If you booked your Isle Blue villa in the Amalfi Coast area, you are bound to experience some true delights during your stay. The light in the morning and the evening is certainly something you will long remember. The food is something that you may yearn to enjoy in the weeks and months after you return home. The scenery is equally stunning and visually touching with its unprecedented beauty, the various destinations are so numerous that it can begin to feel overwhelming.

To help visitors take in at least one truly satisfying day of sightseeing, we offer some suggestions that require you to do your touring on foot. While driving allows you to cover a lot of territory in a single day, walking some towns or villages of the Amalfi Coast forces you to experience the sounds, tastes, scents, and scenery at a much better level.

If you have not booked a car, get in touch with your Isle Blue concierge who can help you make arrangements to enjoy one or more days visiting some of the sights outlined below.


Sitting like a gem above the Mediterranean, this tiny little town is always on everyone’s “must see” list. The views from almost anywhere are fantastic, the music in town is always impressive, but even more so during the summer months and the town’s concert season. Another summer splendor in Ravello is the lovely, iconic, and surprisingly little known Villa Cimbrone. Like something out of a vision, it was created in the 11th century and is now a hotel. The gardens are your destination, and you will marvel at them, daydream about them, and probably return to them as many times as possible.


You may have opted for a villa because you wanted to enjoy the lovely weather and a bit of swimming in your private pool. After all, those in the know soon discover that the Amalfi coast has a reputation for great beaches, but that those same beaches are often tiny and packed with locals and travelers. However, we know of the Spiagga di Laurito. This is a truly untapped resource hidden just two miles outside of Positano. It is a tiny and rocky beach, just like all the rest, but in a protected cove and a beach that seems to have failed detection by the hordes of travelers and locals. It is also home to the fantastic Da Adolfo restaurant. Spend the morning strolling Positano’s waterfront, then hop on the shuttle boat from to Spigga di Laurito and be ready to be astonished.


Praised as the less crowded, more convenient, and remarkably more interesting option over Sorrento, it is an authentic town as well. No touristy shops, only good cafes and premium limoncello! Stroll the surprisingly well preserved old town area, marvel at the massive beach far below, and then take the long hike up to the amazing Arechi Castle. Built in the 700s (8th century), it has some of the most stunning views of the sea and the surrounding region imaginable. It houses a museum, and if you are lucky you might catch one of the summertime concerts held on the grounds.

Sentiero degli Dei

The name translates to the Trail of the Gods, and it lives up to the name. It is a full day of gentle hiking and you’ll want the time to explore the caves, the views, and the vineyards you pass!

As you can see, your time in Amalfi can be spent in leisure hours at your luxury villa, but you can get out and find some treasures if you are willing to do a bit of walking. If you need some help booking your tour or journey, contact your Isle Blue concierge for support.

You packed your suntan lotion, your bathing suit, and got ready for endless days of sun during a holiday in Cabo San Lucas, and then the weather throws a bit of a curve ball and you end up with a rainy day on your hands. Fortunately, this is a rare and fleeting event in Cabo, and it is more likely to be just a few hours of rain and then the storm clouds go and the sun and warm weather returns.

What to do if you do hear of an impending shower or lengthy stretch of rain due in the next morning or afternoon? As someone in an Isle Blue villa, you could opt to spend the time in the comfort of your luxury accommodations. You will have all kinds of entertainment systems, a pool or spa, and that full kitchen to put to use experimenting with local ingredients.

However, you can also take advantage of some of the best rainy day options that allow you to sample the culture, learn about the history of the area, and even do some excellent shopping and dining.

Museums and Tours

Did you know that Cabo is home to a glass factory? You can even request a tour. In fact, there are a few factories, but those who opt for a visit to The Glass Factory will get a chance to try this amazing art for themselves, and perhaps make a souvenir to take home! Be sure to visit only if there are no cruise ships in the harbor as the glass factories fill up quickly with day visitors. There is also the Cabo Museum in Amelia Wilkes Park in the downtown area, and it is home to an impressive collection of artifacts and displays.


