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Welcome to Isle Blue, the luxury villa company, featuring the finest Barbados villas, where luxury takes center stage in this Caribbean paradise. Discover our exceptional collection of villas that represent the best of the best on the island of Barbados with luxury estates in Sandy Lane, Royal Westmoreland and Sugar Hill Estates..

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Discover the pinnacle of luxury in Barbados with our extraordinary villa collection. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this Caribbean gem, while enjoying curated experiences, personalized service, and the finest accommodations. Let us guide you on an extraordinary journey where every moment is a celebration of opulence and relaxation.

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Barbados Vacation Rentals

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Barbados Guide

Barbados is an island located in the southern chain of Caribbean islands that has a very unique makeup. It’s actually comprised of two different masses of land that fused together over a long period of time. As a result, the island features a very interesting topography with unique geological features. The scenic landscape and points of interest are sure to impress on your next Barbados vacation. 

You’ll find that the island has two very distinct sides. The West Coast of Barbados (the Caribbean side) is known for it's tranquil beauty. The coast is dotted with beautiful beaches of soft crushed coral sand and turquoise waters. The area is protected from the Atlantic trade winds by the highlands of the middle region. The West Coast is a magnet for travelers and hosts upscale country clubs such as Sandy Lane and Royal Westmoreland. 

On the Atlantic side of Barbados, the landscape is stunning and dramatic for it's natural beauty. The wild natural state of this region is awe-inspiring and well worth a day trip to Bathsheba or Cattlewash to enjoy a picnic while witnessing nature's glory.

The island has a lot to offer vacationers. This island has a lot of personality. There is a lot of culture to experience that includes an energetic nightlife, tons of local art, music, amazing food, lots of activities and a very rich history. The people are warm and welcoming. It’s a place that you’ll likely find yourself wanting to come back to.

Things To Do On Barbados

You won’t have to look for things to do on your Barbados vacation. You can do anything you can dream of that you might like to do in an island paradise. Go surfing, take on go-karts, check out local sporting events like a horse race at the Garrison Savannah, play some golf, book an in villa spa treatment, go to a festival, lay at the beach and anything else you can think of. Here are several suggestions on things to do on your Barbados vacation.

Take an Island Tour

There are numerous island tours you can experience ranging from adventure tours, food tours, heritage tours, homes and garden tours, shopping tours, bike and hike tours, nature tours and more. If you want to do it, there’s pretty much a tour for whatever it is. Tours are a great way to get out and explore what the island has to offer. 


Try Out Some Water Sports

This island has perfect waters and conditions to try out any of the water sports on Barbados you’ve ever wanted too. You can rent a kayak and go explore the sea, hit some waves with a really cool kite-surfing board, check out what’s under the sea with some snorkeling gear or scuba gear, or rent a jet ski and add a little speed to your day. If it’s your first time, there are a lot of lessons available also, so you can try something out with confidence.

Charter a Boat

Taking a boat ride for the day is a unique and highly memorable experience. Seeing the island from the outside is an experience you won’t forget. There are a number of boat charter companies that will help you get out on the beautiful water that is all around you in Barbados. One of the most memorable boat trips you can take is a catamaran cruise. They’ll take you out to a calm bay where you can jump in the water and take a swim. You may even have a chance to swim with sea turtles on many of these cruises.

Go Golfing

Barbados is an incredible vacation spot for golfers. You don’t get better weather than you do in this region, the scenery is truly amazing, and the courses are world-class. This isn’t just an island paradise, Barbados is also a golfer’s paradise. The island features numerous golf courses. The most famous is Sandy Lane Golf Club boasting three golf courses: The Old Nine, The Country Club and the world-renowned Green Monkey course, a Tom Fazio course exclusive to Sandy Lane guests.  Apes Hill Golf Club and Royal Westmoreland feature exceptional courses.

Swim With the Turtles

Barbados is home to many leatherback and hawksbill turtles. As we mentioned above, many of the catamaran cruises will take you to a place where you can swim with these majestic creatures. You’ll be provided with masks and snorkels by the charter company so that you can up close and personal with these tropical natives.

Go to a Friday Fish Fry at Oistins​

Once you’ve settled into your Barbados vacation rental, make your way to Oistins at the south end of the island. This is a fishing town and on many Fridays, there is a fish fry. There’s nowhere else to get fish that is this fresh. You’ll find plenty of fish to eat and cold beer. There are also lots of arts and crafts for sale that you can stroll around and look at. It’s a great place to look for souvenirs that are unique and authentic. Many nights there is live music by a local band.

Barbados Points of Interest

We said that this island has a rich history. There are some really cool points of interest that are just good to know about so you can look out for them or plan to visit some of them.


