it has a diversity of landscapes, cultures, cities, foods, and some of the most welcoming inhabitants imaginable.

In this same region of the world, Fiji and French Polynesia (also known as Bora Bora) are continually climbing up in the lists of the world’s best places to go on vacation, too.

The Hawaiian Islands also rank continually among world travelers’ top vacation spots. With its different islands, its unique cultures, and its unbelievably good year-round weather, it is an undeniably good choice for those who want the ultimate getaway. It is home to luxury villa rentals, world-class beaches, and its own foodie culture, and whether you want water sports, beachcombing, volcano hiking, or national park exploring, Hawaii has something for everyone.

Asia is also home to several of the best vacation spots in the world, including Thailand (particularly the Phuket area in the south). Here travelers can experience postcard-perfect scenery, flawless white sand beaches, and a lot of the most famous sites, including the Big Buddha and the Wat Chalong Temple complex. Close to the cosmopolitan city of Bangkok, it is a beach lover’s paradise, it is an island tucked prettily in the Andaman Sea and a perfect spot for groups or families looking for low-key but luxurious.

Good Vacation Spots in Europe

Consistently rated as one of the best spots to visit as well as one of the top vacation destinations, Barcelona in Spain is similar to both Rome and Paris for its “something for everyone” culture. There is all of that irresistible architecture to explore, the tapas and food culture, the many beautiful parks and neighborhoods, and the ever famous (and still incomplete) La Sagrada Familia. There is the Las Ramblas neighborhood with its nightlife and its excellent eateries, and the sea is also nearby with premier beaches at La Barceloneta Beach, Nova Icaria, and Ocata.

Greece is also a popular destination for honeymooners as well as families, groups, solo travelers, and more. Chief among its locations that rates as one of the great vacation spots is the island of Santorini. This is that iconic, picture-postcard-perfect destination with its white-washed buildings, blue doors and shutters, and dramatic cliffs that serve as a perfect backdrop against the sea. There are ancient historical sites within walking distance, excellent beaches, wine tours, a fantastic café culture, and many day trips that can take you to neighboring islands or into the landscape to meet the friendly islanders and sample the amazing cuisine.

Many spots in Europe consistently rate as the best vacation locations, and you’ll want to gauge each based on the season. As noted, the ski areas of France, Switzerland, and Italy are fabulous in the winter, but they can also be fantastic in the summer months. That is when hiking, biking, swimming, and other outdoor adventures make for unforgettable vacations.

The Caribbean

Of course, when it comes to the best vacations and good vacation spots for mixed groups or families with people of all ages, the Caribbean is very tough to beat. At the top of the lists of where to go on vacation is St Lucia. This is due to its amazing scenery and its pristine natural beauty. It has truly gorgeous beaches such as Anse Chastenet and Reduit Beach, but it also has the Pitons (twin volcanic peaks ideal for hiking and climbing, as well as zip-lining, enthusiasts). It is noted for its luxury villas and rentals and is a great choice for a garden-like setting.

Of course, there are just as opulent and luxurious choices in Barbados vacation rentals and luxury villa rentals St Barts. The choice of a villa means that travelers get optimal privacy, a beautiful and quiet setting, and a long list of luxurious amenities that would serve as a holiday in their own right. For example, a villa in St Lucia might include a pool, terraces, al fresco dining, a private garden, and perhaps even a household staff. Take your time to plan your vacation travels this year, and don’t overlook some of the spots that fellow travelers have consistently rated or returned to as some of the very best vacation spots in the world.