If you want to dedicate a rainy day to souvenir shopping, but prefer your purchased to be handmade and artisan goods, the Artesanos shop is a three-story building offering only Mexican made artisan pieces. It is a good idea to give yourself several hours to make your way from top to bottom.

ATV tours

Yes, it is a rainy day, but this is one time when you can enjoy riding along the ATV trails without also swallowing a lot of dust and debris. While you are likely to be very muddy when done, it will prove one of the most enjoyable and uncrowded times to take in this experience.

Hit the beaches

Not so much the beaches, but the beach bars. When rain drives away the crowds, it is the perfect opportunity to sample the local rums, rum punches, or learn about all of those tasty cocktails so difficult to get when the sun is out and the beaches are packed.

Book a spa experience

Whether you head to a resort or spa to get a massage and other relaxing treatments, or you contact your Isle Blue concierge to find out if this option is available in your villa, it could be the perfect backup plan in the event that some rainy weather rolls in.


Don’t forget that most diving tours can keep you booked and still conduct your tour or lesson during a rainy day. As long as the winds are low, most sites have good clarity up to sixty feet, and you can still experience the majesty of the world beneath the waves.

There is always something to see and do when visiting Cabo San Lucas, and whether it is a gloriously sunny day at the beach or a rainy day of shopping for artisan goods, it is sure to be an unforgettable adventure.

You already laid the foundation for an unforgettable holiday in the Mayan Riviera by booking your luxury villa from Isle Blue. With this decision, you have given yourself a chance to experience the natural beauty, the scenery, and the sensory experiences that make this area so perennially popular. However, your villa alone is not a full experience of this wonderfully historic and naturally appealing part of the world, and we suggest these activities to add the perfect finishing touches to your getaway.

Chichen Itza

Did you realize that the Mayan Riviera is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the modern world? The breathtakingly beautiful and awe-inspiring ruins of Chichen Itza will stun you and leave you wanting more. They are the second most visited historic site in all of Mexico, and would make for the perfect day trip from your villa. They are actual pyramids and religious temples, and have full protection as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Be sure that you head inside El Castillo (also called the Temple of Kukulkan) where you can find the enclosed stairs to chac mool. Here you can see the altar where offerings to the gods were made!


If your villa is not in Tulum, make a point of heading to this area as it offers a truly intriguing, beguiling and unforgettable setting. It is a postcard-perfect spot with turquoise waters, white sands, and the surrounding jungles. However, it is also home to impressive Mayan ruins of its own. There are also many cenotes to be enjoyed here, and even some of the best snorkeling schools offer lessons. The town also has more beachfront dining options than anywhere else, and a short drive takes you to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve where lovely manatees float in the lagoon. Head here very early in the morning to beat any crowds and get a rare experience of the ruins at total peace.

Xcaret Park

This is a theme park, but nothing like you have ever experienced. It is an eco-archealogical park that allows visitors to experience actual jungle ruins and trails, underground rivers and cenotes, excellent beaches and a lagoon, an aviary and beautiful greenhouse full of orchids. There are shows to be enjoyed that introduce you to Mexican culture across the ages, and if you are in the area during annual Day of the Dead festivities, you must make this a “must see” destination.


It is impossible to plan a visit to the Mayan Riviera without also learning about cenotes. These natural sinkholes occur throughout the entire Yucatan Peninsula, and they were once fresh water supplies for natives, as well as being part of some religious ceremonies. Today, though, they are ideal for those who want to swim, snorkel and relax in a place of natural beauty and wonder. Some are built-up and full of conveniences for the many travelers who use them, and some are hidden gems. If you are a certified diver, the cenotes in the Quintana Roo area are said to be some of the most stunning and beautiful imaginable.


