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When a region is designated as a luxury retreat, it will usually receive a full treatment in which golf courses, tennis facilities, swimming pools, spas, and a long list of other amenities are made available. That is precisely what has happened in Punta Mita, Mexico, and yet it remains a bit of a hidden treasure and a playground of the rich and famous.

Set as it is along Banderas Bay, and north of the bustling tourist destination of Puerto Vallarta, it has become a place for a low-key, tropical vacation that offers an almost unlimited range of activities and opportunities. It lies along the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands, which makes it one of the most pleasant environments and settings year round. It has some of the nicest beaches and sheltered waters, and the the Marietas Islands just offshore (which are called the Galapagos of Mexico) only boosts the overall appeal.

However, travelers of all kinds are heading to Punta Mita because it has really raised the bar in terms of fun and new things to do. Visitors can enjoy all of the spa and fitness services at the upscale resorts, they can also enjoy the many high end boutiques and restaurants found there too. However, this area is also home to two Jack Nicklaus designed golf courses, several private beaches and beach clubs, a tennis center with professional trainers, and a wildly creative menu of courses and classes.

Did you want to learn how to distinguish between tequila and mescal? You can take a course and learn all about it. Would you like to know how to make truly authentic Mexican cuisine from a world class chef? You can do that as well. Maybe you did not know the ceviche is a Mexican creation? Go ahead and take a class about that.

Clearly, the activities in Punta Mita, and especially those available to any visitors with access to the resort amenities, are nearly endless. However, one of the most important things to do when in Punta Mita is to explore the actual setting. The areas beaches are noted for their remarkable beauty, and the waters are famous for the safety and clarity.

As already mentioned, a trip to the Marietas takes moments, and you then enter a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. If you book with a guide, you may be able to snorkel to the famous HiddenBeach where you can mingle with more than one hundred varieties of fish. Bird watching is a must, and of course, anyone with such unprecedented western views must take a few moments to enjoy a sunset each day.

Dining is something that is also another "must" when visiting the Punta Mita area. With a remarkable range of local restaurants offering some of the freshest seafood imaginable (there is a working fleet of small fishing boats in the village of Punta Mita) a few lunches or dinners in town and at the resorts will be an unforgettable experience. Of course, with chefs on staff at the private Isle Blue villas, you may want to purchase ingredients and book some in-villa dining too.


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