Things to do on the Amalfi Coast

Our Suggestions for the Amalfi Coast

If you ask anyone who has ever paid a visit to the Amalfi Coast of Italy what they recommend doing during a stay, it is likely that you will hear many respond with only a few words. Answers will often be a simple as "eat", "drink", "sightsee" or a combination of the three. Some will say, "just go and enjoy it", and all of these recommendations are entirely valid and accurate.

The Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for many reasons, and most of them involve the remarkable beauty, originality, and uniqueness of the area. It is home to villages and towns that seem to hang improbably from the cliffs above the sea, or sit tidily tucked into tiny bays lined with pebble-strewn beaches. The hills are verdant and have a perpetual fragrance of the lemons that grow only in these soils. The villas are all achingly beautiful, whether they are grand museums or private homes, and the gardens range from formal and stunning to charming and fragrant.

Open the Senses

Clearly, if you are looking for things to do along the Amalfi Coast, it begins with opening all of the senses to the experience. After all, the region is also known for its amazing food, including special cheeses, oils, and fruits and vegetables. Being a seaside location, fish dishes are an essential experience, but pastries and sweets are also famous, and you may easily create an unforgettable memory just by stopping at a small café to enjoy a slice of pear torte with a steaming coffee.

When considering just what to do then, you know that traveling the countryside enjoying whatever you encounter is sage advice. Hiking and walking is a true delight, but be prepared to climb steep sets of stairs or use sloping trails to reach the fishing villages and beach towns at the bases of the many cliffs.

Sights that you cannot skip include the Duomo and the its cloister in Amalfi; the churches of Positano, Atrani, Praiano, Mminori, and Conca dei Marini; the impressive villas of Ravello, and the museums of Camo. Day trips to Pompeii or Capri make for unforgettable extras, and allow you to take in the beautiful towns and scenery while on board your boat.

Because the region is home to some of the finest food in the world, you may also find it enjoyable to take some cooking courses or enjoy a few private food tours. Enjoying local specialties, prepared in the hands of experts is something few will forget. Clients of Isle Blue can work with their private concierge to explore options for tours and even chef-prepared meals.

Whatever you decide to do, don't forget that driving tours offer some of the finest all around experiences, and you can work with a private driver to book an exploration of this historic and scenic coast. Stop to dine, hike, take photos, tour a shop or museum, and breath in the lemon-scented air, the brisk aroma of the sea, or bask in the glorious Italian sun.


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