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Anguilla Travel Guide

The Eastern Caribbean is home to one of the area’s best kept secret destinations. The island of Anguilla is full of adventure, romance, history, pleasure and family fun. This little island is the furthest north in the group of Leeward Islands. It’s only 16 miles from end to end and 3 miles across at its widest. Getting around is so much fun while adjusting for the left side of the road driving.  Nothing on this island is out of your reach.

Anguilla has 33 beaches and they’re all worth a visit. The language spoken throughout the island is English. The people are friendly and the neighborhoods are charming with class. No matter what your budget looks like, there is an Anguilla vacation rental that will fit.

The water here is very warm, the sand is soft, the sun is out most of the time and the water sports are a-plenty. You’ll find world-class cuisine, tasty beverages with personality, amazing golfing and many cultural attractions to check out also.

Anguilla is part of the British Caribbean overseas territories. The capital on the island is The Valley. The population of the island is just under about 15,000 inhabitants. It was only as late as 1980 that Anguilla got its separation from Saint Kitts. Prior to that, it had been under the operation of the Saint Kitts body of government.

Things to Do On Anguilla

Anguilla has a variety of things to do. You can relax and layout with a good book in the sun. Explore all the natural wonders of the island. Play some golf on a championship course. Charter a boat and see the island from the outside. Take in a boat race that’s underway. Or, try one of the many different water sports that are all around the island, including an on the water obstacle course.


Watch a Boat Race

Anguilla’s national sport is boat racing. Most of us can’t actually enter a boat race, but watching one is fun too. If you’re around for any of the island’s boat races, make sure to stop and watch. Catch some of the festivities that go on along the shore to get into the action of the race as a spectator. It’s a fun way to spend a day on your Anguilla trip.


Go Golfing

Golf with some of the best views you can get on a course on the championship course designed by Greg Norman. The course doesn’t get crowded so you can just enjoy a day golfing at your own pace and taking in the views that every hole has to offer. Don’t worry about bringing your own equipment. The rental gear is top of the line. After the day, enjoy some fine dining at the restaurant in the resort.

Enjoy a Night Out at Dune Preserve

This is a night hotspot in Rendezvous Bay. Banking Banx is a reggae artist who has had a successful career. He now owns Dune Preserve in Anguilla. The venue is open for lunch and there are usually crowds during the day wanting snacks and drinks after hanging out at the beach. If you go at night though, you can have dinner and take in the live music when Banx plays. He also has other big-name artists come by sometimes so you never know who you might get to see.

Go to the Beach

There are 33 amazingly stunning beaches on this island. You definitely need to get out of your Anguilla vacation rental and make it to as many of them as you can. Rendezvous Bay has calm waters for any level of skill when it comes to swimming. Meads Bay, on the west end of the island, has gorgeous waters, soft sand and isn’t ever really crowded. There’s plenty of room for you to have your own space.

Swim with the Dolphins

Take a trip out to Blowing Point beach to the Dolphin Discovery of Anguilla. You can get in the water with dolphins and get to see what these amazing creatures are all about. You’ll learn about what they’re like in their natural habitats and get to pet them and swim alongside them. Make sure to book your day and time at the dolphinarium so everything goes smoothly on your Anguilla vacation.

Anguilla Activities

Anguilla’s Best Restaurants


Veya is the perfect restaurant to book a reservation at for a special night with something you want to celebrate. The setting is much like you’re dining in a treehouse. The ambiance is unique and magical. It will make for a night you won’t forget. Diners sit outside on a covered porch that wraps all around the building. There are lush gardens everywhere you look from the seating area. The food is elegant with influences of the Caribbean region all throughout the menu. There is something for all different tastes.

The Pumphouse

This place is very popular and not one you want to miss on your Anguilla vacation. Housed in an old salt refining mill, even the building is cool. The atmosphere at The Pumphouse is fun and energetic. There is live music in an open-air venue on Sandy Ground. There are vintage decorations all over the inside of the restaurant. The menu is full of amazing comfort foods with international influences. You won’t find a more friendly or happening spot on the island.


Coba is located on the very west end of Anguilla at the Four Seasons resort. It overlooks the meeting spot of Meads Bay and Barnes Bay. The views are endless and spectacular. The restaurant is perched up on a bluff so diners can look out over the water in dramatic fashion. Coba has an amazing ambiance and some of the best seafood grill cuisine anywhere on the island.


Pimms is a fine dining restaurant that looks out over Maunday’s Bay. The menu features items that center around the fresh seafood that is all around, cooked with influences from other international locations as well as Anguillian tastes. This restaurant has won awards surrounding their incredible wine list and has a dedicated wine team to help you pick the right wine to have with your meal. You’ll definitely want to get out of your Anguilla villa for dinner at Pimms.

Falcon’s Nest

This beach bar and grill is the new kid on the block. It hasn’t been open for a very long time relative to the others on the island, but Falcon’s Nest has done very well since its establishment in Island Harbour. It’s located on the eastern side of the island and serves fresh seafood items as well as some delicious cocktails that are perfect for sipping in the sun.


Where to Stay on Anguilla


Anguilla is really quite small. Staying somewhere in the middle, toward The Valley, will keep you close to anything you’ll want to do for your entire Anguilla trip. But if you’re planning on staying on one end or the other, and you don’t feel you’ll be exploring the entire end, there are amazing Anguilla villas all around the island.


