Standing on the terrace or by the pool of your Tuscany villa rental, you may think that the scenery is impossible to beat. It is also likely that you will take countless photos around the luxury villa, capturing the amazing Tuscan light, hills or landscapes, and even the finer details, like the flowers or shadows of the trees. However, any Tuscany vacation offers you a rare chance to set up your camera (whether it is contained in your phone or a full-blown DSLR) and get unforgettable shots.

To help you get the very most out of photographic excursions in Tuscany, we recommend these picture-postcard-perfect locations that will have everyone at home jealous and yearning to book their own Tuscan holiday.

La Foce

You have seen the paintings and the other photos of this most famous of roads, but you may not have ever known where to find it. Dotted with cypress trees, saturated with gorgeous colors, even at midday, you can find your ideal spot by driving two hours south of Florence headed towards Val d’Orcia National Park.

Now comes the best news – you get to drive through the park along the main road – Strada Provincale 146. You exit this road at Strada Vecchia Senese and you will soon see the signs for La Foce. Pick a hilltop, set up the camera, and record the scene over the course of an hour or so to enjoy the best changes in light and shadow. Don’t forget to bring your picnic and just take in the scenery.

Capella Vitaleta

Tine and isolated, the photogenic chapel rests at the far end of a cypress-lined road just outside of San Quirico. Head towards Pienza Cappella Vitaleta and roughly half way along the journey, you will see the chapel in the distance. You will need to drive slowly and walk a short distance to get the best shot, but if you frame it with the wheat fields, the flawless cypresses, and the pines, it is photographic bliss. Try an early morning or late day visit for the best light.

Val d’Orcia and Its Poppies

You may feel like the witch from the Wizard of Oz as you cry out “poppies, poppies…” but yours won’t put anyone to sleep. If visiting this region during May and June, be ready to take time to explore the park and find the amazing fields of poppies in bloom. We think that the best time is larte April when there are still some rains, and to head to the SP451 from Buonoconvento. Along this route you will encounter iconic images of poppy fields with classic Italian structures in the background.

If you would rather wander, just take side roads between Siena and Montepulciano during the spring months and you are sure to find some amazing photo opportunities.

Siena and Its Sunflowers

Don’t let anyone mislead you. Though you can drive main roads throughout Italy during the summer months, such as the popular A1 and see fields dense with sunflowers in the distance, you won’t get the same experience as you will when you get off main roads and highways. If your photographic goal is to capture a field packed with “girasole”, you will want to take the SR2 as it runs between San Gimignano and Siena. The fields near Cortona (east of Siena) are especially show stopping.

Any Part or Scene in Pienza

From the rows of pecorino cheeses that line quaint store shelves to the flawless city planning done by Pope Pius II during the 1400s, your camera will capture something at every turn. Yes, it is a town that is typically described as “off the beaten path,” but it is impossible to beat for its photogenic powers. It sits on a hill above Val d’Orcia and offers impressive views from above, below an everywhere in between.

As you might have guessed, these photographic tips also encourage you to get out and explore the Tuscan countryside. Though your luxury villa may be difficult to leave, you will get so much out of a single day of exploring, and you will never regret all of those photos!

If you are interested in enjoying a holiday in the same manner as some of the world’s biggest celebrities, you will want to consider a visit to lovely Barbados. Though millions have visited this island because of its beauty, its wonderful atmosphere, and its amazing food, many come because it is also where the world’s biggest stars spend their holidays too.

Celebrities like Mark Whalberg, Simon Cowell, Rihanna, and Oprah all head to the island to enjoy the white sands, delicious foods, and excellent amenities, and many people emulate their example. You can spot them jet skiing around, dining in the local and the upscale restaurants, and shopping in all of the same boutiques open to you!

Bajan food is a huge part of your stay in Barbados, and we suggest all travelers make a point of dining at two top local establishments famous for celebrity spottings – Oistin’s Fish Fry and Cuz’s. Of course, you might also want to plan a few evenings at the five star restaurants in the west coast resorts.

After all, the island may be small, but it is dotted with towns and harbors that offer a distinctly European flair. Cafes and luxury boutiques stand shoulder to shoulder with shops offering locally made goods and stands packed with fresh fruit or fish. The pastel ice cream colors of many of the buildings are also part of the appeal, and you will experience a very casual and calm atmosphere that is unique among tropical getaways.

