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The lavish and secluded world of Mustique Villas. What is more exquisitely tranquil than a private island? One that is replete with luxury amenities and upscale villas supplied with ample services! This is but one of the many reasons that savvy world travelers, celebrities and head of states have chosen Mustique as a preferred location. A private island with a history as intriguing as its modern, luxury accommodations, it will quickly become your preferred tropical retreat.

Mustique is home to its own coral reefs, several small villages, and is actually privately held by the Mustique Company that is comprised of the island's homeowners. They have upheld the initial goal of preserving the pristine natural beauty of the island, also its unique island way of life.

Guests on Mustique immediately sense its laid-back spirit, its upscale atmosphere, and gaze on a setting dotted with luxurious villas and colorful public spaces. The Old Sugar Mill and the historic Cotton House reveal the style and esthetic that dominates the island. Set against the flawless beaches and lovely landscape, they make it a setting ideal for the knowing traveler in search of peace and plenty of recreation.

Isle Blue offers an exquisite collection of luxury villas on Mustique. Allow us to find the perfect villa that you desire while delivering the care, service and consideration you richly deserve.

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The History of Mustique

Set amongst the Grenadines (also called St. Vincent and the Grenadines), this large island offers 1,400 acres of complete privacy and tropical charm. It was purchased over a half century ago with the idea of creating a private retreat for the famous and privileged. One of the first property owners on the island was Princess Margaret of Great Britain, and this has set the stage for the island's opulent atmosphere and visitors ever since.

Plots of land were soon purchased and exquisite homes created by some of the worlds most celebrated rock stars, artists, designers, and socialites. They have created a setting that preserves the natural beauty of the island along with some of its most historic structures, and yet also designed an atmosphere that is difficult to describe.


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