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St Lucia Vacation Rentals

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St Lucia Guide

On the eastern side of the Caribbean Sea, right where it meets the Atlantic Ocean, sits the incredibly beautiful island of St Lucia. She has 238 square miles of land that include miles and miles of white sand beaches. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to plan a romantic getaway, a business morale trip, or a family vacation with memories to last a lifetime. St Lucia is the perfect destination for any of these reasons.

This island has it all. The beaches on St Lucia are gorgeous, and the water is perfectly clear. There are the mountains in the backdrop. You’ll love gazing up at the peaks of the Pitons when you’re strolling through town or laying on the beach. There are vibrant green rainforests that can serve as the setting for an amazing adventure day on your St Lucia vacation. The culture is interesting with depth and history that is fun to learn about while you’re there. And the people are warm and friendly with backgrounds from many different parts of the world.

St Lucia has cuisine and restaurants that will delight foodies and even the toughest of food critics alike. This sovereign island country is renowned for the food variety that is available throughout the island. There are cultural connections on this island to many other parts of the world, including strong influences of French, African and English flavors present in the cuisine found all around St Lucia. You’ll discover a whole world of bold and adventurous food while you're on your St Lucia trip.

You’ll find once you’ve been to St Lucia, it’s hard to imagine yourself going anywhere else. And the beauty of it is, there’s so much to do on the island, you can go back over and over again and still find new adventures to take and new mysteries to unlock. Go back and recreate the vacation you took and loved, or book completely different St Lucia Villas every time you return.

It’s even really easy to get to the island. St Lucia has two airports of its own. Plenty of flights fly straight into either Hewanorra International Airport or George Charles Airport.  Hewanorra Airport (code: UVF) is the larger and main airport found in the southern region of the island. Many cruise lines also come through the two ports located on the island. With everything you’ll experience while you’re on the island of St Lucia, you’ll likely find yourself going back again and again.

Things to Do On St Lucia

A St Lucia vacation is truly one that anyone can enjoy no matter what it is they like to do. Why? Because this incredibly gorgeous island has so many different kinds of things to do. Whether you are super active and love to do new things that require physical effort and energy, or you like to sight-see and discover the history and any hidden secrets of a place, or you love nothing more than to sit back, relax and take in the warm weather, St Lucia will deliver on all of it.

Snorkel at Anse Chastanet Beach

Anse Chastanet Beach is the perfect place to try out snorkeling for the first time. It’s great for adults who just haven’t done it yet or for children who want to give it a shot. The water is very shallow and the area for snorkeling is cordoned off so that no boats can get close and churn up some waves. It’s a great way for families to have some fun away from their St Lucia vacation rentals.

Discover the Rainforest

You can zip line through the canopy of the lush rainforest or go for a nice hike that keeps you shaded for the day. You’ll learn about all of the indigenous plants and animals that live on St Lucia. Imagine coming up on an enchanting waterfall and watching a beautiful tropical bird fly across your path, stopping you in your tracks. You’ll get moments like this on your St Lucia trip that you’re sure to never forget.

Go For a Sunset Cruise

You can go on a romantic sunset cruise on an incredible catamaran with your special someone to create a memory that will last for the rest of your life. You’ll enjoy some champagne and light food while you watch the island from the water and find yourself in awe of the painted sky as the sun starts dropping down closer to the sea. Seeing the island from the water is something you have to do at some point during your St Lucia vacation.

Spend the Day at Rodney Bay

Rodney Bay has plenty to do that will keep you busy for an entire day. Vacationers can leave their St Lucia holiday rentals in the morning and not make it back until bedtime and they won’t have run out of things to do in Rodney Bay. This is the site of a very popular beach on the island, Reduit. There are plenty of options for food and drink in the bay. This beach is the place to try out water sports like water skiing and windsurfing. It’s also the home of Splash Island Water Park, an on-the-water inflatable adventure park that the whole family can enjoy.


St Lucia Points of Interest

The Pitons

The Pitons are St Lucia's iconic attractions. There are two famous peaks on St Lucia, Petit Piton and Gros Piton. The peaks are both volcanic necks, hardened magma in the vent of an active volcano. You don’t have to be told these stunning peaks are special because you can see that as soon as you lay your eyes on them. Visitors can head out from their St Lucia Villas and take an incredible hike around the Pitons, or book a cruise to sail around them and see them from atop the water.


Soufriere is a town on St Lucia that is a great place to go and shop or have an incredible meal during your St Lucia trip. If you like to have immersive experiences when you go away on vacation, then Soufriere is a stop you’ll want to make. You can enjoy some of the island’s culture, as well as check out the St Lucia Diamond Falls. A day spent in Soufriere allows you to have some different experiences doing some things that are away from the beaches.

Marigot Bay

This bay is so picturesque that if you closed your eyes and imagined what a tropical paradise would look like, you’d likely come up with something close to what Marigot Bay looks like. There are the tall palms that sway in the breeze growing out of white sand and hills in the background that are covered in rich, green plant life. You can either take a beautiful drive to get there or take a ferry across the water of the bay.

Pigeon Island National Park

If you’re a history buff, this stop is for you. Pigeon Island is right across the way from Rodney Bay. Part of St Lucia’s history includes fighting between the French and the English over who would control the island. From the mid-1600s, when the French first had control, to the early 1800s when the British finally ended up with the reign over the island, the two countries had vied over the land.

Pigeon Island was a lookout for the British during that time. From the high points, they could watch for French invasions coming from other islands in the surrounding area. You can actually travel up to the spot they used for the lookout yourself. It’s an amazing place to take photos and view St Lucia’s coast. It’s easy to get there now too because a raised road now exists between the main island and Pigeon Island.