If you don’t have any desire to spot celebrities, you can still see some of the sites that they have made famous. For example, the Animal Flower Cave has appeared in several music videos, and even a television commercial starring Rihanna herself.

Maybe you are a fan of pups? If so, Simon Cowell sponsors the Hope Dog Sanctuary on the island, and you can offer support during your stay too!

You might also want get a celebrity experience by visiting an actual Concorde. Though the famous airline used to bring the wealthy and famous to the island, it is now defunct and one of the remaining planes is open to the public at the Concorde Experience. For a small fee, you get to go inside, get a tour, and see just what it was like to fly in the utmost style.

And while we are talking about style…

Stay in Style

Naturally, one of the most obvious things that a star will require is a premium accommodation, and you can book your own, similar, upscale villa through Isle Blue. We offer only the most carefully curated list of private villas in the most coveted spots on the island. Whether you are looking for a west coast getaway that puts you near to the biggest names in entertainment and the most opulent resorts, or you want a St. James residence where privacy and pristine views are the order of the day, it is likely that we can help you locate your ideal booking.

Of course, you don’t need just a roof over your head, and we are amply prepared with properties that offer direct waterfront access, private pools, rooftop terraces, multiple en suite bathrooms, and options for booking household staff. If your idea of the perfect getaway is to enjoy breakfast on your terrace, a few hours’ beach hopping or shopping, golf or kitesurfing, and a meal prepared from local ingredients in your professionally designed dining room, then we can help you realize your dream.

We are happy to discuss everything from tickets and cars with drivers to transfers to and from the airport. All you need to do is choose your villa and get in touch!  Take a leaf from such celebrities as Cliff Richard, Mariah Carey and Robert Plant when you opt to book a stay in Barbados, and allow us to help you enjoy your ideal escape.

When travelers think of Jamaica, they envision beaches, golf, dining, music, and a laid-back atmosphere. However, not everyone thinks of surfing or kitesurfing, even though Jamaica has some of the best waters in the region. As one surfing expert said: “Locked in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, far from Atlantic Ocean swells, it seems unlikely that Jamaica would contain many surfing beaches. But thanks to wind swells from the northeast, the island’s north and south coasts, along with its eastern tip, are blessed with surprisingly good surfing spots.”

Clients of Isle Blue select from a curated collection of luxury villas that range from waterfront properties to hillside hideaways, and yet most visitors have at least one or two days of beach fun in mind. If you have booked a stay in a luxury villa in Jamaica, why not work with us to help you arrange a day or two of surfing or kitesurfing as well?

The best surf season is from December through March and then again from July through September. It is considered a very easy environment in which to surf, with skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. There is very little “traffic” and most of it is limited to local enthusiasts on the weekends.

There are excellent spots all over the island, and below we offer some tips for choosing the right spot for your needs:

Makka Beach

This is noted as one of the most consistent beaches for strong and good waves, but it is also for the skilled surfers only. This is because it can be tricky to get into the bay due to the coral, but with world-class tubes, it is the only spot where professional contests are held.

North Shore

Also on the north shore (where Makka Beach is located) are a few of the other popular surfing spots. There is Boston Beach which is where the majority of local surfers can be found. It is close to Long Bay that is said to be the most reliable producer of good waves. West of these spots is the Outback, which is for the advanced surfers only.

South coast

The famous “Zoo” is located near Kingston as well as the equally famous beach known as “The Lighthouse”. If you want to see the birthplace of Jamaican surfing, these are the places to visit. They are both good for intermediate riders, but if the idea of encountering reef sharks scares you, the Lighthouse is not for you!

Guanna Beach

This is at the southeastern end of the island and has some good waves for the intermediate to skilled surfers.

If you would rather take advantage of the consistent winds of Jamaica in order to learn how to kiteboard or kitesurf, you will want to plan a trip between November and April when the winds are the most consistent. Head out in the mornings if you are a beginner, but wait until the afternoon if you are already skilled in this watersport.

You can bring gear, but why struggle when almost all of the north coast beaches have shacks for rentals and lessons. Negril and Ocho Rios are some of the most popular, but Bounty Bay is the perfect flat water classroom for the beginner. Doctor’s Cave Beach and Cornwall Beach (both near Montego Bay) are also great for the beginners.

