Restaurant Recommendations Antigua

While in the islands, it is important to sample the local foods. Whatever fresh fruits and juices are in season, you are likely to find them offered by local farm stands or in the markets. Do not hesitate to sample them. The most popular local dishes are "fungie", which is a cornmeal dish, pepper pot, seasoned rice dishes, and sweets such as sugarcake and tamarind stew. Pop-up stands appear during the weekends and offer local specialties such as barbecue, chicken and rice, and more.

Though Antigua is not known as a culinary destination, you will find high-end meals at the different resort locations in the region. Among the most frequently recommended are:

Catherine's Café Plage   English Harbour - Contact for Reservations:

Cecilia's High Point Cafe   St George -  Contact for Reservations: [email protected]

C&C Wine Bar   St. John's -  Contact for Reservations:  [email protected]

Hemmingway's Caribbean Café   St. John's - Contact for Reservations: [email protected]

Cloggy's Cafe   Falmouth - Contact for Reservations: [email protected]

Jacqui O's Beach House   St Mary's - Contact for Reservations: [email protected]

Sheer Rocks  St Mary's -  Contact for Reservations:

Shirley Heights Lookout   English Harbour - Contact for Reservations: [email protected]

Sun Ra   Falmouth - Contact for Reservations: [email protected]

Tappas Bar & Restaurant   English Harbour - Contact for Reservations: 


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