How to get to Mustique

Your Guide to Mustique Travel

Mustique is a rarity in the world of luxury travel. An entirely private island, it has slowly been cultivated to represent the very best in island design and architecture as well as preserving the natural beauty of the setting. Purchased by Lord Glenconner, Colin Tennant more than fifty years ago, the very first plot was a gift to Princess Margaret of England. Today, those high standards remain, and the island is a place where the discerning visit in order to enjoy the very best amenities, services, and Caribbean settings.

Naturally, as a private destination, you may think it difficult to reach the island. However, that is not the case at all. Visitors need only book with their preferred international carrier making stops in either Barbados or St. Lucia. From either of the international airports on those islands, the Mustique Company will provide private air shuttle to their idyllic island location.

It takes less than an hour from either airport to reach Mustique. A special chartered Twin Otter aircraft is sent to provide guests with transport to the island. Most of the flights depart in the early evening hours (between 1 PM and 4:30 PM) to coordinate with the most common hours of arrival in St. Lucia or Barbados. Departures from Mustique to return flights will generally leave the island in the late morning hours and up until evening hours, with flights running seven days a week from and to St. Lucia.

While it would be easier if there were several shuttles daily, Mustique is dedicated to a unique environmental program that includes reducing the amount of pollutants, including noise pollution, which airports are notorious for creating. The goal is to become part of the IUCN Caribbean special list with sanctuaries and reserves for wildlife. Limiting the size and activity of the island's small airport is on obvious way to make this happen.

The Details

The rates for the shuttles vary according to the season, and visitors require a valid passport and will have to clear Customs and Immigrations. Visas are not required of visitors with the exception of those coming from The Dominican Republic, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, China and Nigeria. 

When you arrive, you can trade US dollars for Eastern Caribbean dollars, which is the currency of the island. Guests are welcome to book the use of the small buggies described as "mules" or larger Jeeps to explore the island. A current St. Vincent and Grenadines permit is required and available through the Villa Services or you may simply get one as you arrive at the airport of your choosing.

A Private Paradise

To reach Mustique is easy. Take a traditional international flight to Barbados or St. Lucia, or opt to transfer from another island in the region. Then just book your flight from your point of arrival to Mustique. Enjoy some truly lovely scenery along the way, including impressive views of the entire St. Vincent and Grenadines islands chain.

As a location dedicated to luxurious travel and personalized service, Mustique is unforgettable, and well worth the short transfer flight and scenic air journey from the

Please note that access to the island is restricted to villa and hotel guests.


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