With its amazing beaches, surfing and kitesurfing in Jamaica are a must-do activity. It is easy to arrange, and your Isle Blue concierge is happy to help you make plans. Whether you are looking for the nearest beach where kitesurfing is available or you want to find a surfing instructor, we can help. If you have questions about watersports in Jamaica, give your concierge a call to discuss your options.

Imagine a tropical island without cars or the sound of traffic in the distance. Imagine too that this island has pristine white sand beaches that stretch out into crystal clear turquoise seas. Imagine that it is an island filled with the most luxurious services, amenities, and experiences. If you book a Turks and Caicos vacation, this is exactly what to expect. A Turks and Caicos luxury vacation is a treat, but especially when it occurs on Parrot Cay.

Turks and Caicos is comprised of eight larger islands and then a chain of many smaller ones. Some are inhabited, others are not, and among these small islands, Parrot Cay easily ranks as one of the most secluded and exclusive. Long noted as a VIP hideaway, and popular with such celebrities as Donna Karen, Justin Timberlake, and Jennifer Garner, it offers travelers a range of accommodations – and all of them luxurious.

Roughly 35 minutes by boat from Providenciales, Parrot Cay is dotted with private homes, scores of lovely villas, a classic hotel, and a world-class spa – the Shambala Retreat. Described as a sanctuary and a mystical place, it allows visitors to enjoy great comfort while also experiencing the natural world in total peace and quiet.

Reaching Parrot Cay

Travelers will be able to easily reach the private Parrot Cay dock in the Providenciales marina. Airport transfers are easily arranged, and taxis also make the journey each day. From the marina, you take the private ferry to the island. it is just a short and amazingly scenic ride along the coast until you reach Parrot Cay’s dock.

From the dock, transportation to your luxury villa or hotel is readily available or easily arranged. Travelers can choose from Veranda rooms and suites, a gorgeous array of beach houses and villas, and several impressive private homes. Services include attentive staff, but private villas can also enjoy access to full butler services, private chefs and more.

Staying in Parrot Cay

Your Turks and Caicos luxury vacation on Parrot Cay can be as leisurely and low-key as you wish or as active and busy as you desire.

Guests can enjoy a bevy of gourmet dining venues that include the Lotus Restaurant, The Terrace, and the Shambhala’s private menu. There are also theme dinners each week, such as a Mediterranean meal prepared by the chefs of the island or a live music and BBQ event at the poolside Lotus restaurant.

They can also book private beach picnics, enjoy beachfront tiki hut dinners and even have meals served to them at their private poolside and al fresco dining spaces.

The hotel, recently restored and yet retaining its classic, hacienda charm, is a common gathering place where the library, bar and dining spots create a wonderful atmosphere all day and well into the evening hours.

Parrot Cay has been carefully planned and designed as an inspirational and yet peaceful area. It is why it is a “golf carts” only area. Guests can safely and quietly enjoy all of the beachfront, the nature reserve areas, the jogging trails, tennis courts, and full spa facilities, and all in the eco-friendly setting.

Kayaking is a popular past tie in the lagoon and the inlets, snorkeling is unforgettable in the crystal waters, and yet you can just as easily enjoy days on end at the pool, beach hut and nearby sands.

A Turks and Caicos vacation can become a luxury vacation and getaway when you opt for a visit to Parrot Cay. A truly world-class destination, it is utterly beautiful, remarkably calm and private, and a place where you may find yourself rubbing elbows with some of the most famous names in the world!

If you have decided to book a holiday in Tuscany, and have turned to Isle Blue to find the ideal villa offering the best amenities, you are sure to enjoy every moment of your stay. We go to great lengths to ensure the quality of the villas, the amenities, the services, and even the activities within easy reach of your villa. However, as you are taking a holiday in Tuscany, consider adding another level of experience to your trip…consider driving a Ferrari.

Long the iconic name in Italian automobiles, a Ferrari is often noted as an entirely different driving experience than anything else on the roads. Just imagine the feeling of gliding along through the Chianti hills (classic wine country) behind the wheel of a classic Italian sports car? With our partner firms, we can help you to experience the Tuscan countryside in a way that you might have never expected.

Our options include instruction for those unfamiliar with how to operate such advanced vehicles, parking and refueling services, and tours that last an entire day. What this means is significant – you are not getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari for a few laps around a race course (though we do also have options for those interested in racing!). Instead, you are going to see the landscape that the vehicle was designed to drive.

