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Finally emerging from the shadow of its wildly popular neighbor, Tuscany, is the region of Italy known as Umbria. With a reputation for stunning beauty, impeccably preserved landscapes, and celebrated culture, it is a place that is both easy to explore and easy to love.

The popularity of Tuscany thanks to many books and films about it in recent years has allowed Umbria's immense appeal to be overshadowed and even forgotten. Fortunately, many are now giving it proper attention again, and savvy travelers have realized that it is an ideal space for all who love food, wine, nature, scenery, art, culture, architecture, history and so much more. In fact, some call it Tuscany without the tourists.     

Isle Blue features an elite collection of Umbria villas and holiday rentals. Enjoy a peaceful and serene retreat with majestic landscapes that is the true essence of La Dolce Vita. Contact our Italian villa specialists today to find your perfect vacation home in Umbria.

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The Appeal of Umbria

Set in the heart of Italy, Umbria is the only area of the country without coastline. However, it hardly needs it thanks to the presence of Lake Trasimeno (the largest of Italy's inland lakes and the fourth largest in the country) and two smaller lakes (Lago di Piediluco and Lago di Recentino), it has plenty of spots for those who enjoy the water.

However, it is the many hill towns, the rolling countryside, and the pastoral beauty of Umbria that has made it so appealing to travelers "in the know" for many centuries. It has its fair share of cities that deserve in-depth exploration such as Assisi, Perugia, Orvieto and others. However, it also has the smaller towns that are just as significant and charming. They include Montefalco, Spello, Trevi and Bettona among others.

Often described as easily visited due to its small size, it has all of the same charms as the larger and better-known regions. With villages and towns that you can explore in just a day or two, it is far more accessible than other parts of the country. However, it also has what one writer described as the "Umbria mistica" or the mystical Umbria. This is due to the long list of saints who have originated from the area, but many also say it has something to do with the utter difference of the landscape here compared to elsewhere in Italy.

The region is well known for its culture, art, and architecture as much as it is for its food and wine. Some describe it as a fusion of all of the best that culture has to offer. There are frescoes by Giotto and a basilica of Assisi, there is the duomo of Orvieto (that many say is the finest cathedral in all of Italy), and so much more. Even one of Europe's best annual festivals occurs in Umbria - the Spoleto summer festival - further proving that the area has immense appeal and charm to all who travel.


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