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Our Recommended Restaurants along the Amalfi Coast

Travelers preparing for a visit to the Amalfi Coast region of Italy already know that they are heading to one of the world's most enjoyable locales. Scenery is in abundance and ranges from dramatic cliffs, charming towns and villages tucked into (or even seeming to balance at the edge of) the hills and bays, gardens, amazing architecture, and the flawless waters of the Gulf of Salerno. There are also things to see and experience such as the architecture, churches and cathedrals, museums and Old Master works, and the impressive gardens.

One thing that any traveler will be planning to do during their stay is to eat, and hopefully they will be planning to eat often. After all, the food of the Amalfi Coast is legendary. Writers, artists and world travelers have long described the lemon scent that seems to hang on the air throughout the summer. There is also the fresh fish, the cheeses from the farms in the hills, and the culinary delights ranging from the pastry and bread to the fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Before you even plan on where to dine in the area, you should make a point of discovering the specialties to seek out first. After all, clients of Isle Blue do always have the option of using their gourmet kitchens to experiment with local ingredients, or booking time with one of the chefs who specialize in local cuisine.

This will allow you to really savor ingredients such as the Ovale de Sorrento and Sfusato Costa de Amalfi lemons (if you are lucky enough to find these two native lemon varieties during your visit to the city of Amalfi), the delicious Colatura di Alicia or anchovy oil made in Cetara, the unforgettable cheeses that come from Monte Lattari, and any of the pastries you might find along the way.

A truly local favorite is Salvatore de Riso who has a shop in Minori called Piazza Cantilena and which produces a hazelnut crumb cake that is filled with pears and ricotta. Visitors in the know also pay a visit to Pansa, near the Piazza Duomo to purchase true "Amalfi Biscuits".  Also in the city of Amalfi is the Andrea Pansa chocolaterie. Travelers in Positano will want to visit La Zagara for the Torta Zagara.

Once you have savored local favorites and even enjoyed meals cooked to perfection in your villa, you will want to head out to try at least one of the seven restaurants of the region that have received Michelin stars. Some of the most famous and frequently visited spots include:

In Positano

  • Casa e Bottega

  • Il Ritrivo

  • La Tagliata

  • Rada

  • Savino

  • Buca di Bacco

In Amalfi

  • Restaurant Marina Granda

  • La Taverna dei Briganti

  • Santa Caterina

  • Ristorante Savo

In Salerno

  • La botta pazza

  • Botteghelle 65

In Praiano

  • Costa Diva

  • Un Piano nel Cielo

Other Suggested Restaurants Along the Amalfi Coast

  • Le Bonta del Capo in Conca dei Marini

  • Lincanto in Furore

  • Ristorante Pizzeria Il Pinguino in Scala

  • Torre Normanna Restaurant in Maiori

  • Cucina Antichi Sapori in Tramonti

  • Rossellini in Ravello

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of options, and this represents only a few of the most frequently cited. Small establishments are not to be ignored as these too tend to offer authentic and unforgettable dining experiences.


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