You will stop for at least one exquisite Tuscan meal, and can make your way through such unforgettable places as the region’s wine country and smaller cities and towns.

Getting Started

We suggest this option for those staying in the central region of Tuscany, especially close to Siena and Florence. However, almost all of our Tuscan guests will be able to access these tours. Whether you wish to see Chianti to San Gimignano or even make your way from Pisa in the north to Volterra, it is possible to discuss your wishes and see it brought to life. A truly unforgettable option is to take a spin around the Val d’Orcia – a UNESCO heritage site or through the hilltop areas of Pienza or Montepulciana (near Lake Como).

Whether you are arriving with friends and family, or you are seeking the ideal team-building activity for your company’s ultimate retreat, driving Ferraris is a fantastic and unforgettable experience. You can even opt to have a guide or driving instructor with you at all times to ensure you handle these opulent vehicles properly and get the most out of your time behind the wheel.

The models available can range from the F430s and the Californias to the F 458s and the 488 Spiders, among others.

The Day Ahead

A full day behind the wheel of a luxury car may sound both exciting and nerve-wracking, and the good news is that we can work with our guests to create custom solutions. Maybe a few hours of driving are all you want? We can help you choose a destination such as a vineyard, agritourism farm, or spa where you can deposit your luxury car and enjoy a few hours of total relaxation.

As we also mentioned, there are some opportunities to help you book some time on a race course, learning how professional drivers handle these remarkable feats of engineering.

Are you ready to add a bit of additional zing to your Tuscan holiday? If so, a day with a Ferrari may be the ideal option. Just get in touch with the concierge team at Isle Blue to determine which solutions are available. As idyllic and picturesque as the Tuscan landscape is, you may thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to see it passing by through the windscreen of a Ferrari, and there are several ways we can help you to make this vision a reality.

Parents thinking of tropical escapes always turn their thoughts to resorts because they fear this is the only solution that offers both adult and kid-friendly activities and options. This is not actually the truth, and guests of Isle Blue can enjoy some of the finest, exclusive villas with plenty of amenities, but we also encourage travelers to explore the many amazing kid-friendly attractions, activities and sites in the surrounding areas too. Consider Barbados, long thought of as an idyllic Caribbean escape, it is also among the kid-friendliest places too.

Your concierge team can help you book different activities, and we offer the following suggestions for your stay on Barbados:

Under the sea

Your kids may never want to leave the water if you book time at the Folkstone Marine Park. Kids can learn how to snorkel in the amazing artificial reef that is entirely protected, and get face to face with sea anemones, sea lilies, coral and the occasional turtle.

Under the ground

If your days of fun in the sun have left you in need of a cooler and darker setting, the kids will love Harrison’s Cave. Long described as a natural wonder of Barbados, it is full of stalactites and stalagmites, cooling streams, waterfalls and pools that will leave everyone in awe. A handy tram allows you to make the visit as long or short as you like.

In the jungle

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a rare and exciting spot for kids of all ages. Paved with clear paths, it is full of gorgeous mahogany trees that contain an unprecedented number of native species roaming freely. Kids (and adults) will thrill at the sight of wild parrots, deer, peacocks, mara, tortoises, and the occasional green monkey, a shy but sweet-natured species transplanted in the 1600s from West Africa.

On the waves

Water sports are in abundance, but kids of any age (meaning adults too) will love to play pirate for a day aboard the fun and exciting Jolly Roger I. This is a “pirate” cruise that includes all of the features of a standard pirate ship, including planks, rope swings, sails, and even a lunchtime BBQ aboard the ship. The boat stops for swimming and kids can even feed wild turtles. Day and evening sailings are available.

In the mud

There are several off-road adventures, including safaris using four-wheel drive vehicles. These tours can take you to the lesser known areas of the island for hiking in rainforests, visiting high cliffs, and seeing unusual blow holes. Ask your concierge team about Jeep or off-road safaris.

In the caves

In the northern area of Barbados is a spot known as Animal Flower Cave. Here, visitors can encounter sea anemones by the hundreds. The cave is actually full of tidal pools, and you can follow the stone steps (at low tide) to the entrance, and see a coral floor that is believed to be more than one thousand years old and offering an unforgettable experience. There is also a restaurant nearby!

