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Jamaica Guide

Jamaica is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean. It has a very diverse background and a culture that centers around ideas of love and acceptance. The country is beautiful with interesting things to see and do around every bend. You’ll find everything from the bustling epicenter of the capital city of Kingston to the lush green hillsides of the Blue Mountains to the gorgeous white sand of the world-class beaches, your Jamaica vacation will be full of activities and places that you won’t soon forget.

A Jamaica trip can be action-packed with new adventures to take off on every day or filled with days of relaxation. You can experience cuisine from all over the world, enjoy time at a spa, go golfing with incredible views, shop ‘til you drop, ride a 4-wheeler through the hills, go for a sunset cruise, and the list goes on and on. From reggae festivals to jerk chicken and everything in between, all of the things you’ve always heard about this amazing country will be right in front of you to enjoy on your Jamaica vacation.

Staying in a Jamaica Villa is a great way to give your trip an added step up from the average tropical vacation. You can have the privacy you want, the most comfortable accommodations, and experience what it feels like to live in an island paradise like Jamaica. There are so many amazing areas to stay in on the island of Jamaica, like the Tryall Club in Montego Bay with its private beach, tennis courts, excellent golfing and more. Finding a Jamaica vacation rental that will fit your needs and make you feel at home won’t be difficult.

Jamaica is an awe-inspiring vacation destination. This island will not disappoint. In fact, it will have you dreaming about your next vacation and planning to come back year after year.

Things to Do In Jamaica

The fact of the matter is that Jamaica will have you wanting to do it all, but there just isn’t time for you to experience everything this island nation has to offer. You’ll have no problem filling your days with all kinds of fun or relaxing things to do on your Jamaica vacation. Some days your biggest decision might be should I lay out at the pool or at the beach. Others you might be choosing between a catamaran, an ATV or good shoes for hiking. Whatever it is you want to do in Jamaica, chances are you can and it won’t be far away.

Check Out Dunn’s River Falls and Park

Travel to Ocho Rios to see the beautiful Dunn’s River Falls. It’s a popular tourist destination for a very good reason. Visitors can spend time in the park and see the gorgeous plant life that is native to Jamaica. Make sure to wear your bathing suit so you can get in the water and cool off. Get ready to trek up the falls and enjoy the day exploring this beautiful area.

Swim with the Dolphins

Also in Ocho Rios is Dolphin Cove. This is a fun place to take your family and get in the water with some amazing sea creatures. You can swim with dolphins, stingrays and sharks in the environment they live in. The trip to Dolphin Cove is exciting and fun but also very educational. Visitors get to learn about the animals and feed them. The surrounding park area also has many other things to do as well.

Spend the Day at Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is in Negril which is located on the west end of the island. The beach has golden sand and stretches on for seven miles. It’s an amazing place to spend the day with your sweetheart or your family. There are full-day trips you can book. Many of them will pick you up from your Jamaica vacation rental and drop you off when the day is done. Once you reach the beach you can go swimming, do some snorkeling, or just relax if you want to. You’ll likely see some cliff divers on your trip too. Bring a picnic or grab some lunch at Rick’s Café.

Go Horseback Riding on the Beach

You can book a two and a half hour horseback riding tour in Negril that will take you through some of the countryside and onto the beach on the back of a horse. You’ll have a tour guide who will share with your group all kinds of historical facts about the island and stuff about the plants and animals that are native to the area. You’ll get to make a stop at a centuries-old sugarcane plant. And you’ll get to view the stunning turquoise waters that surround all of Jamaica’s coastlines.

Jamaica Points of Interest

Bob Marley Museum

To many people, the name Bob Marley is almost synonymous with the island of Jamaica. The two certainly go hand-in-hand. The Bob Marley Museum is a must-see for those who will be in the city of Kingston during their Jamaica trip. The museum is housed in what once was the real home of the legendary Bob Marley. Visitors will get the chance to see one of the singer’s guitars and many other items belonging to him. It’s an iconic landmark that you’ll be glad you went to see.


Patois is the native language of Jamaicans. There are places on the island where you can hear a dialogue between islanders being spoken in the native tongue of the nation. When you listen to a conversation spoken in Patois, you’ll hear a rhythm in it. The language was developed out of other languages of people who came to the island from different parts of the world. You’ll hear influences from African, French, and English languages.

Appleton Estate Rum Tours

Along the southern coast of Jamaica is the Appleton Estate. It sits in the Nassau Valley and it is where Appleton Estate rum is crafted. Some of the world’s best rums are from the island of Jamaica. You can book a tour and taste at Appleton Estate. This, of course, is not an activity that is meant for families with children. But for those adult moments on your Jamaica vacation, this is a great way to spend a day.

Jamaican Jerk

Jerk is a way of cooking that originates in Jamaica. It makes meats flavorful and spicy through the use of dry rubs or marinades. Once the meat is seasoned, it’s cooked very slowly over a wood fire so it’s incredibly tasty and tender. The most popular meats to cook this way are pork and chicken. But you’ll definitely encounter other jerk meats as well.


Jamaica’s Best Restaurants

The HouseBoat Grill

HouseBoat Grill is located in Montego Bay. It’s open every day and serves food that’s inspired by the world. There are seasonal selections that change out all the time. Guests should dress casual, with elegance, and they can choose to eat either in the dining room that is downstairs, on the deck that is upstairs and outside or next to the water. Diners can enjoy fresh seafood and international cuisine.

The Sugar Mill

This is a fine dining restaurant that has won awards and is also located in Montego Bay. The site of the restaurant is on the property of the old Rose Hall Sugar Plantation. There are many options on the menu that are traditionally Jamaican. The food is inspired and fresh and will have you craving it again once your meal is through. Pair your food with one of the many rums available from the bar and have an experience like no other.