The old colonial city of Campeche is full of Baroque Spanish buildings, charming cobblestone streets, colorful architectural accents, and truly hospitable locals. Though it would require a day trip, it is well worth it as it is a rare and unique experience for all.

There is much to see and do along the Mayan Riviera, and you will have a seemingly endless array of beaches, restaurants, shopping, and water sports from which to choose. However, the activities above will make your experience utterly unique, and if you wish for some help in making plans, get in touch with your Isle Blue concierge for help.

You booked your Isle Blue villa for a stay in Barbados, and you chose a location that is close to, if not directly on, the waterfront. The beaches are one of the biggest reasons to visit this lovely, hospitable, and charming island. The delights of Dover and Bathsheba Beach must be enjoyed and Carlisle Bay is a great place to visit, but what else should you do while on the island?

We are happy to help our guests make many different plans, and even help book tickets too. For those visiting Barbados, it is important to spend at least one day taking in the sites of Barbados that are not sandy and full of seawater, and we suggest the following remarkable destinations:

Animal Flower Cave

Strange in name and otherworldly in its beauty, this is a much lesser known destination than Harrison’s Cave (see below). It gets its name from the many sea anemones that make their homes here, and it is tucked beneath North Point’s cliffs in the St. Lucy parish area. There are some stairs to negotiate as well as a slender cavern opening, but once inside you will be in awe at the sight.

The Boardwalk 

Connecting two popular beaches, using it is one of the surest ways to spot turtles floating gently along the waves. Clean and appealing, it is only one mile in length and leads travelers to some of the best bars and high-end restaurants. If you want to stroll the beach before or after dinner, but not get sand in your shoes, this is the place to visit.


Though you may not ever figure out the rules, or just how to play the game, there is nothing like sitting on the grass and watching the experts play. Bridgetown is home to the Kensington Oval, and this is the best spot to pack a picnic and enjoy the game.

Harrison Cave

A popular destination, it is worthy of its reputation. It is an impressive cave that is full of stalagmites and stalactites, and is only five miles from Bathsheba Beach. It features a tram tour and incredibly knowledgeable guides that can explain many fascinating details about the island and the cavern.

Hunte’s Gardens 

Picturesque and charming are not adequate to describe the experience enjoyed here. The product of a horticulturist’s enthusiasm, these gardens are full of birds, monkeys, hummingbirds, and even the owner’s dog makes an appearance from time to time. Guests are encouraged to picnic in this lovely gully garden, and the horticulturist himself is often on duty to take questions and provide enthusiastic answers.


A visit to the Caribbean would not be complete without at least one rum tasting experience. There are still commercial producers on the island of Barbados, and the Mount Gay Visitor Center is but one offering tours and tastings. We suggest taking what is known as the lunch tour, as it is more immersive and includes an interesting dining experience. There is also a special cocktail tour that may be a great, adults-only adventure. Another impressive rum experience can be enjoyed at St. Nicholas Abbey. Making small batches, it is housed in a 300-plus year old plantation home, with a museum, orchards and gardens. A two-hour tour is followed up with samples and many praise this as one of the best experiences on the island.

There is much more to see and do than hitting the beaches of Barbados, and these are but a few recommendations. If you would like help arranging for tickets for a tour or transportation to one of the sites, get in touch with your Isle Blue concierge, who is happy to help you in any way possible.

Where to Stay

Isle Blue features the largest collection of luxury villas and vacation rentals on Barbados with over 250 accommodations to choose from and nearly 150 of these accommodations located on the water.  Starting from $300 per night at the popular and well reviewed Schooner Bay to the more extravagant villas such as Bonita Bay or the drop dead gorgeous beachfront villa Footprints.