On the pitch

Do your kids know about cricket? Do you? This iconic British game is played professionally in Barbados and if you take your family to baseball games at home, then why not head to the Kensington Oval for a truly professional level cricket match?

In the sands

A trip to Barbados is not complete without a beachfront picnic. You can make believe that you are alone on the island when you head to Bathsheba Park. Go seashell hunting, clime the cliff to the century-old tower, dine at the restaurant nearby and enjoy peace and quiet unlike any you’ll encounter elsewhere.

Your kids will fall in love with Barbados and we’re here to help answer any questions or make bookings for some of these adventures.

The Greek island of Mykonos is one of the most popular of the Cyclades, and though famous for its party scene (rivaling Ibiza as the quieter and more refined of the two) it is also a place of astonishing beauty, culture and sophistication. Spending only a week on this charmed island is never enough to allow you to do and see it all, but guests of Isle Blue can enjoy this suggested itinerary in the hops that it can allow you to enjoy the very best the island has to offer.

Day One – Arrival

Most travelers arrive via a flight into Athens and then embark on one of the regular boats to Mykonos. We can help you arrange a smooth and easy transfer via a private car from the airport, if desired, and also help you select the right boat from Athens (leaving from the Piraeus port) to Mykonos proper.

Upon arrival, we can arrange for you to be driven to your villa or you can opt to enjoy access to a rental car or scooter, but since you are in Mykonos town, you may want to kick off a visit with a meal or snack in one of the many charming restaurants nearby. If your villa is close to town, you may opt to drop your bags and rest before heading back out to explore the town.

There are excellent markets with which you can stock your kitchen, or you can just familiarize yourself with the famous sites, including the windmills, the bay, the small beaches and Little Venice. Dinner in town gives you a chance for scenic dining and truly gourmet options.

Day Two in Mykonos

Mykonos is a wonderful island and most travelers are surprised to discover that it is crisscrossed with charming dirt roads that take you to beaches of all kinds. A morning of exploring these roads and looking for your favorite beaches is a good idea. Pack a picnic or stop at the shops to purchase some local delights, and then enjoy your exploration. Paradise Beach is a tourism spot, so consider heading to Agrari or Platys Gialos. Panormos Beach is a gem!

After your lunch (Fokos Taverna is a must), why not visit the gorgeous monastery of Panagia Tourliani with its beautiful carved screens and bell towers. Then head home to rest before you enjoy a night in Mykonos town or even just a serene evening in your villa.

Days Three in Mykonos

A day spent touring Mykonos is one you will never regret. We can help you arrange a private walking tour that takes you past the most historic sites and ensures you meet authentic locals, sample amazing foods, and capture those iconic blue and white scenes with your camera or even your paintbrush.

Enjoy dinner at one of the waterfront restaurants before making your way home. Nikos Taverna is fantastic and the treats at Gelarte are the ideal dessert.

Day Four in Mykonos

Delos Island is a must, and as it is just off shore from Mykonos, you must pay a visit. Depart in the morning to avoid any crowds and enjoy a few hours wandering the ancient ruins, learning about the sites like the House of Cleopatra and the mosaic floors dating more than two thousand years old. See the Avenue of Lions and dip a toe into the Sacred Lake. Head home around sunset for unprecedented views, and grab a cocktail in Little Venice.

Day Five in Mykonos

This is a beach day, and you must return to some. One of the hidden gems of the island is Psarou Beach, without crowds, partiers or nude sunbathers, it is idyllic, quiet and tranquil. A perfect place to just relax! If touring is still on your mind, head to Ano Mera, the “other” town in Mykonos and spend time at Panagia Tourliani.

Day Six in Mykonos

Last day, and a great time to shop for souvenirs, get your fill of the fantastic Mykonos town cafes and restaurants, and take in the iconic sites you might have missed. If you have yet to see the windmills and Little Venice, this is the day. Stroll the rocky beaches at the southwest end of town and grab good photos of this remarkable area. The Mykonos Folk Museum is here too, and you may want to head to Chora for the archeological museum too.

Day Seven in Mykonos

Return to Mykonos town for your ferry back to Athens. Arrive early and get a good coffee and breakfast in Il Forno di Gerasimo.

Small but full of wonderful things to see and do, you will love any amount of time you can spend in Mykonos.