Shoal Bay

This is the premier area in Anguilla with the most popular beach. Shoal Bay is ranked as one of the best beaches in the world pretty consistently. The sand is white with a pink tone to it and the waters are beautiful aquamarine. Shoal Bay has plenty of restaurants and bars so if you like to get out and about in a social setting this is a great place to stay. In Shoal Bay East, we have our Waves villa. With three bedrooms that include en-suite bathrooms, you’ll be right in the center of all of the beauty that Anguilla has to offer. You’ll enjoy an outdoor shower, a jacuzzi, incredible sunset views at night, a full gourmet kitchen, your own private patio and sun bed, and even a wine cooler. You’ll be close to so much, yet feel like you’re in your own remote tropical location.

Meads Bay

The sand in Meads Bay is so soft it feels like you’re sinking your feet into silk. It’s a bright white set against almost luminescent blue-green water. There is an amazing coral reef right off of Meads Bay that is perfect for those who love to snorkel. If you’re looking to get in and see what’s under the water, Meads Bay is a good place to look for an Anguilla holiday rental. Kishti East is one of our Meads Bay villas that’s ideal for couples or families that are taking and Anguilla vacation together. There are six bedrooms to house up to 12 people, including children. You can get total relaxation at the Kishti Estate Villas. You’ll have the use of all of the property’s many amenities and the service staff to cater to your needs. And if you want to get out on the beach, just take a few steps and you’re there.


Another option we have in Meads Bay is The Beach House – Anguilla. If you have a large group coming to the island, maybe for a wedding party or family reunion, this is an ideal choice for you. There are eight separate bedrooms and 10 bathrooms in this beautiful villa. It’s a waterfront property that has a pool, Jacuzzi, air conditioning, a chef, a dining area outside and views from every corner of the building. The villa includes a bar area, a games room, a home theater and your own layout chairs on the beach. You’ll have room for everyone in this incredible villa in Meads Bay.

Long Bay

Long Bay is a good option for people who want a little more privacy. This beach is gorgeous. It’s backed by palm trees and other greenery and the water is a beautiful turquoise green color. This is the place you want to stay on your Anguilla vacation if you’re looking for an escape from life back home. Our Nevaeh Villa takes luxury vacation to a whole new level. You’ll get the service of an entire household staff. You can work on your swing with the golf simulator, play tennis or basketball on the on-site courts or sneak off to the hot tub. You’ll have your own private access to the beach and use any of the watersports gear that comes along with your Anguilla vacation rental. There are eight bedrooms that can house up to 16 guests so you can bring the whole extended family.

Crocus Bay

In Crocus Bay you’ll find Little Bay Beach and many of the island’s popular golf courses. This area is perfect for those who want to get out for a round of golf several times on their Anguilla trip. Then they can go back to their Anguilla villas and enjoy the incredible views of the bay. Villa Ani North, part of  Ani Estate, is a beautiful villa that is perfect for up to eight guests. It’s three stories of luxurious elegance that give views that are awe-inspiring for all floors. The villa overlooks Little Bay Beach and is very near to some of the island’s best golfing. There is a pool terrace in the middle of the villa that has plenty of chairs for laying out and relaxing in the sun. The décor in the bedrooms is meant to give a guest the feel that they’re staying in a spa-like space. Meals are prepared by an in-house chef and there are all kinds of activities to do right at the villa.


Beach Guide

Shoal Bay

This is the most popular beach in Anguilla. There are plenty of restaurants and bars around so you won’t need a picnic. There are times when it may seem a little crowded but Anguilla is an island that is less traveled than some other in the Caribbean so crowded here is different than what you may see at the more mainstream Caribbean islands. You’ll have enough space to spread out. The water is warm, the sand is soft and you can spend the day having fun in the sun.

Meads Bay

Meads Bay is just as stunning at Shoal Bay but is less busy. You can rent a beach chair and camp out for the day on the sand that is super smooth and bright white. Or you can find something to eat at the restaurants and bars in the area. Many locals will tell you to try Blanchards Beach Shack for lunch. If you’re taking your Anguilla vacation in the winter months, you should note that the waters at this beach can be a little rougher.

Rendezvous Bay

This beach is two miles long and is located on the southwest side of the island. It’s good for getting away from the crowds that you might find at Shoal Bay East. Dune Preserve is located in Rendezvous Bay, which is somewhere you’ll want to check out for some great food and live music. The waters at this beach are really good for young children and anyone who might feel a little nervous about their swimming abilities, as they are calm and shallow.

Anguilla Beach Guide

Anguilla Vacation Planning Tips


When to Travel to Anguilla

If you’re looking for a less expensive Anguilla trip, you’ll want to travel anywhere from May to August. The peak season is from the middle of December to the middle of April. The weather can’t be beat at this time and all the island’s attractions and businesses are sure to be up and running during this time.

Anguilla’s Weather

Typical Anguilla weather is sunny and warm. There are only about 35” of annual rainfall. Most of that comes from the island’s rainy season which is in September and October. But even in those months, you’ll find a lot of sunny days. The temperature is usually in the 80s with a nice breeze blowing through the tops of the palm trees.

Anguilla Weather Forecast


How to Get to Anguilla

There is an airport on Anguilla, the Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport (AXA), but it’s not likely that you’ll fly in there. Most travelers going to Anguilla will fly into the Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) on St. Martin. Then they will take a ferry over to Anguilla. Flying from the U.S., most people will fly into Puerto Rico (SJU) and then make their way over to Anguilla on a ferry.

How to Get to Anguilla

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