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Experience St Lucia villas. St. Lucia is a tiny dot of an island set like a gem in the warm blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. But do not get the idea that this beautiful island is simply a beach destination. Pristine white sand and crystal clear azure waters are definitely a main attraction, but St. Lucia offers much more for romantics, adventurers and lovers of the good life. As a volcanic island, St. Lucia is more mountainous than its neighbors, providing breathtaking natural beauty with verdant hills culminating in the twin peaks of the majestic Pitons.

Isle Blue is a premier St Lucia villa specialist featuring a carefully curated collection of elegant St. Lucia vacation rentals. Use your private villa as home base and explore the island by driving straight into a volcano and playing a round of golf with spectacular views of the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean. Snorkel among the bays and intricate coral formations to discover a tranquil world under the sea. If you crave an adrenaline rush, try windsurfing or soar along the treetop canopy above the rainforest on a zip line high in the air. Visit the Diamond Waterfalls Botanical Garden, and celebrate the end of another perfect day on St. Lucia by watching the sun set from a romantic waterside restaurant.

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The Pitons of Saint Lucia

As a traveler planning a visit to St. Lucia, you will have probably found an unprecedented number of photos of the "Pitons". They are two volcanic "plugs" that are among the most photographed features of the island of St. Lucia. They are steep mountainous features connected by the Piton Mitan Ridge. The larger of the peaks is called the Gros Piton while the smaller is the Petit Piton.

They are famous for their natural beauty and appeal, but are also a popular destination for hikers and climbers. Though part of a UNESCO World Heritage site on the island, they are accessible and open to those who would like to explore their stunning beauty.

As a guest of Isle Blue, your "explorations" may be limited to views of them from your private pool or patio, but your concierge may also be able to help you plan more in-depth and up close experiences.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy guided hikes into the Pitons, including the peak of Gros Piton which stands at more than 2500 ft and rates as the second highest on the island. Though higher than its neighboring Petit Piton, Gros Piton is actually easier to tackle. It has a welcome center that can tell you about the wildlife and the geology of the island, and you can then choose which guided tour, though the two-hour trip to the top is a hike that will give you unprecedented views of the island.


"This emails finds me back in my office after a week of absolute paradise and pampering. Our driver from the airport was friendly and helpful, our car was waiting for us, as was the maid, Mary, who was more delightful that I thought someone could be. The house immaculate, the views absolutely stunning and the people wonderful. Thank you for all of your help on getting this all put together and please share with Illted how happy we were with everything (especially Mary). We will definitely be back there!"
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