Though the Caribbean island of Anguilla has only recently made it on to the world’s radar as a wonderful destination, it has long had many must see destinations that include its beaches and surrounding islands. At Isle Blue, we make many luxury villas available for savvy travelers to this island, and offer support in planning the ultimate escape. Whether you need to discuss transportation or access to certain sites, your concierge is happy to help you whenever possible. As you make your plans, consider these must see spots in the area:

Sandy Island

It will take a charter boat, but if you plan on heading out to get a taste of the snorkeling that is such a big part of the island’s reputation, make sure it is here. Aquamarine waters so clear and blue it seems impossible are just one part of this island’s appeal. It is tiny spot, and yet it has a restaurant that most visitors proclaim as one of the best in the region. It also offers waterfront hammocks along the beaches!

History of Anguilla

The island is full of history and historic sites. East End Village is home to the Heritage Collection, a fascinating spot with contemporary as well as ancient history displays. Kids will love the items relating to pirates, and everyone appreciates the gift shop. There are many churches from the 1600s on the island too, and they are worth a stop.

Scilly Cay

Realistically, the “must see” here is the bottom of your glass as this is home to one of the most famous and popular rum punches on the island.

Hike to Little Bay

Though it is described as an iconic beach and one of the smallest, Little Bay requires you to use a rope ladder or arrange your arrival by boat – either way, it is an adventure just reaching this spot, and well worth it for the peace and quiet, privacy, and beauty of the spot.

Sandy Ground on Thursday night

As oddly specific as this sounds for a must see in Anguilla, you won’t regret making the effort. It is in the village of Sandy Ground that every Thursday night finds local bands performing at a local hotspot. You can enjoy fantastic drinks, socializing and fun.


You may not think of Anguilla as a shopper’s paradise, but it is if you would prefer locally made souvenirs. There are excellent places all over the island, but some of the best include Irie Life for hip t-shirts, Limin’ Boutique for jewelry, Petals in Frangipani Beach Resort for fashionable jewelry, and so much more. As one of the most unique islands, shopping among local artisans is one of the best choices.

Papa Lash

One of the most popular food trucks in Anguilla is found in the capital city of The Valley. Here, you should ask around for the current location of Papa Lash and get yourself one of the most unique creations on the island – a pizza patty. A decade-long tradition, it is considered pure Anguilla cuisine!

While the beaches of Anguilla and the waters are the most obvious “must see” destinations and attractions, consider these alternatives. They introduce you to the unique island culture and ensure that you get a real experience of Anguilla. Your lovely and private villa will be your favorite place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate, but don’t forget that this Caribbean destination has so much to offer that is low-key, relaxed, and fun. Consider arranging for some of these experiences during your stay.

Where to Stay

Isle Blue features 40 of the best villas on Anguilla. From the new and upscale but well priced Solaire waterfront property that starts at $500 per night to the grand Cerulean villa with starting nightly prices of $28,500+, Isle Blue has a unique offering that ensures guests will enjoy the very best of Anguilla in style and standard.

Booking a visit to Tuscany is a sure way to experience beauty, delicious flavors, amazing scenery, historic sites, and so much more. However, all of the options can actually become quite overwhelming, and you don’t want to waste one precious moment wondering what to do or where to go. Guests of Isle Blue, are often surrounded by many different options, though their private Tuscan villa may be a destination all its own.

However, if you do yearn to get a taste, glimpse, or experience that is authentically Tuscan outside the walls of your villa, we recommend these “beyond the basic” ideas:


Piero della Francesca’s works are here, and though only 25 visitors can enter the choir of San Francesco during tours, this is one spot that is well worth the journey. You see the works of the Renaissance throughout Tuscany, but the frescos here are something of wonder. While little can compare with the treasures of the Uffizi in Florence (another must-see), this is a perfect compromise if you are not headed to that city and still want your fill of period art.

La Verna

If you are an animal lover, and know about St. Francis as the patron saint of all animals, you may want to head to La Verna where the Franciscan monastery that was his retreat is found – and still operating. It offers unprecedented views of the Apennines, and is a popular pilgrimage destination.