Bathsheba is a beach that is on the rocky side of the island to the east. There are incredible rock formations to look at and climb all over. Travelers should be careful though because the undercurrents on this side can be quite dangerous should you fall in. The waves are strong crashing up against the rocks. The energy coming off the water is mesmerizing though. This beach gives visitors a unique experience on their Barbados trip.

Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave gives you the chance to see some of the island’s amazing geological formations underground. There are stalactites and stalagmites all throughout the cave. It’s been named as one of the “Seven Wonders of Barbados” and is a very popular place to visit for tourists. You’ll see waterfalls and clear pools of water surrounded by incredible rock formations everywhere. The tour guides are knowledgeable and will share information about the cave’s history. It’s a fascinating way to spend part of the day on your Barbados vacation.

Spotting Green Monkeys

Take a trip over to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve and you can walk through the park where  green monkeys roam free. These little animals are native to the island so you’ll get to see them in their natural environment. Make sure you look for them whenever you’re out and about around Barbados.

Barbados’ Best Restaurants

The Cliff

The Cliff is an award-winning restaurant that has been in business since 1995. You’ll want to make sure you  spend a night out to dinner at The Cliff. This restaurant serves some of the best food in all of the Caribbean. The design of the dining room changes periodically with new interesting features being added from time to time. The food is high-end with international influences. Your night at The Cliff likely won’t be matched by many.

Lone Star

The Lone Star is located at the Lone Star Hotel and faces out over the beautiful waters of the sea. It’s on what’s known as the platinum coast of Barbados. Trek over to this restaurant so you can dine on delicious European inspired food that has just the right amount of Caribbean flair added to it. There are tasty wood-fired pizzas that are great for both adults and children. The bar whips up some seriously good cocktails also.

Bajan Blue

Bajan Blue is a restaurant in the Sandy Lane Hotel. The restaurant serves food all day but one of the best reasons for going to Bajan Blue is to have a Sunday brunch. This meal will have you talking about it even after your Barbados trip is over. The foods are mixtures of Caribbean, Asian and European influences. Bajan Blue has buffet nights that feature different food themes too, for those who like to have lots of choices.

The Tides Restaurant

You won’t get a better setting for a restaurant anywhere on Barbados. Diners are treated to a unique experience by sitting in a dining room that was once part of a residence on the beach. The structure was built out of mahogany and coral stone. The restaurant is on the west side of the island and has awe-inspiring views. Guests of The Tides can choose to sit in The Tree House pavilion, the Centre Lanai, The Gazebo or the air-conditioned Garden Gazebo. Each dining room gives visitors a different experience. There are many different kinds of items on the menu, but the specialty is fresh seafood at this restaurant.

Where to Stay on Barbados

Barbados is the perfect destination for families, golfers, honeymooners and beach goers. There is a perfect vacation home for each type of traveler.  Barbados has the largest collection of family friendly villas in the Caribbean while offering intimate honeymoon villas on the beach. For the VIP and the jet set that demand the very best, our Grand Luxury Barbados villa collection will tantalize.

The vast majority of travelers stay along the West Coast in an area north of Bridgetown and south of Speightstown. In this area, there are numerous beachfront developments as well as the country club estates of Sandy Lane, Royal Westmoreland, and Sugar Hill.  There are hundreds of upscale Barbados villas & vacation rentals in this region from romantic beachfront villas to large 10 bedroom estates such as villa Elsewhere in Sandy Lane.

Sandy Lane Estates

Sandy Lane Estates features upscale Barbados villas that are elegant and provide peacefulness. The property consists of 100 acres of beautiful land and well-maintained landscaping and renowned golf courses and amenities. Beaches of Barbados is just a distance away from the Sandy Lane villas. Most Sandy Lane villas will include resort privileges and access to the Sandy Lane Beach Club adjacent to the Sandy Lane hotel. The beach club features a bar and cabanas along with beach chair service.  Sandy Lane features three golf courses, tennis courts and a fitness center. Our most popular Sandy Lane villas are Amberley House, Casablanca, Tradewinds and Windward.  From the best villa within Sandy Lane Estates, the 11 bedroom Villa Sanzura will take your breath away.

Royal Westmoreland

This is the place to stay for golf lovers. Royal Westmoreland is a luxury golf estate with Barbados villas & holiday rentals that have beautiful views of the ocean and the fairway. There is a fully-equipped fitness center on the property, as well as a gorgeous pool to relax at. You’ll also find a spa, a restaurant and retail shops. You’ll get privacy at Royal Westmoreland and service that will make your Barbados trip stand out from other vacations. 
Royal Westmoreland features exceptionally well priced Barbados holiday rentals in the enclaves of Royal Villas,  Cassia Heights and Sugar Cane Ridge developments. For an more upscale experience, The Westerings and the Plantation House will absolutely delight.

