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If you ask people for suggestions when seeking the perfect island getaway, you are going to hear "Antigua" repeatedly. An enchanting and utterly peaceful island, it has a unique culture that sets it apart from many other Caribbean locations.

A former holding of the United Kingdom, it has been independent since the early 1980s, and though known as a tourist hotspot, it remains far less crowded and "buzzy" than nearby Barbados, Jamaica, and St. Barts. If there were a typical idea of a small Caribbean island community, Antigua is the first to fit the bill. Friendly, quiet, welcoming, and relaxed, it is all you hope to find when seeking a perfect place for a tropical getaway.

Perhaps it is that tourism is so important to the island that residents take excellent care of their homes, the natural surroundings, and the visitors who return year after year. Perhaps it is simply that Antigua is just different, more genteel, and unique unto itself!

You notice this as soon as you arrive, seeing cricket fields, adorable harbors, and colorful architecture. However, there is probably no area of Antigua that can be more appropriately described as charming, appealing and idyllic than just across the water to Jumby Bay.

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Jumby Bay and the Beaches of Antigua

There is a long list of immensely beautiful beaches in Antigua, from the archetypically stunning Dickenson Bay, and the beautiful crest of white sand at Pigeon Point, to the three beaches in the southwest (Frye's Bay, Darkwood, and Johnson's Point) to mile-long Jolly Beach and Half Moon Bay.

But, for breathtaking beauty, it is Jumby Bay where the discerning traveler goes. It is a private retreat just six minutes by boat from the coast of Antigua. And though Antigua and its beaches are amazing, Jumby Bay is a world all its own. As home to a preserve for hawksbill sea turtles, Jumby’s beaches are pristine, bucolic and tranquil yielding an immediate impression of paradise found.

With only a few villas, homes, and guest rooms, it remains a little known but decadent secret and one that anyone hoping for a real getaway will want to explore immediately.

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