San Gigmignano

If you are an avid walker and wish to explore an authentic medieval city, little will compare with San Gimignano and its stunning medieval towers. It has fifteen of them still standing and impeccably preserved. Be sure you take a drive to the outside of town just to turn back and gaze at the amazing view that these towers create. It is very popular during the high season, so go early in the day or later in the afternoon to avoid crowds and catch the stunning sunlight as it strikes the buildings at sunset.

San Miniato and truffles

Whether you are a gourmand, novice foodie, or someone who just likes to explore new things, you may want to take advantage of the fact that you are in Tuscany and surrounded by some of the very finest culinary options and offerings imaginable. One of the best adventures you can choose is to head to the little town of San Miniato, an agricultural center that is also world-famous as the home of the best white truffles. Multiple destinations offer them for sale and sampling, and you should be warned that you may develop a distinct liking for the costly, yet utterly delightful, fungi.

Take a hike

There are two areas where unforgettable hiking adventures and wilderness exploration are found. The first is Alpi Apuane, a northern destination more famous for marble quarries than outdoor explorations. However, there are many well-marked paths and trails that will take you past some of the loveliest scenery, birding areas, and wildlife imaginable. In fact, more than three hundred kinds of birds are found here, including the stunning golden eagle. The other hiking area is found in Monti Dell ‘Uccellina. This is a far more wild and uninhabited place that includes a regional park where you can explore coastal marshes and forested hills.

Wine and Chianti

Most travelers know all about the name “chianti” and that it represents one of the nicest red wines available. However, a visit to Tuscany may not be complete without a visit to the Chianti region that stretches between Siena and Florence. Spend an entire day marveling at the vineyards, sampling the offerings and booking at least one meal.

Travelers hoping to enjoy these experiences will need a car or a hired driver. As an Isle Blue client, we can help you with such arrangements and facilitate your journey in any way possible. Enjoy your entire visit in your villa, or take a day or two to take in these alternative sites.

Choosing to visit Provence is a fantastic idea. After all, it has long been a treasured destination for its beauty, its history, its bountiful blend of cultures, and its ideal weather. Wine, food, nature, gardens, scenery…it seems to have it all! As a client of Isle Blue, you get to enjoy the many splendors of Provence from your private villa, but we encourage you to spend even one day exploring the treasures that are contained in almost every valley, village or region.

While many say they feel almost overwhelmed by the options, we are happy to provide you with some unique ideas, focusing on some of the towns and districts that offer the most appeal to luxury travelers from all parts of the globe.


Called the most Provencal of all of the towns of Provence, it is still home to bullfighting, a Roman theater, a large cathedral, and the famous Café de Nuit (painted by Van Gogh). You can visit Place Lamartine, where Van Gogh lived and see for yourself the setting from which the painting “Starry Night” was created.


It is impossible to avoid enchantment with any city that you must enter through a medieval gated wall. This is a major cultural center, and yet it was also where the popes of the 1300s sought refuge, and built an impressive palace. A park behind the palace features a gentle hike that gives you one of the finest views of the Pont d’Avignon bridge, sparing you the need to fight with tourists to get near to it. The artisan district near Rue de la Republique is incredibly appealing, and the Place de L’Horloge is ideal for café dining and people watching.


A place of marshes and many birds, it features the Domaine de Mejanes farmstead and is close to the lovely Les Saintes Maries de la Mer resort along the sea. Those who want to see the expanse of this region will want to go to Piemancon beach, which is broad, open and usually quite empty – though beautiful.

Haut Var

This district is much less tourist-oriented than others, and it is a place where true wilderness exists. The pine forests of Brignoles and Lorgues are intriguing, and offer truly scenic driving and hiking. Nearby to Lourgues is Thoronet Abbey, and those who enjoy wine will want to sample the vintages in this area, especially the Chateau St. Roseline of Les Arcs. As you head north, you encounter improbably placed villages among the cliffs, such as Bargemon and Chateaudouble as well as Tourtour. Fine dining and celebrity sightings are not unheard in these out of the way spots, and a single day of driving will allow you to take in huge swaths of this area.