Sugar Hill Estates

This is the place for those who like those expansive views that you get from the top. The Sugar Hill Estates is set up above the West Coast on a ridge that lets you see all of the features down at the shoreline. The property covers 50 acres and is conveniently close to Holetown. In Holetown are numerous shops, restaurants and the famed Limegrove luxury shopping mall.  The estates have their own restaurant and bar on-site and a beach club with their own special service. Popular Sugar Hill villas are villa Illusion,  Eden and Half Century House

Schooner Bay Resort

Schooner Bay is an exceptional popular option for Isle Blue guests. The condos at Schooner Bay offer luxury at an outstanding value.  This option gives travelers a place to stay that is a little more private and quiet. The resort centers around a pool that resembles a peaceful lagoon. Guests can walk to Speightstown, which is a small historic town with restaurants and shops to check out. Schooner Bay is located between Heywoods Beach and Mullins Beach on the west side of the island. Schooner Bay features luxury Barbados holiday rentals in the form of beachfront condos and penthouses.

Beachfront Villas on the West Coast

Beachfront villas on Barbados are the most requested Barbados holiday rentals. These Barbados villas are located on the platinum coast and usually have access to a beautiful beach. The beachfront accommodations range from luxury condos at renowned properties such as Old Trees on Paynes Bay beach, Coral Cove, Schooner Bay and Glitter Bay to elegant standalone Barbados beachfront villas.
Popular Barbados beachfront villas are Radwood Beach House, Mirador, Leamington House and Nirvana. For the ultra exclusive Barbados beachfront experience, villa Seaclusion, villa The Dream and Moon Reach tops the list.

Barbados Beachfront Villas

Beach Guide

Mullins Beach

This is the popular beach on the west side of the island. Mullins Beach has lounge chairs and umbrellas and beautiful palm trees to sit under. The water is marked off for safe areas to swim in or you can jet ski out a little further if you like. There’s a beach bar for all of your hunger and thirst cravings and plenty of amazing scenery to take in.

Bottom Bay

Visiting Bottom Bay is like being inside a postcard picture. From the tall palm trees to the white sand, to the turquoise water, it just doesn’t get prettier than this. There are coral cliffs that give the beach some protection and from where you can look over the entire beach. It’s an excellent place to have a picnic, but be cautious about the water. The waves can be quite strong at this beach.

Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay is on the west side of Barbados and is the main harbour of Bridgetown, which is the island nation’s capital city. You’ll see a lot of yachts and other boats hanging out in this bay. Get out on the water in a boat, relax on the sandy beach or enjoy a tasty beverage at Pirate’s Cove bar. It’s a nice place to spend a day on your Barbados vacation.

Paynes Bay

This beach has turquoise-green waters that are calm and scenic. You can rent a beach chair for the day and sit out on the sand. Find a shady spot and read a book. Or take part in one of the many water sports offered at this beach. This is a great place to go snorkeling, especially for the unfamiliar first-timers. It’s a good all-around beach that has something to offer everyone. There are several beachfront developments on this beach that offer holiday rentals. Recommended properties are Old Trees, Smugglers Cove, The St James and Coral Cove.

Accra Beach

Accra Beach has some good waves or calmer waters in a pool-like area that’s great for younger kids. There are trees all along the back side of the beach giving you somewhere to sit that provides protection from the sun. You can relax on a beach chair or get in the water for some windsurfing or body surfing. This area has shopping and food kiosks for browsing. There’s also the Tiki Bar for drinks and something to eat down at the beach’s end.

Isle Blue's Barbados Beach Guide

Barbados Vacation Planning Tips

Plan your Barbados trip around what things you plan to do. Understand that one side of the island has much bigger and stronger waves than the other. If you’re traveling with small children, the West Coast is the place to look for a Barbados vacation rental to stay in and things to do. If you desire to surf and be surrounded by raw natural beauty, then the casual beach shacks on the East Coast may fit the bill.

When to Travel to Barbados

Barbados is an all year round destination. The peak periods are between November and April while the summer Crop Over festival is a highly popular draw. The island features frequent events such as rugby and cricket tournaments or horse races.  The island of Barbados is located on the southern end of the Caribbean chain of islands. The location provides ideal weather all year with plenty of sun. Due to it's location, hurricanes are quite rare but there may be increased tropical weather from August to November.

Barbados Weather

The weather in Barbados is almost always sunny and warm. The temperature is usually in the 80s and the lows don’t go much lower than the 70s. If it rains, it’s usually only for a short time and not very often. The trade winds keep the temperature from feeling very hot so you’ll be comfortable all the time.

Barbados Weather Forecast

How to Get to Barbados

There are multiple major airlines that fly into Barbados Airport Grantley Adams International (BGI). It’s easy to get to the island and start enjoying your vacation right away. The view as you fly in is incredible too, so you’ll be ready to step off your flight into this tropical paradise.

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