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Described as "easy to reach", the island actually receives more than eight million seasonal tourists during its summer months. This is why the infrastructure is so well done, but also why reaching the island is so simple as well. Ongoing flights on major international airlines arrive daily in Palma. Additionally, flights arrive from other Balearic Islands as well, which is usually a discounted way to reach Mallorca.

There are also many ferries that enter the port at Palma each day, some from the other nearby islands but also some that come from the Spanish coastal areas of Valencia and Barcelona.

As indicated, traveling in Mallorca can be done by the island’s two rail lines that depart from Palma and head to Soller through the mountains, or to Sa Pobla and Manacor. However, travelers depending upon the trains should know that the stops are not often in town centers and it is necessary to use buses to reach the villages and towns along the route.

There are excellent bus routes as well, as this is how the island so easily accommodates the millions of visitors headed to its beaches, resorts, and some mountain areas. 

Obviously, the most liberating way to visit Mallorca is to hire a car for the duration of your stay. You can also hire a driver to handle the actual travel and allow yourself to enjoy the scenery, and there are several guided tours that last a few hours and can also introduce you to many popular areas.


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