Europe’s Grand Canyon

Verdon Gorges is in the Haut Var district, but deserves a day all to itself. Only 15 miles in length, it is perfect for hiking or cycling. Pack a picnic and spend a day just marveling at the beauty. Don’t forget the camera for this trip.

Further destinations include the Pays Dignois district where Dignes Les Bain is found, the Valensole Plateau famous for its endless fields of lavender, Mont Ventoux for the cycling fans, and of course Aix en Provence. This city is another that requires a full day or more, and is best enjoyed on foot. Cours Mirabeau is a must see, and the entire town is packed with wonderful cafes, sites, and so much more.

Days spent wandering the grounds of your villa or cycling to the nearby towns is a splendid way to enjoy a holiday, but don’t forget to book a day of travel into the towns or districts mentioned here. Your Isle Blue concierge is happy to help you with your plans and can even offer helpful suggestions!

Choosing to visit Sardinia is evidence that you have an appreciation for charming locations with picturesque spots where dining, sightseeing, and relaxation are most definitely part of the agenda. However, it is also likely that you are a bit of a romantic, and the island’s charms have led you to pay a visit. There are several locations that you must see if you want to make the most of a romantic visit to this island paradise.

Guests of Isle Blue already have their own private hideaways, and can choose a scenic or extremely private location near the sea or inland. However, when it is time to head out and take in the lovely harbor towns and hillside villages of Sardinia, we suggest the following romantic destinations:


Far from the hustle of other tourism spots, this ancient city is made entirely of granite and offers an otherworldly experience. Tree lined streets give welcome shade, and the Laghetto di Santa Degna is a spring with a pool that makes for one of the most amazing picnic spots in the entire region. Old houses, beautiful little churches and charming country roads make this a must-see for those who enjoy a few steps off the beaten path.


If you want to hear authentic Catalan still spoken, this is the place to visit. With its adorable waterfront, colorful and sun-soaked houses, tiny cobblestone streets, and city walls offering non-stop views, it is definitely a romantic’s ideal destination. Constant sea breezes and plenty of sidewalk cafes offering local vintages only sweeten the journey. In the cliffs above the town, you can find Neptune’s Cave, and this too is a great reason for romantics to visit.


Few will argue against the statement that this rates as the loveliest of all cities in Sardinia. Famous because of its impressive castle and remarkable beaches, it is also a true pedestrian’s paradise. Shops and cafes abound, and you will come to love the scenery, as this is the only city in Sardinia that is resting along a river instead of just the sea. A visit to Su Camasinu wine bar allows you to taste the impressive Malvasia di Bosa, one of the oldest wines in the region.


This city offers some of the finest “belvederes” or scenic overlooks. Set in the city and just outside of the center of town, they are ideal for the photographically inclined or those who just love to take in amazing views of beautiful places. One of the best spots in town is known as Sella del Diavolo, and it requires an uphill journey, but is well worth finding. Closer spots include Castello San Michele, Buoncammino and the Castle quarter.


If the words “medieval town on a hilltop above the sea” don’t get you moving, the idea of an incredibly picturesque castle above the colorful village should. Whether you explore the citadel on your own or with a romantic partner, it is an experience both you treasure. Be sure to purchase a handmade basket from one of the elderly women who always sit along the streets offering their traditional wares.


A historic site rather than a city, it was once a Phoenician town. It sits out on an isolated peninsula in the Oristano gulf area, and makes for one of the most romantic picnic spots imaginable. Sunset surrounded by these ruins will definitely make an impression!

There you have several romantic spots to visit while in Sardinia. It is advised that any visitors book a car or transportation to enjoy the most this island has to offer. Guests of Isle Blue can ask their concierge for assistance, suggestions, and support to ensure the very best adventure.