Rockhouse Restaurant

Located in Negril on the west end of Jamaica is Rockhouse Restaurant. Rockhouse is a fine dining restaurant that features traditional Caribbean fare but with a new, lighter, more modern twist put on it. All of the ingredients are locally sourced and fresh. The restaurant is open for all three meals of the day. The building is located on some cliffs that overlook the Pristine Cove. The setting is stunning and very romantic.

Bamboo Blu

This restaurant is in Ocho Rios. It’s right on the beach so you can dine on fantastic food while listening to the sounds of the water rolling up on the sand. Diners can relax and enjoy fresh seafood and cuisine that is highly Jamaican in flavor and presentation. The reputation this restaurant has established makes it somewhere you’ll want to make it to for a meal on your Jamaica vacation.

Jamaica Restaurant Guide


Where to Stay In Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the larger islands in the Caribbean. That’s why it is so very important for you to choose wisely when it comes to where you’re going to stay on your trip. There are only two cities on the island, Kingston and Montego Bay. If you want to be close to a lot of cultural and more urban kinds of things to do, then you’ll want to choose a Jamaica holiday rental that is near to one of the cities. There are many smaller towns that will make good base locations also, but it really comes down to your own preference.


Montego Bay

Montego Bay is a great location to find accommodations for your Jamaica vacation. This area has pretty much everything you’ll want to do on your getaway right within reach. You can golf at Cinnamon Hill Golf Club, go out to Margaritaville, take a rafting trip on the Martha Brae River, enjoy every water sport known to man, and more.

We recommend looking into our Jamaica Villas located in the Tryall Club neighborhood. Villa Karma Bay at the Tryall Club is an amazing 6 bedroom villa that is perfect for large families or different families who are traveling together. The property is built to include spaces for enjoying solitude, as well as good gathering spots for everyone to enjoy each other’s company. You’ll have the services of a cook, housekeeper, launderer, and butler included with your villa.

Villa Sugar Hill at Tryall Club is another good option for larger parties of travelers. The villa houses 8 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 16 guests and includes children. There is plenty of privacy on the 3 acres of property. You’ll be surrounded by gorgeous tropical plants and palm trees. There’s an amazing rooftop lookout that offers some jaw-dropping views of the sunset and surrounding area. There’s plenty of space inside the villa and tons of space for enjoying the outdoors too.

Other Jamaica vacation rentals to consider in the Tryall Club area are Mahogany Hill at Tryall, Cielo at Tryall and Lolita at Tryall.

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios in Jamaica is where you’ll find the Dunn’s River Falls, Yaaman Adventure Park, good golfing, Dolphin Cove and a number of other great attractions. For a Jamaica Villa experience that you’ll never forget, you should look into our Villa Canoe Cove. There 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms in the villa. You get to enjoy 200 feet of your own private beach. You’ll have the services of an entire staff of people, 3 acres of land, outdoor dining areas and a giant pool to dip into. This is Jamaican living at its finest.

Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay is on the northern coast of the island. The backdrop to the town is the Dry Harbour Mountains. Things to do in the area include Blue Hole Tours, lots of historical things to see as it is thought this is where Columbus sailed up to Jamaica, and dining on lots of fresh lobster and other Jamaican delights. We have several Jamaica Villas in this area, such as Sea Haven on Discovery Bay, Sea Grapes, Makana, and Keela Wee.


Jamaica Beach Guide

Doctor’s Cave Beach

This beach is in Montego Bay. Its name came from the doctor who gave up his beach property for use to a swim club. There was also a cave that was a way to access the beach. The cave is no longer there due to weather but the beach is and it’s an amazing one. There is a charge to get on the beach but it’s small and absolutely worth it.

Treasure Beach

On the southern coast of Jamaica, you’ll find Treasure Beach. This is a quiet beach that is known more for the fishermen who catch fish from their boats in these waters. You can find peace and calmness at this beach, as well as some local Jamaicans to chat with.

Seven Mile Beach

All the way to the west end of the island is Negril and its Seven Mile Beach. This is a beach you should try hard to get to on your Jamaica trip. It’s the longest one on the island and for those who are looking to be adventurous in a different way, there are portions of the beach that are considered nude zones.

Mammee Bay Beach

This beach has water that might be more fun for some people to play in. It’s located in Ocho Rios and the water is warm with more waves than some of the other calmer beaches. This is a great beach for trying out any of the watersports that are more fun with good wave action. Just remember that only part of the beach is open to the public.

Jamaica Vacation Planning Tips

When to Travel to Jamaica

Choosing when to go to Jamaica usually depends on the weather. The best time to go is during the winter months. From December through about April. However, that is also when most other people will be looking at making their trips. If you want to go when it’s nice and a little less busy then look into taking your Jamaica vacation in either May or November.

Jamaica Weather

The weather in Jamaica is usually hot and humid. In the hottest months of summer, the high temperatures can get up to the upper 90s. In the mildest months, lows will go down no lower than about the mid-60s. Hurricane season lasts from June through November. And there are a couple of rainy seasons from May to June and then again from September to November. Even in the rainy seasons though, you’re sure to get a lot of sunshine and warm weather.

Jamaica Weather Forecast

How to Get to Jamaica

The majority of visitors to Jamaica will fly into the country and usually land at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. There are several large airlines that fly into this location. There are two other International Airports on the island though, Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston and Ian Fleming International Airport close to Ocho Rios.

Airlines Serving Jamaica


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