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Mykonos attracts the cosmopolitan set with its clubs and resorts, but Santorini attracts those who are looking for the amazing scenery, heart-stopping sunsets, white cubist buildings, and the scores of postcard perfect villages that are the hallmark of a Greek getaway.

The second most frequently visited island of the Cyclades, Santorini boasts just as many top-notch beaches, scores of picturesque towns and villages and rates as one of the most culturally diverse of all islands, it is a perfect choice for those in search of historical and cultural, as well as scenic experiences. The unique geography allows visitors to enjoy non-stop scenery from almost anywhere, and a popular choice is to hire one of the luxury villas situated above the harbor area or excellent beaches and within easy reach of everything the island offers.

Most travelers arrive by air via domestic flights on Olympic Air or Aegean Airlines (departing from Athens). The trip takes only 45 minutes. EasyJet has direct flights year-round into Santorini from London as well. From April through October, some international carriers offer direct flights to the island with the most common departures from Brussels, Milan, Amsterdam, Vienna, Munich and Frankfurt.

Ferries also make the trip into the main port at Athinios, departing from Piraeus and taking ten hours via the normal ferry, seven hours by the faster service of Blue Star, and only five hours on the high-speed ferry. At the waterfront or airport, buses as well as taxis are available, but those at the port will have to hike, ride a cable car or hire a mule to get up the tall cliffs above the harbor (unless taking a taxi or bus).

Getting around is very easy with plenty of buses, many rental cars, and a large number of ATVs available. With only one hour of driving time to travel from one end of the island to the other, this is a perfect island for exploring, relaxing, and taking a lot of time wherever you decide to spend the day.

Santorini is a volcanic island with some of the most dramatic sea cliffs and scenery imaginable. It offers impressive sunsets almost every day and its beaches range in color too. The island has black sand beaches at Kamari and Perissa, red sands near Fira, and whites sands in other locations. Whether you enjoy rocky beaches at the bottom of dramatic cliffs or classic white sand beaches, Santorini is sure to please.

The island is home to more than half a dozen vineyards too, with most offering tastings and tours. And, of course, there are boating and water sports opportunities in abundance around the entire island.


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