Where to Stay in Sardinia

Isle Blue features over  a dozen sublime villas in Sardinia, primarily in the Costa Smeralda region. Villa Oasi is a well priced and unique 5 bedroom villa retreat in Porto Cervo starting at $1000 per night.  For a contemporary style, the 7 bedroom villa Moderna in Costa Smeralda is a tantalizing option.

White sand beaches, crystal clear waters, endless sea breezes and its consistently gorgeous weather make Punta Cana an ideal spot for a holiday. However, it is far more than a great place with excellent beaches. It is a wonderfully cultured spot where you can walk through a UNESCO Heritage Site marking the first European settlement in the Western Hemisphere, or where you can stroll through an artist’s village that is modeled on a design of the 1500s. You can book a safari and go “zip lining” through the jungle canopies, or you might even glimpse endangered whales on a private boat tour.

Clients of Isle Blue can plan an unforgettable visit to Punta Cana, working with their concierge to book many different adventures and activities, but also spa services in their villa, chef-prepared meals, and days of basking in the glorious Dominican Republic sun.

Going to Punta Cana

Sitting at the eastern end of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana enjoys consistent weather that only destinations near the equator can provide. Arriving in the area is easy, and many US carriers make daily flights into Punta Cana International Airport. This is a very busy spot, but you can arrange for a pickup that delivers you to your villa and avoid the hustle and bustle of arrivals.

What to Do in the Dominican Republic

There is no need to suggest that you make plenty of time for the beaches of Punta Cana, but keep in mind that there is more than sunbathing and swimming in the shallow and perfect waters.

There are spots like Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park that consistently earns praise from travelers interested in really exploring the natural landscape of the region, as well as Hoyo Azul. There are some truly remarkable golf courses that include Punta Espada and Corales. The former is designed by Jack Nicklaus and was completed within the last decade. The latter is even newer, and opened in 2010 after being designed by Tom Fazio.

You will also want to stroll through Santo Domingo’s old town and be sure you see the Palace of Diego as well as Alcazar de Colon (the first cathedral built in the New World). The Altos de Chavon is a wonderful artist’s village and also an archeological site where you can spend a full day shopping for artisan goods, sampling amazing food, and enjoying historic sites.

If you are a dedicated beachgoer, the best beaches for days of sunbathing and watersports include:

Bavaro Beach

Macao Beach

Juanillo Beach

Beaches of  Isla Saona (a short trip from Punta Cana) and Isla Catalina

Book some diving lessons or a boat tour, do some snorkeling or just enjoy the sea breezes.

Dining in Punta Cana

Naturally, as a seaside spot, you’ll need to make a point of enjoying the fresh fish and seafood available. If you are not a fan of seafood, there are many four and five star establishments serving amazing dishes favoring local ingredients. From smaller local cafes to the upscale spots in the different resorts, you are sure to find some new favorites. Some of the top sports include Simon Mansion which does Asian-themed seafood, Pranama which focuses on Indian cuisine, the Grill, which is a Caribbean spot, and the wonderful Little John directly on the waterfront.

Guests can also book time with a chef who is able to prepare meals in the villa, where they can be enjoyed in the beauty and privacy of your tropical home.

Punta Cana is a place that is all about history, relaxation, scenery and the sea, and with your Isle Blue villa, your holiday is going to be an unforgettable one.

Turks & Caicos is a fantastic destination that is comprised of forty islands and cays resting just south of the Bahamas and east of Cuba. Only twelve of the islands and cays are inhabited in this British Overseas Territory, and the two most popular are Grand Turk and Providenciales, and though it may seem that they are Caribbean destinations, the islands are technically surrounded by Atlantic Ocean waters. This, however, does not prevent them from being some of the most popular, appealing and safest waters in the entire region.

As many know, whether enjoyed above the waves or below, the waters around the Turks & Caicos are a destination all their own.

