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Though beach going is a major attraction, along with the impressive scenery, it is food that is a famed draw.

The island's cuisine has been under the rule of the Spanish, influenced by the Genoese, and constantly changed by the passage of time. Island specialties include Cannonau (the local wine), Culurgiones (pasta filled with mint and pecorino cheese), porcheddu (a roasted pork), casu marzu (this is the famous "maggot cheese"), and the delicious seada for dessert. Thus, food and wine bring many to Sardinia, and some of the best restaurants must appear on your "must-do" list, as well.

Michelin Starred Restaurants

S'Apposentu Siddi, Sardinia
La Ghinghetta Portoscuso, Sardinia
Belvedere Forte Village Resort Pula, Sardinia


Michelin Bib Gourmand Restaurants
High quality menu for less then 30 €

Colibrì Dorgali, Sardinia
Sa Corte Oliena, Sardinia
Su Gologone Oliena, Sardinia
Li Lioni Porto Torres, Sardinia

Recommended Local Restaurants

Su Combidu in Cagliari
Jaddhu in Arzachena
Trattoria Lo Romani (known for its porchetto)
Historic Trattoria Pintadera in Iglesias
The scenic I Frati Rossi in Porto Cervo
St. Remy in Cagliari
La Botteghina in old Alghero
Galateria I Bastinoi in Alghero
Scenic La Gritta in Palau
Trattoria Da Antonio in Sassari (known for its hearty meals)


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