Did you know that Punta Mita is situated along the same line of latitude as Hawaii? This is what accounts for its marvelous weather and conditions year round. However, that alone is not the only reason to book a Punta Mita holiday today. The option of an Isle Blue villa is definitely another reason to turn your vacationer’s attention to this area of Mexico, and yet even the ancient people of the region chose it for their retreats too!

Almost an island, it is situated on a peninsula jutting out into tranquil Pacific waters, and if the weather, idyllic locale, and Isle Blue villas were not enough to tempt you, consider these reasons:

The food in Punta Mita

If you are a fan of fresh, local seafood, this presents a huge reason to visit Punta Mita. The daily catch is brought into the village of Sayulita each day, and you can head to the taco stands there to sample some ridiculously fresh and delicious meals, or you can purchase fresh fish to prepare in your villa. Don’t feel like cooking? The restaurants of the area are often in the resorts or highly rated, and you can also speak to your concierge about an in-house chef coming to prepare some meals for you as well.

Punta Mita’s Beach Weather

Warm and dry throughout the year, even the “off” season has the most challenging weather in the evenings. The period that runs from June through September tends to feature warm and sunny days and a few evening thunderstorms that leave the air crisp and fresh for the morning sunrise.

Birding Native and Migratory Birds

Even those unfamiliar with the birds of the world cannot ignore the amazing diversity of the bird life here. It is due to the unique ecosystem of Punta Mita, and enormous numbers of native and migratory birds call it home.

Whale Watching

The annual migration of Humpback whales makes for a particularly impressive experience, and you will also find that even a single boat trip can allow you to see them for yourself, or some of the thousands of dolphins that make the waters their year round home.

Waterfront Towns

Punta Mita proper is charming and picturesque as it sites right on the beachfront. Enjoy a pier, a wonderful promenade, and direct access to some of the best restaurants on the peninsula. Just 20 minutes away is the active little fishing village of Sayulita, with a “surfer’s” culture in addition to a small town vibe. San Pancho is 30 minutes from Punta Mita,and here you enjoy the usual nightlife, bars and clubs, upscale waterfront dining, and more tourism oriented sites, but still with a more appealing, laid-back charm.

Golf in Punta Mita

One thing that must appeal to even the novice golfer is the golfing in Punta Mita. With two Jack Nicklaus designed courses, players literally dream their entire lives of such opportunities. One of the courses even runs right along the sea, offering golfers a chance to do some whale watching between holes.

The Proximity

If you want a balance of peaceful and idyllic settings and also urban excitement, it is another reason to choose Punta Mita. After all, the enormous tourism hub that is Puerto Vallarta is within easy reach of the area. You can hit the shops, the restaurants, and the nightlife without driving for hours, and be back in the peace of your Isle Blue villa for the sunrise.

There is much to see and do in Punta Mita apart from the things listed above, and if you wish to experience a truly refreshing escape, you will want to book today.

Famous for its fourteen stunning beaches, the beautiful island of St. Barts is also a popular spot for the enthusiastic surfer as well. With an array of conditions providing ideal spots for the beginner to the highly experienced surfers, the island is the perfect choice for those who wish to include some time on their surfboard during a holiday. Because of the island’s geography, the ideal time of year to catch the best surf is November through April, and with ten bays and coves facing an easterly direction, there will be plenty of “point breaks” to create workable waves!

Clients of Isle Blue can easily find accommodations just steps from the best beaches on St Barts, and can turn to our representatives to discover where to obtain the equipment needed. Whether you want to be outfitted with a board and other gear or you want some recommendations for beaches, we are glad to give you the help needed.

When you are ready to hit the waves, we suggest the following spots, listed below. We have ranked them from the best for beginners to the beaches offering the most challenging conditions. Most visitors are happy to discover that a large number of the beautiful beaches are ideal for “all surfers”, and you may want to spend time observing conditions, taking tips from the local surfers, and enjoying some people watching out on the waves.

The Best Beaches for Surfers on St. Barts

If you ask the local experts about the ideal spots for surfing on St. Barts, most immediately tell you that it is the beaches at St. Jean and Lorient.


One of the most popular family beaches, it is a favorite of island residents too. There are many waterfront villas on the beach and you can find at least one good surf shop if you are interested in a lesson.