St Lucia’s Best Restaurants


If you want good local Caribbean food in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, then check out Fedo’s. It’s located in Soufriere and serves lunch and dinner. You can choose from a variety of fresh seafood menu items, as well as some vegetarian options and top everything off with a nice cold beverage outside on the patio.

The Coal Pot

Situated in Castries right on the water’s edge is The Coal Pot. This restaurant has been serving up delicious Caribbean and French meals for over 15 years. As you would expect on a St Lucia vacation, there is amazingly fresh seafood served there. The Coal Pot is open for lunch, dinner and late-night meals. There is a full bar and plenty of seating indoors or outdoors.

The Pink Plantation Restaurant

In the peak season, from about December through part of April, The Pink Plantation Restaurant takes reservations for dinner on Friday nights for visitors to the island only. If you would rather though, it is open every day for lunch. The Pink Plantation House that houses the restaurant has a lot of connections to the history of St Lucia. The restaurant serves Caribbean specialties with locally sourced ingredients.

St Lucia Restaurant Guide

Where to Stay On St Lucia

 St Lucia has some really nice neighborhoods and areas to stay in and most of them are surrounded by beauty on all sides. But there are some standouts on the island where you’ll find our St Lucia Villas to have the most amazing locations with stunning views.

Cap Estate

It’s not an accident that we’re listing Cap Estate first. This area is absolutely gorgeous. It’s all the way to the north of the island. St Lucia vacation rentals in Cap Estate come with views of the sunrise in one direction and views of the sunset in the other direction. It just doesn’t get better than this neighborhood. Everywhere you look there is something pretty to lay your eyes on. And Villa Akasha gives you the perfect contemporary place to do that from. It has accommodations for up to 12 people, including children. This villa actually houses 6 suites within its walls. Your stay will include the services of a housekeeper. You’ll have your own private cabana to use at the pool or plenty of deck space along the poolside for laying out under the sun.

This area comes with convenience too. You can get all over the island because it’s very close to the highway. You’ll be able to get your groceries, go out to dinner, find souvenirs or anything else you would like very easily from any of our St Lucia holiday rentals in Cap Estate. One that’s great for families or couples traveling together is Villa Equinox. The villa boasts 4 bedrooms, cathedral ceilings, a swimming pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea and so much more. You won’t want to leave this beautiful colonial-style St Lucia Villa.

Cap Estate Villas

Rodney Heights

Rodney Heights is another area that comes with a lot of convenience to things you’ll want to do. It too has easy access to the highway. Rodney Bay is home to one of the island’s most popular beaches, Reduit. Add to that all of the bars, restaurants, nightlife, shopping and water activities in this area, and it’s easy to understand why so many people want to visit Rodney Heights or live there.

Sugar Beach

Looking for St Lucia Villas with a majestic backdrop? Look in Sugar Beach. It doesn’t get more majestic than Sugar Beach. Our Sugar Beach1BR Beach Residence has views of the sea and the lush mountains. You’ll also be right on the beach. You get to take advantage of butler services and housekeeping services. You’ll have a private pool with a large deck around it. The villa is designed to be able to live inside and outside seamlessly moving between the two.

Sugar Beach Villas

St Lucia Beach Guide

Reduit Beach

Some argue that this is the island’s most popular beach. It’s in Rodney Bay and is about 5 miles long. The waters are very calm there so it’s a great place to take small children. There are also plenty of options for food and drink around. You can rent gear for playing in the water and try out your skills at Splash Island Water Park.

Anse Chastanet

This beach is great for all levels of snorkelers. There’s a great coral reef there that is easy to get to where you’ll be able to see all kinds of beautiful sea creatures. There is a roped off area in the water that makes this beach a good place for swimming and snorkeling safely for first-timers because boats are not allowed to come close.

Pigeon Island

You can make a day out of your visit to Pigeon Island. Go check out the lookout spots, visit the little museum that’s part of the landmark, then go hang out on the beach. There are a couple of options for food on the little island and a rum bar.

Marigot Bay Beaches

Marigot Bay has several small beaches to visit on your St Lucia trip. Most of the beaches on St Lucia are small. The great thing about visiting the bay is that if you find that one beach is too crowded for your liking, you can just look for another one that has fewer people. All of them are beautiful with white sand so you’ll be able to find something that suits your preference.

St Lucia Beach Guide

St Lucia Vacation Planning Tips 

When to Travel to St Lucia

We mentioned above that the peak season for St Lucia is in the winter. It goes from December through sometime in April. If you’re planning to visit in the high season, make sure you look into our St Lucia vacation rentals fairly early so you can pick from the best inventory.

You can really travel to St Lucia most of the year and have great weather. But it is good to consider that in summer and fall months, there are chances for hurricanes and tropical storms. If you look into going right after the school year finishes, you can get amazing weather and more space to yourself as the high season hasn’t started and neither has hurricane season.

St Lucia Weather

The weather in St Lucia is very typical for tropical climates. There isn’t much variation in temperature. The highs are usually in the mid to upper 80s and the lows are usually in the lower to mid-70s. You might get some rain showers now and then but they’re usually quick and scattered. September is when St Lucia sees the most precipitation.

St Lucia Weather Forecast


How to Get to St Lucia


A common question is how to get to St Lucia. It can be a bit confusing because St Lucia has two airports.  Hewanorra Airport is the main airport and located in the southern region of the island.  The second airport is George Charles Airport that serves as a regional Caribbean airport with smaller planes that connect St Lucia to several nearby destinations.  St Lucia is a prime Caribbean destination and many of the major carriers will feature a direct flight from one of their hubs. To reach your villa we advise either renting a car or arrange a transfer. 


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