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Punta Mita is not a familiar name with many travelers. Say that it is close to Puerto Vallarta, however, and you will see them instantly understand that you are speaking of a location along the Pacific Coast of Mexico. What many may not realize is that Punta Mita is a popular playground of the rich and famous, and was created as one of the most luxurious destinations in the country.

It is home to St. Regis and Four Seasons resorts, Jack Nicklaus golf courses, dozens upon dozens of amazing restaurants, and some of the loveliest scenery and beaches imaginable. That is why so many discerning travelers are making it their destination of choice, and to reach this area is quite simple.

By Air

Most travelers will opt to take the most straightforward and simple route to Punta Mita, which is to fly into Puerto Vallarta and then drive or book a car. They will arrive at the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport in Puerto Vallarta. This is less than an hour south of Punta Mita. Travelers can arrive via almost any airline that they choose, since the Puerto Vallarta airport serves most major American and international carriers.

Guests of Isle Blue can arrange for shuttle service to the village, with options for airport greeting readily available. The ride takes you north along the coast and to the outermost tip of the peninsula to the village and resort areas. Some villas are also staffed with drivers and a vehicle will already be available to escort you from the airport to your luxury villa for the duration of the holiday.

By Sea

The Marina Vallarta may also be an option for those who wish to sail or arrive by water. There will have to a private car or rental car arranged to transport guests from the large marina to Punta Mita. Alternatively, some guests may have a driver on their staff and simply need to discuss their arrival time. The distance is less than 30 miles and will require less than an hour of travel time.

Once in Punta Mita, a car is helpful in reaching the different destinations, even when booked in a villa within one of the resort or village properties. Some of the Isle Blue villas provide access to St. Regis or Four Seasons resort facilities, and so it is beneficial to book time with a driver to reach these amazing properties and facilities.

Additionally, those who want to pay a visit to Isla Marietas will want to make arrangements with their private concierge. The ride across Banderas Bay is remarkably brief, and snorkeling in the waters is considered an unprecedented experience. Hidden Beach is nearby as well, but only for those who have arranged a guided snorkeling tour. All of this requires convenient transport, and guests of Isle Blue villas should be able to easily request everything they need to get from the airport, around the village, and even across the waters to see some of the nearby sites and attractions


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