Though you can spend a great deal of time playing golf, watching birds, shopping, dining and enjoying the scenery, it is the beaches (and watersports) of Turks & Caicos that bring so many visitors. Scuba diving, sea kayaking, sunbathing, snorkeling, sailing, parasailing, fishing and swimming are what most travelers to the islands find themselves doing each day.

In fact, Conde Nast Magazine deemed Grace Bay Beach (on the island of Providenciales) one of the finest and best in the world. This, however, does not mean that other beaches of Turks & Caicos are not comparable or just as idyllic. While the islands have long held a sterling reputation for scuba diving, it is also region garnering a growing reputation as the perfect romantic escape as well as a good choice for a family in search of the prefect tropical holiday.

Though many stay in resorts, more and more have realized the benefits of a stay in a luxury rentals within reach of the most popular towns and beaches.

The Islands of Turks and Caicos

There are eight islands where travelers are welcome to visit and enjoy a stay. They are:

  • Grand Turk
  • East Caicos
  • Middle Caicos
  • North Caicos
  • Salt Cay
  • South Caicos
  • Providencales
  • West Caicos

The Cays of Turks and Caicos

There are several cays open to visitors as well:

  • Ambergris Cay
  • Pine Cay
  • Parrot Cay

Any of these destinations will have the famous, powdery white sand beaches that the islands are famous for, but it is typically to “Provo” where many travelers head when planning time at the beach.

The Beaches of Providenciales

Provo is the local way of describing the island of Providenciales, and this is the main island among the rest. It is where the international airport is found and where the world famous Grace Bay Beach is located. The other beaches of Providencales include:

Leeward Beach

Leeward Beach is the western end of Grace Bay and close to the Leeward Marina. The beach has outstanding conditions with deep sand, tranquil waters and beautiful sunset beaches.

Long Bay Beach

Long Bay Beach is a kitesurfers paradise. Located on the southeast side of the island, the beach is a hot spot for kite boarders and for those looking for more tradewinds.

Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay is another popular and iconic spot for those who enjoy beaches and water sports

Sapodilla Bay Beach and Taylor Bay Beach

Sapodilla Bay Beach and Taylor Bay Beach are located on the southwestern part of the island. The beaches are truly stunning with long shallow entries and turquoise waters as far as the eye can see. These are the postcard perfect beaches.

Malcolm Roads Beach

Malcolm Roads Beach is at the North West Point of the Island.

Blue Hills Beach, Smiths Reef Beach and The Bight Beach

Blue Hills Beach, Smiths Reef Beach and The Bight Beach are all fantastic beaches west of Grace Bay Beach and are considered extensions of Grace Bay beach.

Turtle Tail

Turtle Tail is a must see beach to get away from it all but located in a pure paradise with calm waters, white sands and picture perfect views. Located on the south side of the island.

The Beaches of Grand Turk

Grand Turk is the other “major” or most popular island, and it has a daily flights from Providenciales. High on the list of must see areas is the North East Point with the famous lighthouse. From there, you can head along the western shores to see the fantastic beaches that include:

  • Corktree Beach
  • Pillory Beach
  • West Road Beach
  • Town Beach
  • Cedar Grove Beach
  • Governor’s Beach
  • White Sands Beach
  • South Creek

Middle Caicos

Middle Caicos is also known for several appealing areas that include Mudjin Harbour Beach, Bambarra Beach and Long Bay all on the northeastern area of the island.

All of these beaches are family friendly and ideal for every watersport imaginable. Paying a visit to Turks & Caicos is all about the beaches, and you’ll find many you yearn to visit again and again.

Where to Stay on Turks and Caicos

Isle Blue features over 100 luxury villas on the islands of Turks & Caicos. From a 2 bedroom condo on Grace Bay that starts at $250 per night to the stunning and lavish 6 bedroom estate of Turtle House located on Turtle Tail beach (pictured above) starting at $10,000 per night, Isle Blue has something for every taste, demand and budget.