Dining in Puerto Vallarta

As a city that has long been a tourism destination, it is not surprising that Puerto Vallarta should have one of the best reputations for international and local cuisine. It is estimated that there are more than one thousand restaurants found here, making your dining options endless. Obviously, the choices will range from the local favorites and the many street food vendors, but with the appearance of high end resorts and villas in the area, you will also have many four and five star restaurants to choose from.

One key factor to remember when planning to dine in Puerto Vallarta is that fresh fish is a must - at least for one or two of your meals. After all, the city is home to one of the best and oldest fish markets in Mexico, and it sits directly on the Pacific and is just a short distance from several small fishing fleets.

Additionally, you will want to consider the atmosphere as well. Many of the city's restaurants have been designed to capture the amazing views of the sea or the mountains, and this can greatly enhance your experience, transforming a meal from simply delicious to totally unforgettable.

The Zones

As you might know, Puerto Vallarta is commonly described as having three areas or zones. The Zona Romantica is where you will encounter the historic Old Town, the El Centro is as it sounds, the central part of the city, and the Riviera Nayarit is a relatively new term used to describe the newest developments in high end resorts and villas along the short.

When dining out, be sure you sample from each of the zones, and don't limit yourself to only the fine dining. Some of the most popular places include, Bravos Restaurant Bar which serves international cuisine and is rated as one of the best fine dining options in the city.

Salud Super Food is a health food fan's best bet and it specializes in Mexican dishes with a vegetarian and vegan flair. Café Des Artistes is another fine dining option that specializes in French and Mexican fusion and is sure to rate as one of your favorites. Ocean Grill sits right on the water, serving fresh fish done in traditional Mexican style. The Kaiser Maximilian is a rare option, specializing in German cuisine and is consistently ranked at the top of most traveler's lists.

If you want ambience with excellent food, the Vista Grill is noted for having some of the best views in the entire area, and it specializes in local favorites and fresh seafood. Le Kliff is similar, and it too sits right above the crashing surf, serving local catches. If you would brave a small and local establishment that borders on street food, Pancho's Takos is noted as always being well worth the effort in seeking it out. Una Familia is also another local favorite.

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