Saint Jean

This is actually two beaches that have been naturally divided by the charming Eden Rock area. Either beach presents some of the safest swimming conditions, along with ample services. Families love this spot, but it is a good one for surfers during some seasonal times.

Anse des Cayes

Is a popular beach just west of St. Jean. Less sheltered, it is equidistant from Lorient and has similar conditions, though is not as sheltered.

Anse des Lezards

Just northwest of Anse des Cayes, and south of the picturesque Anse des Flamands, it is smaller but ideal for all surfers.


A very popular, sheltered and scenic beach, it is a “beach break” spot that many surfers enjoy.

For the Experienced Sufer

For the more experienced, the beaches of eastern St. Barts offer the best surfing conditions. Some are even considered extremely challenging and suited to experienced surfers alone. The best options include:

Point Milou

Just northeast of Lorient, it is a reef and coral beach that is suited to the experienced surfers. This is where to head to see some experts at work.

Washing Machine

This is strictly for the skilled surfers, but just hiking to the beach is worth the effort. Take the trail from Grand Cul de Sac to the isolated Washing Machine beach, and marvel at the pools created by the waves.

Petit Anse

At the opposite end of the island from the Washing Machine beach, Le Petit Anse is near Flamands and is also another spot for the most experienced.

Anse Toiny

This is a point break beach good for experienced surfers. It is in a southeastern spot of the island off the Pointe a Toiny and just north of Anse du Grand Fond.

There are many beaches to enjoy, and a visit to St. Barts has to include at least one day of beach hopping. Whether you do it with a board under your arm or just to watch the skilled surfers, you won’t soon forget the beauty of this sport enjoyed on this island. If you have questions about surfing on St. Barts, give your concierge a call to discuss your options.

We all know that most parts of the world have “seasonal conditions” that usually translate to rain, cold, or even snow. Fortunately, if you have booked your stay at an Isle Blue villa in Punta Cana, you won’t have too many concerns where inclement or unfavorable weather is concerned.

Naturally, as someone visiting the tropics, you may experience a time when rain threatens. The good news is that most storms or showers pass by quickly, and yet you may want to have some half-day activities on hand if you learn it will rain. Even better news is that Punta Cana has a surprising number of things to do when or if it rains during your holiday. If you would like some help booking some of these activities, don’t hesitate to contact your concierge for help.


The best place to be during heavy downpours is indoors, but perhaps even more exciting is to head underground. Did you know that you can actually spelunk in Punta Cana? At Los Haitises National Park, you can book a tour in Fun Fun Cave. This can be an all day or half day adventure that involves everything from rappelling to dining inside the gorgeous caves. There are also horseback riding options through the park.

Chocolate Tasting

Did you know that cacao farming is huge in Dominican Republic? It is, and at the ChocoMuseo, you can learn all about the chocolate industry, the processes used, and yes…you get to taste a lot of samples. You can even book space in one of the workshops and learn all about making your own chocolate at home!


Rain doesn’t spoil anything beneath the waves, and you can overcome the crowds at the most popular spots by opting to do some scuba diving on the overcast or rainy days. There are two sunken ships, coral reefs, and so much more. Talk to your preferred provider, and see what their terms are for inclement weather. You will be surprised to learn that most are happy to take you diving on rainy days, as long as there are no strong winds.


The Dominican Republic, and Punta Cana in particular, is home to some of the finest resorts and cultural institutions. Many of them offer regional learning opportunities that range from cooking and art classes to language lessons and even salsa dancing. Perhaps you would like to forget waiting for the rain and use this opportunity to take up salsa dancing with an expert or master local cuisine in the four star kitchen of a local resort?


Of course, with the resorts and golf courses of Punta Cana also come spa services too. Whether you opt to head to a spa to while away a rainy day or you get in touch with an Isle Blue concierge to discuss some in-villa treatments, this could be a wonderful touch to your rejuvenating holiday.

Santo Domingo

If you have advance warning of a rainy day, you may want to consider a visit to Santo Domingo. Whether you drive yourself or arrange a tour, a few hours in the Colonial Zone, the lighthouse and the cathedral and the surrounding areas are well worth the journey.

While guests in an Isle Blue villa will find it easy enough to spend a rainy morning or afternoon in the comfort of their luxury living spaces, it is a lot of fun to get out and enjoy some of the amazing opportunities in Punta Cana. If you find it is going to rain, you can get in touch with your concierge to discuss your needs.