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BAY BISTRO - Located at the Sibonne Beach Hotel, next to the Somerset and Palms Condominiums, Bay Bistro offers pleasant, picturesque, covered beachside dining at the edge of Grace Bay invoking a feeling of ‘old Provo’. A framed newspaper blurb hangs in the men’s restroom where this place is recommended by Jimmy Buffet A great place for Sunday Brunch!
Reservations: Call +1-649-946-5396

COCO BISTRO - Very romantic outside dining in a lush tropical setting under the palms with long fronds forming a ceiling not unlike a nave in a church. Experienced chef/owner, Stuart Gray prepares lovely and creative dishes. Prices are slightly above moderate and well worth it. Turn right past Sunshine Nursery, then another right to the Moroccan style red building.
Reservations: Call +1-649-946-5369  

HAVE LUNCH AT ONE OF THE CONCH SHACKS - Do you want a taste of true island flavor? Try one of the conch shacks on the Blue Hills Road. Here you will eat (notice, I didn't say 'dine') in a tropical environment directly on the beach. Shortly after you order conch you can watch your waiter wade into the sea and retrieve a conch and prepare it as you watch. Very highly recommended is the cracked (fried) conch, and conch salad. The conch shacks are cheap, casual, and an experience you will not find anywhere else. The food is great, fresh, and you will know you are not paying for atmosphere (although the atmosphere is quite delightful)! To get to the conch shacks, take the Blue Hills Road off the Leeward Highway, and once on the Blue Hills Road, turn right at the first paved road which will dead end at the sea. Turn right or left and you will find.....

DA CONCH SHACK – Everybody loves Da Conch Shack! Grab a table and order a conch salad, (best to share so you will have room for more), steamed conch, cracked conch (actually fried conch), Creole conch, fried snapper, and if Lobster is in season – August through April – try one of the lobster dishes. Food is very good, atmosphere is just right, and prices are cheap, it is right on the beach. There is live music on Wednesday nights. 
Reservations for 8 or more: [email protected]

HEMMINGWAYS - Located by the beach at The Sands Condominiums, offers you great fish and chips, conch chowder, conch fingers, and other local items in a pleasant, relaxed, indoor or outdoor, beachfront setting, at reasonable prices and the service is always excellent. The Angus Beef appetizers are also quite good. Live music on Tuesdays and Thursdays and barbeque on Tuesday as well.
Reservations: Call +1-649-941-8408

MAGNOLIA - Located in the Turtle Cove area on the terraces of the Miramar Hotel, Magnolia offers one of the best views on the island with good food and service. This is a great place to watch a sunset while having a drink at the bar or while having dinner (closed at lunch). I love the Caesar salads here, and the appetizers can be very creative and good.
Reservations: Call +1-649-941-5108   Closed on Mondays

SHARKBITE – Located in the Turtle Cove area where you can dine in a very casual ‘old Provo’ atmosphere at the water's edge. Menu features quesadillas, conch chowder (my favorite!), fried grouper, chili, nachos, etc. All are good and the prices are quite reasonable. Great place to come play darts, foosball, slot machines—fun, casual, inexpensive. 2 for 1 happy hour on Fridays from 5-7pm..
​Reservations: Call +1-649-941-5090

THE MARINE ROOM - A fusion of visual beauty and tantalizing flavors awaits you at the Marine Room. Grace Bay's newest fine-dining restaurant is the brainchild of long-time Turks and Caicos resident Ryan Jones and serving the creations of its Executive Chef, Dennis Rey Omega. It doesn't just offer a feast for the taste buds but also the eyes. Perched with an unparalleled view of Bight Beach, this is the perfect spot for seafood enthusiasts. Inspired by Mediterranean flavors, the dishes are a symphony of fresh ingredients. The mid-century modern decor adds a touch of sophistication to the entire experience.

Reservations: Call +1-649-231-6292



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